Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 17 part 1

Translator: LN&WN Warrior
Editor: Starfinder

He still had some stamina.
But, it was already 3 PM when he checked his watch.

“I’ve already reached this point. So, it’s better if I try to see how far I can go.”

I’ll run away if I feel that it’s too dangerous.
After activating the gate, he explored the 4th floor.

“……Oh, I better check the Skill Board before I go.”

He retrieved the Skill Board and checked it.

Karaboshi Haruki (27) Gender: Male
Skill Point(s): 1

“Yup, as I expected, the skill point value doesn’t increase.”

Before he expected, ‘I’ll probably gain a skill point after subjugating the BOSS.’
But, it didn’t happen.

Now, I have confirmed some things with the Skill Board.

1. A skill point can be obtained with every increase in the personal record of the highest floor reached in any dungeon.
(But, the record is shared for all dungeons)

2. A skill point can be obtained after killing a rare monster.
(Probably 1 point for 1 species?)

3. Skill points can’t be obtained even after killing a BOSS.

4. Skill points can’t be obtained even after killing small fries.

5. Skills can grow naturally without skill point allocation.

It’s more or less like this:

The requirements to gain skill points are quite strict.
However, the effect of 1 skill point is very large.
Skills, which can grow naturally, have a high growth speed. Therefore, it’s reasonable if the requirements to earn those points are strict.


Haruki who briefly checked his skills stopped his eyes in the technique section.

– Technique
Armour Proficiency
One-Hand Sword 1
Throwing 0
Light Armor 0
Stealth 0
Imitating 0 NEW

“There was no ‘Imitating’ skill before. So, it just appeared.”

Of course, Haruki often imitated his opponents’ movements in his battles until now.
It was because his technical fighting skill was low. Furthermore, he was lacking experience.

Because Haruki imitated his opponents’ movements skillfully, he could cover his lack of technique and experience.

It was probably released by Haruki’s skill-tree so he could increase his Imitating skill.

I didn’t expect to receive an Imitating skill. However, it’s similar to what I imagined.
A new skill will appear as soon as I have enough proficiency.

“Should I increase it or not……?”

His body somehow trembled before his new skill.
I want to increase it.

But, I will only earn a small benefit if I increase it now.
The Imitating skill can be increased by frequent practice. It’s more efficient if I increase it after it grows a little.

When he went to the 4th floor, the colour of the wall and ceiling changed a little.

Until the 3rd floor, it was dark brown.
On the 4th floor, it was dark green.

In the deeper area, its green colour turned into a spot pattern.

“How can it be this beautiful?”

Haruki was mesmerized by the colour of the walls.

How many percents are the CMYK?
The thought, its plate-making seems difficult, came to his mind because of his occupational disease.
Oh my God, I have resigned.

Going through that passage, a plant suddenly grew from the ground.

It was similar to the Onion monsters on the 2nd floor.
However, its leaves seemed different.

Its stems were thick and it had many leaves.
From the top of its thickest middle stem, there was a pink, almost white, flower blooming.

“This plant…… I feel like I have seemed it before, but where?”

Suddenly, the plant moved while he was still thinking.

It didn’t move like the Onion monsters.
It, especially the one with the thickest stem, moved its leaves as it turned towards Haruki.

I have a bad feeling.
*Slip*, Haruki’s feet slipped and made him fall on his waist.

5 meters from there,
*Whoosh*, while the plant moved, it lifted something round up.
The tip suddenly–.

“……Eh, that is a fixed turret!”

From its tip, Haruki felt something aiming at him.

The speed of those fired objects was almost equal to his sight.
So, it was not a problem for him to evade, as long as he knew its timing and whence it came.

However, because he was still in the passage,
……Should I approach it?

Haruki slowly closed his gap with them while avoiding its shots.

He was slowly getting used to those incoming bullets’ (?) speed.
Even that difference was only as thin as paper.
Once he reached the 1-meter distance, he surely won’t be able to avoid it.

For now, Haruki tried to find some cover.
The distance is about 5 meters.

The moment he moved away, it suddenly stopped its attack, unable to detect him.

“Can it not attack because it ran out of bullets……?”

