Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16.1

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【Gang Force】 Travel across the Dungeon with Full Power! 132nd Floor 【Wisdom】

128 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger
Is it bright in Chikaho?

129 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger

Is it a festival?

130 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger
Did the first BOSS subjugation complete?

131 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger
If I’m not mistaken, Masatsugu is in that expedition .

132 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger
Oh~, I see .
Well, his way of thinking is weird .

133 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger
Did he go to Hokkaido by boat?

134 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger
Idiot, you are wrong. He pedaled a swan boat.
No matter what kind of materials the oar was made, he would definitely break it.

135 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger
Eh, that’s weird . . . . . . !
Did Masatsugu-san do it!?

136 Name: Nameless Frontline Challenger
>>135 Flag is prohibited.
It was probably Masatsugu-san

137 Name: Masatsugu★
Hello everyone.

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 16 part 2

Translator: LW&WN Warrior
Editor: Starfinder

What I need to consider is its mobility and sharp claws.
Haruki drew out his dagger and took a stance.


He responded to the raccoon’s attack.
He dodged and counter-attacked it.

The counter-attack technique which he learned from Killer Rabbits couldn’t strike the raccoon.

“It’s quick!”

Its mobility is higher than the Killer Rabbit’s.
But, that doesn’t mean I can’t catch it.

Haruki was surprised by the raccoon’s mobility. However, he understood that his physical abilities were higher than theirs were after he analyzed them in action.

He, without a doubt, could kill it if his step was a little bit deeper when he counter-attacked.

Concentrated, observed, and reacted.
He avoided it.
*Rolling over*
Immediately, he slashed his dagger.
The blade slid on the raccoon’s body.

“Yeah, I hit it!”

However, the raccoon was still alive.
His blade only grazed it and didn’t take its life.

Without reducing his concentration, he started his 2nd attack, 3rd attack, and so on.

By the time the raccoon died, Haruki was able to synchronize his movements with his opponent.

It was right to pay attention to not only its claw but also its mobility.
One monster is not a problem for Haruki, he still had some leeway.

Should I go back to the 1st floor?
After thinking for a while, Haruki chose to continue to hunt some small raccoons.

Now, I’m alone.
This felt like walking on thin ice; I should choose a reliable method.

After subjugating 100 raccoons, he suffered level-up sickness 6 times.
After Haruki got used to the raccoons’ movements, he had almost no problems facing other Black Raccoons.

Feeling no more danger, Haruki went to the 4th floor.

His bag was full of raccoon meat.
Today, I’ll cook raccoon soup.
Even if a Vagabond character appeared with his Hozoin style spearmanship, he would still eat his first raccoon soup. (TLN: Vagabond is a manga and anime series.)

Of course, if I could copy the Hozoin style spearmanship, I might be a little bit stronger.
Even though my main weapon is a dagger…….

I look forward to today’s dinner.

While he thought about it, he went to the next floor’s stairs.
In a wide hall, he discovered a big raccoon ensconced.

“It finally appears.”

It was definitely this floor’s BOSS monster.
This was Haruki’s first time to meet a BOSS since he became an adventurer.

It’s twice the size of a normal Black Raccoon.
It’s around 1.2 meters long, its body size is like a 1st or 2nd-grade elementary school student.

However, its ability is different than that of an elementary student.
If it is going all out, its strength is enough to rip a person apart.

“It seems it doesn’t have followers.”

He had enough expectations that an attack would come when he saw the BOSS.
After checking his weapon, he let out a strong small sigh.
At that moment, he held his breath.

He got close instantly and slashed his dagger down.
However, the raccoon reacted before it happened.
It caught Haruki’s attack with its sharp claw.

“Good, this is really good.”

If it were a normal Black Raccoon, it would have been killed in one slash.
But, it can stop my attack.

His back trembled at this new thrill.
From the tip of his icy finger to the tip of his cold toe, he instantly became hot.

It kept reacting when he tried to slash it many times.
Not only that, it ceased evading and tried to counter-attack.
It circled him and attacked from behind.
However, it was shallow.
Haruki was successfully draining its energy.

