Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 2 part 1

Karaboshi Haruki (27)     Gender : Male

Skill Point : 3

Class : Swordsman

+ Vitality

+ Strength

+ Agility

+ Technique

+ Intuition

+ Special


Is 3 the initial point?

Then, will it gradually increase?

I do not yet understand how to increase it. I should check this properly.

Next is the class…… Does this indicate my present overall strength?

“Is there no explanation? ……Oh!”

Touching the Class, a small window is emerged in front.

“Swordsman : A beginner who has learned how to handle weapons and attacks.”

I see, Haruki nodded.

Reading the explanation, it seems that Haruki’s prediction is right.

The current Class of Haruki is a Swordsman.

Is it just a person who uses a sword.

As long as I become strong, the Class will change.

It is very appreciated that there are items that understand his standard of strength.

Although he can never say that it is easy to understand……

Haruki touches “+” to open the tree.


Stamina 0 (increase endurance) MAX 30

Natural Recovery 0 (increase natural recovery speed of injury and stamina) MAX 30

I see, Haruki nodded.

The initial value is zero.

If I add a point here, how effective is it?

Even if I touch the skill, there is only one line of explanation.

The rate of increase is not written.


Strength 0 (increase muscle strength) MAX 30

– Agility

Instantaneous Power 0 (increase instantaneous power) MAX 30

Dexterity 0 (increase dexterity) MAX 30


Armor Proficiency

One Handed Sword 0 (increase weapon proficiency of sword which can be handled with one hand) MAX 10

Throwing 0 (increase throwing proficiency) MAX 10

Light Armor 0 (increase armor proficiency of light armor) MAX 10

Stealth 0 (increase concealment ability) MAX 10


Detection 0 (increase ability to detect life forms and traps) MAX 10


It is probably a type of skill that blocks presence.

One hit kill monsters by getting near without being noticed.

It is a really cool battle skill to perform.

But, let’s stop this.

If I add it easily, I will not be noticed by anyone for the rest of my life.

Even if I die in public presence, I would not be noticed because of the stealth.

Such an ending is not appreciated.

The maximum value of points that can be added is subtly different.

As for this difference…… is it basic physical ability?

No, the techniques are MAX 10.

Will another skill derive if I add up to 10 points?

Will it become a total 30 points, or are techniques on a different standard.

There is no way to check it now, perhaps it will be good to see if there are derivations of other skills.

I think that explanation template is slightly different.

One-handed sword and light armor are written as a similar type, but throwing is written only as “throwing proficiency”.

Perhaps this is difference in restriction.

One-handed sword and light armor are bound to each other.

But throwing is not bound.

Surely if I acquire this, be it a hammer or a pebble, I’m certain that it’s possible to throw everything skillfully.


Looking at the released tree, I notice it.

No matter how I think about it, to have only one-handed sword and light armor in armor skill.

If it is a normal skill tree, you can have large sword and bow skill, it is not even strange if there is a shield skill.

“Perhaps, does it change according to individual appropriateness?”

Some people have a large sword skill, and special skills that should not be here also come out.

It is conceivable enough.

Let’s try it next time, whether or not I’m able to see other peoples’ skill tree.

Haruki kept it in mind.

It is finally over.

What does “special” mean?

It can’t be like a habit or a hobby that can’t be said……

Rather it is troubling even if a suitable “special” skill tree comes out.

I don’t want such a magic tool (heart break).

Tapping on the Special column.

And Haruki, while gulping his saliva.

“Growth Acceleration…!”


Growth Acceleration 0 (gain more power when defeating more monsters than usual) MAX 5


Growth correction in game is mostly only 1%.

When it comes to masochist games (refers to games that need enormous effort), some are only 0,1%.

Haruki, who had too much expectation by adding 3 point to growth expectation at once, had his sense of regret surge as he goes down the stairs.

He is regretting after allocating the skill.

Haruki who saw explanation of “Growth Acceleration”, hit skill up button repeatedly like a man in a trance.

Skill Point : 3 → 0


Growth Acceleration 0 → 3

But as he calmed down, he began to think that this might have been a mistake……

If the growth rate increases by 1% per point, with Haruki’s Lv. 3 skill, he will gain 3 more value after defeating 100 monsters.

If he can increase it, his hunting efficiency will be very advantageous as added skill points increase.

I wonder if I failed after all.

While lowering his eyebrows (refers to relaxing himself), Haruki continues to decend carefully with his combat knife.

When Haruki reaches the first basement floor, his heart beat is hastening.

The dungeon “Chikho” of Sapporo has become something that can’t be called a dungeon anymore.

Lesson from the dungeon’s motivated staff members, they have used various means to reduce the death rate of adventurers, the 1st and 2nd Floors have been made almost entirely safe.

It is more like an attraction than a dungeon.

There are reasons for dungeon staff members to put the effort in.

Adventurers are a country’s defense strength.

In case of stampede occurring, they will become fighting forces to exterminate monsters.

There are economic reasons as well.

Adventurers collect materials from dungeons which could not be obtained on Earth until now.

Adventurers will use the money that they earn in those transactions to positively turn the economy.

Globalism ended as the dungeons spread all over the world. Capitalism established by continuous growth of economy has been destroyed.

Currently the economy of Japan is stagnant, it depends greatly on adventurers who move large sum of money.

So, it is a trouble if they die easily.

