87 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 87


Arc 4 Prologue: Let’s Check Our Growth’s Condition!



Why, why, why…?

“They” were in anguish.


Why did that person, being as powerful as he was, not wish to become even stronger?


“They” had a single purpose.

They had tried everything in order to fulfill it.

Over thousands, tens of thousands of years…


The first time, they intervened too much, and mankind was eradicated.

The second time, their intervention was too scant, and mankind was forsaken.


This was the third time.

In this third time, they had finally seen the way ahead.

This was their first chance to turn things around.


There was a hero.

A hero of humanity who could break them free from this deadlock.


However, the Yukar they played was moving at a very slow pace.



That was because the actors they created on the stage were only moving individually.


(What is the cause?)

(I don’t know.)

(Did we observe too much?)



The summit of Babel, which extends underground, awaits the appearance of the hero.

But the hero was still going back and forth through the entrance.


That being the case, “they” would take the matter into their own hands.

This would be their second intervention in this world.


(What do we need?)

(A trial.)

(Something to make him want to become even more powerful.)


But it wouldn’t be good to overdo it.

If they overdid it, they could end up crushing mankind again.


Therefore, they carefully selected the seed.

The perfect seed for the current hero.


May the hero on stage reach the top of Babel as soon as possible.

“They” were eagerly waiting for that day to come.


All while listening to the Yukar’s melody…


* * * * * * * * *


The next day after receiving the packages sent by Masatsugu…

As usual, Haruki met with Karen in front of the garage dungeon and headed for the gate.


“I think I want to challenge the boss soon.”


Haruki said that as they descended through the gate all the way to the 15th floor.


Haruki had survived without serious injury (albeit with Kagemitsu’s help) against the rare species of deer and countless purple Werewolves.


Furthermore, when he defeated the deer, Haruki suffered a strong Level Up sickness that knocked him unconscious.

After such a severe Level Up sickness, his physical abilities had been improved dramatically.

Still, the monsters of the 15th floor were considerably powerful, and so challenging the Werewolf boss was something he couldn’t be reckless about.


“Is the boss a strong variant of Werewolf?”



After about a week of training, both Haruki and Karen had a pretty clear grasp of the Werewolves’ abilities.

Their belligerent, defiant, provocative, superior abilities.


Their battle sense was so high that they could easily turn the battle around just by taking advantage of the slightest mistake made by their opponent.

Werewolves were the most cunning monsters they had encountered in dungeons.


Was she getting anxious because Haruki had said that they would be fighting that boss? Karen’s face seemed to indicate as much.


“We’ve fought them many times and we’ve leveled up quite a lot, so we should be fine. Well, we can fight them some more on the way there, and then we can decide whether we feel ready to fight it or not.”

“Sounds good.”


There was no point throwing their lives away.

No matter how healthy they were, they shouldn’t take their lives for granted.

Their lives took priority over the need to rush forward.


After arriving at the 15th floor, Haruki checked his equipment and took out his skill board.

There was a good chance he had earned a few skill points after his last battle.


Haruki took out his board in order to see if he had earned any points, or if any of his skills had increased, but…




As he scrolled down the board, he saw an unfamiliar text, which made him stop on his tracks.


Until recently, each individual’s skill tree was displayed from top to bottom of the screen.

But now his skill tree was cut off after about two thirds into it.


Below that, there was now an unfamiliar text.


<<Requirement has been met. Demo Graph Update is now possible.>

<<Updating Demo Graph… Update complete.>>

<<Some functions have become available.>>

<<The Log function can now be used.>>


“Ooh! I’ve unlocked a secret feature!!”


Haruki never thought the skill board he had been using so far had a hidden feature.

His eyes sparkled with joy.


First of all, the skill board’s official name was “Demo Graph”.

There was a “rank” in the Demo Graph, which increased when the conditions were met.


Was that hidden feature unlocked because its rank had increased?

The unlocked feature was called “Log function”.


“… I see.”


Haruki muttered that as he read through the log’s contents.

The log unraveled the mysteries from the skill board which had been kept as a secret so far.


Just a little, though.

The trigger that unlocked the Log function was probably defeating a rare species monster.

Other than that, he hadn’t done anything special that could have caused the skill board to change.


— But wait, that doesn’t add up…


If that were the case, then the function would have already been unlocked after defeating the Lizardman in Chikaho with Kagemitsu.


Could it be that he needed to defeat a certain number of rare species monsters in order to unlock the feature?

Or was it due to his body reaching a certain level, regardless of the rare species monsters defeated?


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