Feeling very happy, he laughed unconsciously.

Its movement, strength, and speed.
Every single thing was burned into Haruki’s eyes.

There was nothing that he didn’t see and taste.
This is wonderful because this is not someone else’s experience, but my own!

“Ha, ha ha!”

He laughed while taking a breath.

As he was enjoying it too much, he received some grazes.
That’s dangerous, I should concentrate.

He erased his smile and concentrated.
Collecting his consciousness, he made himself focus.

He noted his opponent’s muscle movement in minute, 0.1 seconds of

My opponent isn’t just a beast.
It has consciousness, aim, target, and killing intent.

After he captured everything, Haruki predicted its next movement.

He directly took it if he thought it was a good move.
It’s not like this and not like that.
After augmenting, he moved his body according to his theory.

There’s only one way to move my muscles as our strength gap decreases.
It happens quickly.

I can move more than this!

His body which adopted the BOSS’s movements developed in an interesting way.
Because Haruki felt too happy, he stopped his movement unconsciously.

He needed to cross blade with its claw around 10 to 20 times.
After that, he finally saw how the BOSS moved.
Next, the BOSS will probably move like this.

Haruki was able to make a little cut.
He used the counter-attack trick which he learned from Killer Rabbit.

When he pretended to cross weapons with it, he slowed his movement down by one beat.
Its claw passed Haruki’s side easily.
Haruki’s dagger which was late silently penetrated the BOSS’s skin.


Didn’t know whether it was shrill or hoarse.
The BOSS’s scream echoed in the hall.

“It is talking!”

Until now, he has met few monsters seemingly to be able to talk, but he never saw them let out a sound.
Does it mean having a vocal cord is proof of strength?

The raccoon changed its attack method from claw strikes to tackling Haruki.
Haruki was a little bit surprised, but he still could predict its movement from its muscles.

The BOSS smashed the wall as Haruki dodged the tackle.
It caused a big sound and impact.
That showed their difference in strength clearly.
I understand, it will get stronger as it is cornered.

However, what Haruki should do didn’t change.
He stroked his dagger as he dodged its tackle.

The raccoon BOSS’s life energy ran out after receiving 20 new lacerations from Haruki.

“Ha…… ha……”

His breath was hot and his throat was dry.

How long did I fight, my body is drenched with sweat.

After defeating the BOSS, he felt level-up sickness,
At the same time, all dungeon walls flashed lightly.


That change was like an optical illusion which congratulated Haruki.

“Oh~, is this the sign of the first BOSS kill?”

It was the “dungeon emission” which was often written of on the “Let’s Be” BBS.
It was a phenomenon that happened after killing the BOSS.

Of course, it doesn’t happen every time the same BOSS is subjugated.
It only happens when it was killed in that dungeon for the first time.

Furthermore, there is an additional little reward for the BOSS’s first kill.

It was like a game or a rafflesia’s scent.

It attracted adventurers to compete to enter the dungeon’s dangerous area, and it would turn frail adventurers to its prey.

A lot of adventurers who were attracted to get the BOSS’s first kill lost their lives.
They are models of bad adventurers who lost their lives due to greed.
Of course, it’s not a bad joke.


Haruki who was curious about the BOSS’s reward was surprised.

The body of the BOSS which he just killed sunk in the dungeon floor.
It seemed like the dungeon ate it.

Is this the BOSS special phenomenon?
I’ll check it later.

He felt a loss as he wanted to dismantle the raccoon BOSS’s corpse.
At the place where the BOSS fell appeared a Black Raccoon’s big claw and something like a black rugged stone.

The raccoon’s claw was probably from the BOSS. That means this is the reward for killing the BOSS.
This black stone like item must be the first kill bonus.

When he held it, he felt it was a little bit heavy.
As he tried to smash it lightly, he could hear a normal vibration.

“Is it iron?”

It is probably an iron.
I’ll bring it to be appraised later.

After Haruki put the BOSS drop item in his bag, he went to the 4th floor.


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