85 Part 2

The same for Karen, Kagemitsu, and Akane.

They shed tears of joy for having tasted curry after such a long time.


Then, after they were done with the main dish, they had melon for dessert.


“Ah, life is good–”

“””Thank you for the meal!”””


The room was filled with sighs of satisfaction over and over after having enjoyed such an impressive meal.


* * * * * * * * *


【Secret Room】The Hero and the Wind Room【Password Required】


Masatsugu★: You called me so suddenly. Did anything happen?

Kagemitsu★: The operation to retake Shinjuku Station was a success, right?

But the boss was nowhere to be found

Masatsugu★: That’s right

We couldn’t find the boss anywhere

The only thing it had left behind was those purple monsters it had under its control


Kagemitsu★: I have a clue regarding that boss

Masatsugu★: … Please explain in detail


Kagemitsu★: Let’s go over the facts first

A monster that looked like Shinjuku station’s boss, a deer, appeared in the garage dungeon in Hokkaido

Me and Air’s team defeated it

The material of the Werewolves that turned purple will arrive at Ichibishi’s head office for detailed appraisal

Please determine whether it’s the same boss by comparing it with the material of the purple monsters that were defeated in Shinjuku.

I know your sponsor is Kawamae, but you should be able to do it somehow, right?


Masatsugu★: Understood. I’ll get in touch with one of my contacts and compare the materials

Kagemitsu★: Thanks

But… do you think it’s possible?

Masatsugu★: Since it’s related to a dungeon, nothing would surprise me at this point

Kagemitsu★: Yeah, but still…


Masatsugu★: Was the sky the same?

Kagemitsu★: The sky? You mean, in the middle floors?

Masatsugu★: Right

The sky looks the same in all of the dungeons

So maybe…

Maybe all of the dungeons are connected to each other


Kagemitsu★: I’ve seen people theorizing about that in the forums

Masatsugu★: Right. I’m not entirely sure

But I don’t think it’s impossible

There’s nothing that proves they’re not connected

We don’t really know much about dungeons, do we?

Kagemitsu★: That’s right. Well, please check if the materials are the same for now

Masatsugu★: Got it

If it’s the same monster, then that’s good news

However, it’s going to take some time until we know for sure

We need to handle this information properly, otherwise it’s going to cause a lot of chaos


Kagemitsu★: Just make it a public announcement

Masatsugu★: But that will take the credit away from you and your companions

Kagemitsu★: Knowing that there are monsters out there that can move freely between dungeons…

I don’t think any adventurer would mind

I don’t care about getting credit about it


Just… I’m okay like this, but maybe you could give something to Air’s team

Like a reward or something…

If it turns out they defeated the boss that was terrorizing Shinjuku

I’d like them to at least earn something for a job well done

Masatsugu★: I see. I’ll think about it

By the way…


Who’s this “Air’s team” that you say defeated the boss?


* * * * * * * * *


After the chat was over, Masatsugu leant back on his chair and took a deep breath.




Boss monsters that could freely move between dungeons.

If this were to be leaked to the regular adventurers… The shock would be immeasurable.

It may have a great impact on future adventurer activities.


However, issuing a follow-up report on the defeat of the rare species of deer was something that couldn’t be avoided.

Masatsugu, who was in command of the recapture operation, had to return Shinjuku Station to an environment where people could go on adventures at ease.


No mistake could be tolerated when it came to dealing with how information was released. It was a delicate work.

However, the corner of Masatsugu’s mouth was helplessly slanted upwards.


“You finally came, huh?”


That masked adventurer he once met in Sapporo was growing faster than Masatsugu could have imagined.


His growth rate was faster than that of Masatsugu, who was considered a workaholic among the Top Rankers.

The word “threat” seemed appropriate to define that person.


“Hmm. Let’s meet once things have settled.”


By meeting him, he can make sure he’s on his side.

This time, for sure…

If he was an adventurer just like Kagemitsu said…


— I’ll have to get him to join Braver, no matter what…


Masatsugu headed for the equipment store in the room.


Kagemitsu wanted that man to be rewarded.

But a title wouldn’t do.


The fact that they defeated a rare species of deer was top secret.

So they couldn’t reward him with a title for it.


“… Ah. That’s right. I still have that one card…”


Masatsugu remembered the faces of the three adventurers who were about to disappear from his memory.

He knew what they did in Sapporo.

To eradicate the garbage from Japan and save the world…


That masked man was involved in the incident.

Masatsugu thought it would be a good idea to use that connection this time around.


“They’ve been through a lot, so the strongest one should be good enough.”


He would give “that” to the adventurers who he planned to bring into Team Braver in the future.

That gift would definitely attract their interest.

He couldn’t cut corners regarding this.


Masatsugu didn’t hesitate.

He was sure “that” would make them happy.

He was absolutely convinced of it.


Masatsugu began to smile as he picked up “the strongest one”. The thing he obtained as a drop in the depths of Japan’s most difficult dungeon: Shinjuku Station.

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