91 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 91


Let’s Get Ready For The Monster Hunting Contest!



Two weeks had passed since they accepted the request from Asahikawa.

Kagemitsu and his friends had finished herding the monsters.


First, Becky would detect the presence of monsters with her wide-range detection ability “Clairvoyance”, identifying their whereabouts.

Then, Kagemitsu, Van, and Doraneko would chase after the monsters.


Yoshi set traps around the area where the monsters were being herded to.

His traps had the same detection ability as Becky.

None of those upper-section monsters would be able to escape the area.


In this way, Aerial succeeded in herding all of the monsters within a range of 1 kilometer from the center of Kamuikotan in two weeks.


The traps set up by Yoshi were preventing monsters from scattering outside of Kamuikotan.


Doraneko and Van were on guard duty.

If a conflict between adventurers were to arise during the event, they would be in charge of interceding and disqualifying those adventurers.


Becky was in charge of counting the monsters.

She would account for each of the monsters with her “Clairvoyance” to avoid overlooking any of them.


Kagemitsu would act as a moderator, managing things from the starting point, mainly to assist the Ichibishi Store, which was the sponsor for this event.


Rankers all over Japan were holding various events by taking advantage of their reputation.

The most famous event was Bacon’s “Beginners’ Training”. Though it was aimed at beginner adventurers, even seniors would participate just to get a chance to see his muscles.


Adventurers who would otherwise wouldn’t get involved with each other would get a chance to work together, the correct use of skills would be propagated, and everyone would obtain valuable information about dungeons.

Ranker-sponsored events like these had helped raise the level of adventurers in the area.


In fact, ever since Rankers started teaching the basics to new adventurers, the mortality rate at dungeons had plummeted.

It was unclear if the Ranker-sponsored events were the cause of the drop in the mortality rate, but at least they had contributed to that cause.


However, Kagemitsu had never hosted an event before.

Even though doing so would raise the level of adventurers in Hokkaido.


The reason for him not having hosted an event so far was simple.

Hosting an event caused the host to stand out, even if he didn’t want to.


Kagemitsu wasn’t good at standing out from the crowd.

He would get so scared of being stared at by others that it would turn his stomach.

For that reason, Kagemitsu had been avoiding hosting events.


The reason why he was in a prominent position as a “Narou” Ranker that allowed him to get support by companies was because of his companions.

Had he never made any companions, he would have probably led a quiet life away from everyone.


But this time, he wasn’t allowing himself to stand out because of his companions.

The reason this time was a secret chat he had previously had with Masatsugu.


『It seems Mr. Masked Man has come across Shigure.』

『Shigure seemed to be very interested in him.』

『I may have to ask Mr. Masked Man to come to the capital in order to further improve his abilities.』


That’s what Masatsugu said when Kagemitsu reported to him regarding the subjugation of the rare species of deer.


Kagemitsu wasn’t so petty to be jealous of the success of others.

He was honestly pleased to know that Masatsugu had taken a liking to the man he trusted.




『The level of the adventurers in Hokkaido is rather low, isn’t it?』

『I don’t know what have you been doing 』

『I was surprised to hear that the Self Defense Forces there were equipped with nothing but shovels. Is it really that terrible over there?』

『I think he will have a much better growth if he comes to the capital to train instead of training in a place with such low standards as Hokkaido.』


After chatting with Masatsugu, Kagemitsu found himself suffering from a severely sour stomach.


To have his own hometown disparaged as some “low level place”…

To say Hokkaido was a place with “such low standards” was the same as saying that Kagemitsu himself was weak as well…


And above all, Kagemitsu couldn’t forgive his weak self for not being able to say anything to Masatsugu, who prioritized efficiency and ignored emotions.


— That’s absurd!


That was why Kagemitsu had decided to take center stage this time.


Just as Masatsugu had said, Hokkaido’s level was rather low.

That being said, Kagemitsu hadn’t given up on Hokkaido so much that he could just keep quiet and do nothing about it.


The spot for Hokkaido’s most famous adventurer was held by a nameless adventurer.

He would give that adventurer a chance to play an active role and stand out from the crowd.


The more chances he could create, the more adventurers that would try to take them.

They would strive to seize those chances.

And that effort will raise the level of the adventurers in Hokkaido as a whole.


He would show those adventurers in the capital the high potential of Hokkaido’s adventurers, which he believed in.


That was the first step towards raising the standard for Hokkaido’s adventurers.


At the same time, Kagemitsu worked hard in his own training.

The farthest Aerial had been able to reach in Chikaho was the 27th floor.

The plan was to reach the 30th floor in less than a month from then.


By reaching the 30th floor, they’d be cutting into the Top Rankers’ level of influence.

Those low-grade rankers who couldn’t reach the lower sections of the dungeon wouldn’t be able to look down on them for being serious about his goals.


『It’s about time we announce that the rare species of deer has been defeated, don’t you think?』


Masatsugu’s judgement was frighteningly accurate.

It is true that the Air and others are about to reach the next stage.

Haruki himself may have already reached it.


『What kind of action will he take from now on? You should think about what to do in the worst case scenario.』


Masatsugu didn’t have to say it.

To  defeat monsters in the dungeon and level up. That is more powerful than such an increase in physical ability.

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