91 Part 2

If that is used incorrectly, the situation of all the adventurers will be turned inside out in an instant…


That is why Masatsugu said he would invite Air to the capital.

To turn that power into human resources suitable for handling.


And possibly to be able to deal with it immediately if he used his power incorrectly…


Perhaps Masatsugu was already on the move.

Air might turn out to be Team Braver’s greatest asset in the future.

Kagemitsu was convinced of it.


Masatsugu, whose number one goal is to defeat all of the dungeons, could not overlook someone like Air.


Masatsugu could already see talent in Air the moment they first met.

Shigure, who was only interested in improving her skills, suddenly became interested in Air as well.

And Kagemitsu himself had seen Air’s great potential, with his help in the extermination of the Monster Parade and his defeat of the rare species monster.


Three of the Rankers already had their eyes set on Air.


The three rankers, who have seen many adventurers and had an eye for their talents and abilities, have given Air something: the potential for a great future!

That in itself was already unusual.


If he were so minded, he could climb to the top of the adventurer right away.

That’s how much potential he had.


Though unfortunately, no one knew his true face.


“But whenever he takes off his mask, he vanishes into thin air…”


His name almost even suited him.

His presence was so thin that it was possible he wouldn’t have what it takes to even become a “Narou” Ranker.


There was only so much talent one could be born with.

Or could it be that the gods have taken away from him what they have given so much of to others…


“I’m so jealous!”


Kagemitsu couldn’t help but envy Air’s lack of presence.


“If only I had that thin of a presence…!”


The mere thought of it made his stomach hurt.

If only he had a weak presence, he would have been able to live as a real ninja, which he had longed for since he was a child.


Just what kind of ninja did Kagemitsu want to live as?

And how much thought did he have to give to it before giving up on the path of the ninja…

Kagemitsu’s tears wouldn’t stop falling because of those thoughts.


The outside of the station building had become quite lively.

It was about time to start the Monster Hunting Contest.

Kagemitsu shook his head.


This event is different from a normal adventure, here adventurers would fight together in order to defeat monsters.


For adventurers who usually dive in dungeons with their usual teammates, fighting alongside other adventurers was an invaluable experience.

Only by comparing with others can one notice those strengths and weaknesses they didn’t know they had.


Self-control and self-reliance.

Never complain, never feel down, and never look down on others.

That was the kind of noble will needed for the path to greatness to be opened.


Though this wasn’t a request that offered a reward just by participating, many adventurers had gathered for it.

Most of them were intermediate or above, and there were many talented people who knew Kagemitsu.


Among these, how many monsters would Air be able to defeat?


Five? Ten?

Kagemitsu was looking forward to Air’s stunning results.


If he were to reach the top among all of these talented people, his worth would be proven both in name and essence.

Moreover, if it became known that Air, having risen to the top of these talented people, was someone who had just become an adventurer this year, no company would be able to overlook him.




“Will he be able to stand out even if I post his name on my blog?”


He had already posted about him on his blog, but he got no reaction at all…

Kagemitsu couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.


* * * * * * * * *


“Great, you guys are all here!”


When Kagemitsu –who had a brilliance that made him look as if possessed by the sun itself– appeared, multiple “Ooohhhh!”s were heard among the crowd.

They were so loud that Haruki involuntarily covered his ears.


Each of these adventurers had a sparkling respect and admiration for Kagemitsu.


However, not all adventurers had bright emotions. Some of them seemed to have a rebellious spirit reflected in their eyes.

However, that was nothing that their own desire for being at the top. It was a healthy rivalry, something like “One day, I’ll surpass you”.


Becky appeared shortly after Kagemitsu. Even in the presence of Kagemitsu, many adventurers weren’t able to take off their eyes from her.

After all, she also had a strong presence, being a member of the team that reigns at the top of Hokkaido.


— We’ll be alright, right?

Haruki’s body was nervously moving on its own after the appearance of those two members of Team Aerial.


— Can this really bring life to my presence?


“Okay, let’s all calm down now.”


The area went completely silent in response to Kagemitsu’s call.

No one was able to go against his instructions.


No wonder.

The Rankers were like a military force with a lot of experience.

They were the ones still fighting at the front lines with very little information.


And they have continued to gain democratic support.

To other adventurers, the Rankers were stars. They were heroes.


Every adventurer was familiar with the power they had gained. No one wanted to go against them.

They were all holding their breath, waiting for whatever he had to say next.

That dreadful feeling of tension made the very air they breathed hurt the skin.


Haruki had been on the same battlefield as Haruki twice.

Haruki would initially treat him with a certain degree of respect, but at Kagemitsu’s request, he later became able to talk to him like he would with just about anyone.


That’s why he hadn’t noticed it until then.

But being there, in that situation, made him realize.

He realized how high off the ground Kagemitsu’s seat was.


— He’s far away, huh…


Aware of the actual distance between himself and Kagemitsu, Haruki felt a little lonely.


“This is a request I took to exterminate the monsters that had escaped during the second Stampede. But just killing monsters indiscriminately isn’t that fun. Besides, it doesn’t even pay that much.”


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