It seems like I can win if their bullet stock’s depleted after its wild shooting.
The gaze of Haruki who was trying to appraise it suddenly stopped on a bullet which fell and embedded itself in the ground.

This is…….

“A Potato?”

When he held and examined it, “That’s right, those bullets are potatoes.”

“It is a Potato monster!!”

I see. Now, I know where I have seen it…….
Of course, I feel I have seen it before. I planted it in my kitchen garden a few years ago.

Haruki’s body suddenly became excited.
To be able to harvest potatoes and onions, what a wonderful dungeon this is!!

Haruki excitedly faced the potato plant’s threat.
The potato monster was intermittently firing some potatoes.

However, its bullets were depleted after shooting 40 potatoes. No matter how close he was, there was no sign it would shot another potato.


The plant without potatoes dangled helplessly.
Maybe, the attacks it carried out shaved its life.

What a monster…….

“I don’t have other business with you, you who lost your potatoes.”

*Flash*, brandishing his dagger, Haruki heartlessly detached the plant from the ground.

A monster for 40 potatoes.
It’s wonderful. It’s a truly wonderful monster.

“Ah!? Is the purpose of the magic bag was dropped to harvest potatoes!?”

There is no way, it’s like that.
But, it’s the most suitable option for carrying potatoes.

If I knew that it would’ve been like this, I would’ve borrowed it from Karen.

Next time, I’ll bring Karen here.
After deciding this, Haruki excitedly harvested potatoes…… ah, wrong, continued his hunt.

I might be able to eat curry rice (EN: Japanese Curry) when I’ve finished this dungeon!
He continued while holding that dream…….


The 4th-floor BOSS is a big potato plant.
By using its 3 large nozzles cleverly, it shoots a large number of potatoes.

What fearsome fixed turrets.
As a result, Haruki couldn’t get close.

Haruki silently cried as he looked at those potato attacks which he evaded badly smashing into the wall.
Moreover, it was impossible to harvest those potatoes as it grew in a straight-line passage.

As I expected, this BOSS will deplete its bullets, too.
After shooting a total 100 potatoes, the plant dangling its neck like it was giving up.

Those potatoes were very strong.
A small graze could rip and numb his body…….

On the contrary, it would also feel the same way when it ran out of bullets.
Haruki mercilessly uprooted the BOSS from the ground.

“Isn’t it too weak?”

Haruki tilted his head. The Potato monster was not a weak monster.
If Haruki received its bullets, he would get a life-threatening injury.

It seemed weak because he knew the right way to subjugate it.
If it had unlimited bullets, Haruki would definitely experience a much harder fight.

The dungeon blinked as it congratulated this first BOSS kill.

The dropped items this time are a vase and 10 strange hard potatoes.

The vase was like porcelain, but its pattern was not typical Japanese.
If you asked Haruki where the pattern came from, he wouldn’t be able to tell you; he’d never seen it before.
It’s probably the dungeon’s characteristic design.

I’ll bring it to the shop to be appraised.

Next, those are some strange hard potatoes.

“……What exactly is this?”

It felt like a stone when he holds it in his hand.
He tried to cut it using his dismantling knife, but it didn’t leave a scratch.

“Is this a stone?”

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 17 part 2

Translator: LN&WN Warrior
Editor: Starfinder

But, why does it look like a potato?
It seems like a magic tool, but I don’t understand how to use it at all.

“……Well, whatever.”

I’ll learn something after it is appraised.
For now, Haruki puts those potatoes into the vase before he puts it in his bag.

Now, it’s a quarter to five.
He went back by activating the 5th-floor gate.

He was curious about the 5th-floor monster.
But, the pattern of the monster’s strength being powerful, weak, powerful, weak repeatedly appeared on the previous floors until now.
According to this cycle, the next type of monster is strong.
Well, it’s not too late to hunt on the 5th floor after I prepare everything.

“Are you there?”
“……Of course, is it not okay?”

When he went to the prefab store, the shop clerk rang her counter’s bell.
As the only adventurers challenging the dungeon were Haruki and Karen, the store seemed empty and horrific.

Or was it because she still thought about herself as thrown away to this place?

“I want to sell materials and appraise dropped items, please.”
“Eh…… do you know this is near to the closing hour.”

