87 Part 2


“… I have no clue.”


Haruki shook his head.

He didn’t have enough information.


More than one day had passed after his victory over the deer.

Despite that, the log hadn’t changed at all after the moment it was unlocked.


If there were no entries about him eating curry soup rice or having received the package from Masatsugu, then the log probably didn’t react to everyday-life things.


Did actions that affect the skill board appear in the log?


“What’s wrong, Karaboshi?”


Karen seemed to be worried about seeing Haruki staring at the skill board for so long.

She had been ready for some time now and was frowning.


“Ah, there has been a small change in the skill board.”

“A change?”

“Yeah. The Log function has been unlocked, but I don’t understand it very well.”


He had to go over the skill board many times in order to try to understand just what the Log function was.


He had to go over it many times…

The exhilarating feeling that Haruki felt when he first picked up the skill board reemerged in Haruki’s chest.


He didn’t know exactly how the Log function could be used.

Then again, if it was just a log, then it probably wouldn’t be very useful.


Was the trigger to increase the board’s rank just to defeat some rare species monsters, or was it something else?

Were there any other locked features, or was it just this Log function?

There was still a lot to learn about the skill board.


But Haruki was amazed by the fact he knew so little about it.

It stimulated his intellectual curiosity and got him worked up.


Haruki was the first to find out about something that no one knew yet. He was thrilled by this situation.


He put away the skill board and took his short sword in hand.


“For now, let’s get used to our bodies’ new levels while fighting some Werewolves.”



Haruki expanded the range of his Detection skill, looking for Werewolves.

A Werewolf was instantly located.


He then silently gave some instructions to Rhea.

Rhea fired a warning shot at the Werewolf.


The potato stone flew with a bang.

Then it landed on the ground.

It didn’t hit the Werewolf.


But that was fine.


Haruki readied his short sword and moved forward.

Recognizing Rhea’s warning shot, the Werewolf wrinkled its snout as if laughing.


Then it ran towards Haruki.


A swift move.

Haruki stuck out his short sword as the Werewolf drew nearer.


In no time, Haruki got in front of the Werewolf.

The Werewolf raised its claw, then it swung.






A lightning bolt fell.

Making a tearing noise, the lightning bolt ran through its whole body.

Every single strand of fur on its body suddenly stood up due to the lightning strike.


The Werewolf was stunned by the lightning bolt.

Unable to move its feet, the momentum caused it to begin to fall forward.






Haruki struck.


He maximized his attack power using the opponent’s own speed and weight.


Haruki’s short sword cut through the body of a werewolf –which couldn’t be pierced with ordinary weapons– very easily.

But the cut was shallow.




The attacking angle had been completely off from what Haruki had intended.

It was very different from the movements he had seen on those videos and what he had learned from Shigure.


After getting slashed at its torso, the Werewolf, no longer stunned, fell flat on its face.

It rolled on the ground, escaping from the dead zone.




Rhea pursued the Werewolf as it rolled away.

A potato stone struck its back side, forcing it to slow down.


Then, a second lightning bolt hit it.


From that point, both Rhea and Karen kept on sandbagging the Werewolf.

The poor monster died without getting a chance to get back up.


“Leveling up is great…!”


Amazed, Karen looked at both her staff and the dead Werewolf.

She had never experienced leveling up to the point it would knock her unconscious.

She hadn’t fainted after the deer’s defeat.


However, she now seemed to be aware of the difference.

That’s how many experience points the rare species of deer had yielded.


Rhea had improved a lot as well. Her impressive growth could be understood by hearing the sound her shots made.

But their sound wasn’t the only thing that had changed.

Rhea’s throwing was now capable of piercing through Werewolf hide –which was the strongest one they had found on their way to the 15th floor– causing great damage to it.

She had become quite stronger.


Of course, those changes were related not only to the increase in physical level but also to the increase in their skill level.


Just like them, Haruki’s physical ability had also improved significantly.

And his skill level was higher than before.

He had improved a lot, and still…




— What the hell was that?

Haruki looked down at his hand and frowned.


Back when he attacked the Werewolf, a nerve-wracking pain shocked Haruki’s entire body.


The severe pain overwhelmed Haruki’s concentration and caused him to fail an attack that would have otherwise been a sure direct hit.

Then, right after the attack, the pain vanished as if it had never happened.


He closed and opened his fist. He moved his body a bit.

However, there were no signs of the pain he felt earlier anywhere in his body.


The pain was similar to the sciatica that Haruki felt when he ruined his lower back at work.

The muscles in his lower back would become stiff, and they would cause intense pain as they pressed against the nerves located in the lower back and thighs.

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