“Chikho” is a very safe dungeon, but there is no adventure there.

But it has not yet happened here, it will not be safe.

It doesn’t appear in WIKI.

It is an unknown dungeon that no one knows.

Now, I perform the first adventure.

Having said that, Haruki’s adventurous soul, who became an adventurer after resigning from printing company, is throbbing.

Finally, I take the first step to be an adventurer!

“Good! (Yoshi!)”

With spirit-full voice, Haruki advanced steadily to the deeper area.

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 2 part 2

The passage of the dungeon is wide enough that the five people can walk well in a row.

The ceiling is about three meters. How can such thing be in the basement……

Will it not collapse?

A slight anxiety goes to Haruki’s mind, but it will be fine.

There was a case that a certain country had detonated a nuclear missile in order to suppress a dungeon.

However, the dungeon suffered only damage to the extent that the entrance spreads a little. (After that, that country was partially destroyed by the stampede)

It will not crumble at the level of an earthquake.

The inside is like clay, my knife is buried about three centimeters only when it was stabbed. It seems that the back is being consolidated with another material.

The interior is dim, but it is not completely dark.

The inner surface is lit lightly.

It is wonderful to capture a dungeon even without lanterns, it feels like being welcomed by a predator and it is horrifying.

When he had walked for a while, a “kasakasa (rustling)” like sound arrived in the ears of Haruki.

Kasakasa…… I imagine it is G (gokiburi = cockroach).

It seems there are also G monsters in Honshu dungeon, but they have not been found in Hokkaido.

There is no mistake if you think that it is not a G.

So what is the identity of this sound?

When you are listening carefully, the sound grows little by little.

Before Haruki’s knife stance, it finally appears.


Haruki let out admiration to the monster so different from his imagination.

The length is about half of Haruki. It is not even a meter.

Countless numbers of legs on its body.

While proceeding forward to see if it is an antennae or foot, it moves with rustling. (EN:  Whether tapping with antennae or foot, rustling appendages abound?)

“House centipede!”

There are no dangerous insects with plentiful legs and the unique fangs of the centipede (TL: I think this is refers to the poisonous one).

So, it is without a doubt a house centipede.

It is thicker than centipede, and barely poisonous.

If it is in common size, it is considered a beneficial insect which exterminates pests.

“I thought it was clearly a centipede. Well, well.”

Because his expectation was wrong, Haruki loosen the grin at the corner of his mouth.

The more you lose your expectation is more…… interesting.

Adventure probably is such things, isn’t it?

But, this size.

An ordinary person may faint due to physiological repulsion.

However, Haruki still faces this house centipede with a smile as usual.

“Aah, it is the best……”

The house centipede that I know, and dungeon’s house centipede.

How is it different?

Fight and I will understand.

I can’t wait for that future.

The information of house centipede appears in WIKI of “Let’s Become.”

“House Centipede”

It is relatively gentle and slow.

There is no killing power. Even if it is wrapped around, it will only eat armor and clothing, and will not try to eat human flesh. It is a beneficial insect which exterminates pests.

The fighting method is simple, it can be killed by smashing its head.

Since the antennas play the role of visual organs, if they are cut off, there is no worry that it will attack.

It is easy to defeat it as long as you remember the secret. It is a bonus monster for beginners.

However, even like that it causes physiological repulsion beyond description.

It is a monster with high mental attack power.

When it’s eating, narrow feelings that thin legs rustling is NG (NG = Not Good).

I want to ask why God did not destroy this monster.

As soon as I find it, I will crush it.

Since the experience is abundant, I recommend to search and destroy it.

House centipede should be exterminated from Japan.

Probably he is strung by it. In editor’s letter, a trace of hatred can be sensed.

“If I had to say, it looks cute……”

Its feet move slowly.

But I do not think I want to be clanged.

The armor that I purchased with the small amount of money that I had will become useless.

“Well, let’s go.”

I cut its antennas, and return to stab its head.

While remembering the method in WIKI in his head, Haruki start to run.

Ten meters. Five meters.

The other party has not noticed yet.

When I raised the knife, finally house centipede realized Haruki’s existence.

But it is already late.

I’ve got it……!

I was convinced, but as the blade cut through the air….

Different from Haruki’s assumption, house centipede’s movement was quick.

Where is the slow-witted!

He takes a back step while cursing.

House centipede which he nearly stabbed is barely evading.


Haruki lets out a light breath.

Haruki thought that his rush was a success, and he was ready to evade it.

But, it didn’t hit.

In other words, it is quicker than expected, but not quick enough to surpass my speed.

If I deal with it calmly, without hurry, I may defeat it without a problem.

As soon as I understand, the inside of my head becomes calm.

“That’s truly.”

Emotion rises from within my body.

It is fun, safe hunting is insufficient.

It’s just unilateral violence.

There is no adventure.

There is no challenge.

But now, it is not a level at which it can be said selfishly.

For the weak to ask for too much. It is unsightly.

Stay focused.

I have got to focus!

Haruki controls his own mind.

House centipede with its antenna pointed at here is barely attracted.


He takes a side step just before it hit.

Its antennae graze his lather breastplate.

There, he calms down and cuts it.

The antennae cut with his knife are floating in the air.

And simultaneously he kicks the ground to turn to its side.

Haruki who kicked the ground with all his power is stabbing his knife into the house centipede.


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