She seemed to lose her motivation after being thrown to a remote countryside.
Where did her past self go?

“Hey, you–”
“My name is not you, but Yutsuki Akane. It is a beautiful name, right? I give you a special privilege to call me Ms. Akane.”

Well, that’s right that her name is beautiful…….

“What?” (Akane)
“Nothing…….” (Haruki)
“If there’s nothing, you can go back tomorrow as I want to close the shop.” (Akane)
“Is it really okay for me to go back?” (Haruki)
“Eh, there, go, go home.” (Akane)
“I see. It’s too bad.” (Haruki)

Haruki deliberately let out a deep sigh.

“I thought of selling BOSS’ss drop items especially to a certain clerk as a payment for my debt of gratitude.” (Haruki)
“……BOSS? So what if it is a BO–” (Akane)
“Ah, unfortunately! I have a plan to go to Sapporo tomorrow. If I can’t sell it today, I’ll bring it to Sapporo Materials Purchase Station tomorrow!” (Haruki)
“W w w wait! Please wait! Only to her is not allowed. Because it’s not allowed! I’ll buy it!” (Akane)

Yup, she got hooked, she got hooked. Rather than a big thing…… well, it’s more like a small thing.
Akane, whose eyes reddened after being hooked by Haruki’s play, constantly pulled his hand to stay in the shop.

……Ugh, she is quite strong.
Oh, yeah. She accidentally said that she has injured some adventurers badly.
She might have some experience in dungeons and leveling.

Anyway, it’s time for selling and appraising.

Haruki brought out the claw, iron, vase and potatoes (?) from his bag.
The rest of the raccoons’ meat and skin, because it was too much, was left in his house.

As for potatoes, those were valuable vegetables. It was a type of food that could be stored.
I intend to share it with other neighbors, but I don’t want to sell it.

While Akane appraised those dropped items, Haruki carried the raccoons’ meat and skin to the prefab.
The appraisal should have been finished when I come back.
Her face that looked at Haruki who carried materials and meat became stiff.

“You, this time you have hunted too much.” (Akane)
“Really? It was only 100 monsters.” (Haruki)
“You said ‘only’……. Moreover, you defeated 2 BOSS monsters, does your fatigue not pile up?” (Akane)
“Of course, it piled up after killing those monsters.” (Haruki)
“……You are crazy.” (Akane)
“Thank you. Have the appraisal results come out?” (Haruki)
“The BOSS’ss claw is only a big Black Raccoon’s claw, so its result is normal. It could be a good sword after being forged, but you don’t have enough strength to use it. The price is 5,000 yen.” (Akane)
“I see…….” (Haruki)

Even though it was material from the BOSS, it was only from the upper tier.
It is impossible for it to drop a good item.

“Next, this black ore is a magic iron. It is an ore which can be obtained by mining in dungeons. Even like that, it’s quite hard to find this item so it is considered rare. The weapon that is produced by using magic iron is not strong. Therefore, it was usually combined with strong material when being produced. Because of its durability, it is usually used as a sword guard, sword hilt, or metal collar mounted between the sword blade and the head guard. Some parts of your dagger also use magic iron. Its price is 100,000 yen per kg.”

“Oh, it’s quite valuable.” (Haruki)
“10 strong weapons can be produced by just using 1 kg. Of course, it is valuable.” (Akane)
“I see.” (Haruki)

Rare’ doesn’t mean strong.
In that case, it’s better if I buy strong ready-made goods by using money that I’ve earned.
After thinking about it, Haruki decided to sell the magic iron.

350,000 yen for 3.5 kg.
The price is quite good even though it is just a drop item from an upper-tier BOSS.

“Next, this potato-like item is a stone.” (Akane)
“………Hmm, eh?” (Haruki)
“That’s it.” (Akane)


“No no, it was the BOSS’s drop item. It should have another description, right?” (Haruki)
“Let’s see, it is a quite strong stone and really looks like a potato. I can be sold as a toy. Its price is 0 yen. I’ll reject it even after you’ve shown and offered it to me.” (Akane)
“No, no……! Does it not have an effect like explode when it hit–” (Haruki)
“None, I tried to smash it to the counter before, but it didn’t explode.” (Akane)
“You, what did you do!?” (Haruki)
“It’s not you, call me Ms. Akane.” (Akane)
“Shut up.” (Haruki)

Shamelessly he said…….

