Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 18

Translator: LN&WN Warrior

Editor: Starfinder

【Path to be a noticed presence】

“The First BOSS Subjugation”

Hello, this is Air (^o^)

Today I subjugated the 3rd and 4th floor BOSSes in my home dungeon!

Just like the rumor, the dungeon’s wall glowed after the BOSS’ first kill occurred (^^)

It happened for the first time before my eyes (><)

But because it was only in the upper-tier, the difference between normal monsters’ and BOSSes’ drop items are not significant. Even like that, magic iron and a magic tool appeared!

The magic iron weight is 3.5 kg!

My wallet is pleased after I sold everything. (=ω=)

As for the magic tool, it is a vase which will never use up the object that has been put in!

For example, if you put water inside, it will be an unlimited water vase!!

Awesome (><)

However, I can’t sell it. If you ask, “why?” Eh…… I did a small mistake. To carry some ordinary stones that appeared after killing the BOSS, I put them in it…… (= = )


Those stones will always there. (;-;)

The super rare magic tool became a stone vase…… orz

Well, it is scary when you slip after something you did went too smooth. Maybe, this result is much better. (^_^;)

Today, I also did my best for leveling up!

I wonder? Is this one step further into the future where I will gain a presence?

* The next day, Haruki was truly happy when he saw his article’s PV increase to 4, and there was even a “so good” comment left on his article. However, his anger overflowed when he calmed down. ‘I clearly said I did a mistake, what does he mean by “so good”, what does it mean!?’ “Damn it!!”

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