“What would you do if it exploded?” (Haruki)
“Because it didn’t happen, that’s okay right?” (Akane)
“Just imagine if that happens.” (Haruki)
“You are so noisy. Trash like that can’t explode.” (Akane)
“…….” (Haruki)

She seemed really happy that Haruki carried that trash.
Those were truly cruel words.

But, why did the BOSS carry this trash!?

“However, the result isn’t fixed because I can’t do a detailed appraisal here. It may be a magic tool with a good effect. For example…… increasing damage when its hit, or throwing speed when it is thrown.”
“Is there a magic tool with such amazing effects?” (Haruki)
“Of course, but, its owner never tells the public about it.” (Akane)

“It will be stolen if it is shared to the public,” Akane shrugged her shoulders.

“Is it that easy to steal the magic tool from its owner?” (Haruki)
“What do you know? The one who aimed for it may be his party member. You don’t know when the attack will come, it may come when he takes a bath, takes a dump, or sleeps. A human isn’t a perfect being that’s ready to fight at any time.” (Akane)
“……” (Haruki)

Haruki’s back drenched with sweat when he heard Akane’s gloomy words.
It seemed there were more people that became mad due to magic tools than Haruki had expected.

The magic bag’s ability must be kept confidential.

“But, calm down, please. This’s probably the BOSS’s hobby.” (Akane)
“Making food-like toys?” (Haruki)
“Eh, that’s right.” (Akane)

“I don’t understand why the BOSS created this toy.”

“So, what is your choice? Do you want to detail appraise it? Even though I believe it doesn’t have any effect.”

He was curious about the existence of any effects.
But, he didn’t have the courage to lift his hand when he thought he needed to spend 100,000 yen for its detailed appraisal to find nothing.

That would be a bet if he spent money on it.
As his money was most likely to be spent in vain…….

“No, thanks.” (Haruki)
“You’re wise. The last item is this vase. This is a truly rare item.” (Akane)
“Oh!?” (Haruki)

“The vase is a magic tool that has an effect to duplicate an item that you insert. The item that you put in would never deplete. If you put in clear water, this vase will keep letting out clean water. If you put in a gold bar, you will have a vase filled with gold that will never run out.” (Akane)

“Wha…… what did you say!? Then, this is a real godly item!!” (Haruki)

Haruki became panic when he remembered Akane’s words.

What should I do!?
Can it be that I’m now targeted by someone!?

I should buy a safe!
A big and heavy safe!!


“Oh well, it was supposed to happen.”

Haruki frowned as he heard Akane’s uneasy words.

“It was only until you put that potato-like stone in…….”

What, is it possible that!?

As he didn’t believe it, Haruki turned the vase over.
From the inside, a large quantity of stone was discharged as it made some large ‘Duk duk’ sounds when it fell on the floor.

It was discharged continuously…….

“Hey, hey, stop it! Do you want to fill this prefab with trash!?”

The panicked Akane took the vase and returned it to its original position.
This is impossible…….

“Well, this is that, right? You can readjust it later?” (Haruki)
“It’s possible. But, because its effect became like that, it’s impossible for my shop to buy it.” (Akane)
“It’s impossible to buy it…… by the way if it is in its unused condition.” (Haruki)
“If you put it in an auction, it would not be accepted even if the bid was for 1 trillion.” (Akane)
“That, wa………….. but, impossible…………” (Haruki)

*Flush*, tears started to flow from Haruki’s eyes.

The truly rare vase became trash which only discharged a massive number of potato-like stones which was made by the BOSS as a hobby…….

“Well, never mind, it has happened. May, may, maybe if it’s put in an auction, someone will purchase it at an incredible price! Even though my shop can’t buy it, you don’t need to be disappointed! You will probably get it again if you are full of passion! So, fight!” (Akane)
“Ugh…….” (Haruki)

For Akane who was sulking over her demotion tried to cheer me up…….
Haruki was suddenly gnashing his teeth.

Life will not always run smoothly…….


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