Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 3 part 1

Haruki who kicked the ground with all his power is stabbing his knife into the House Centipede.


The knife’s tip slips out from its crust.

It is unexpected.

As a result, Haruki ‘s cheeks and back muscles trembled.

“Woooooooooo !!”

Adrenaline accelerates his thoughts.

One second second seems like an eternity.

When the tip of the knife slipped,

Haruki forcibly changed the orbit of the knife.

Stab, stab, stab, stab!

Every time he cut it, the crust is scratched and it gets deeper.

The cuts begin to accumulate, and the place where the knife’s tip is contacting becomes stable.

The crust cracks, broken.

At that moment the knife edge smoothly slides into the body.

Perhaps its brain was finished.

House centipede has lost it power.

Without relaxing, Haruki moves three meters from it.

It seems like just a reflex movement. House centipede’s feet are twitching.

When its reflex movements calm down, Haruki finally relaxed his battle posture.

“Fuu……  This is dangerous because it’s not an ordinary House Centipede.”

Thanks to fighting monsters little by little in Sapporo’s dungeon after obtaining an adventurer’s license, I didn’t fall behind when fighting with the House Centipede.

But, it is different for the crust.

I never thought that my combat knife would not pierce it.

This is unexpected.

Haruki’s back, it still has goose bumps.

If it were a monster with killing power……

Haruki would have fallen into a deadly ending.

There is no adventure, but there is an experience.

From now on, even if a monster appears and opens an attack, I would be more able to calmly deal with it than when I was still inexperienced.

“However, is this really a beginner favorite monster?”

If it were adventurers who had never fought against a monster, the results would be reversed.

Most of them would lose their armor……

Haruki who is tilting his head, suddenly feels his body getting hotter.

His body is getting hotter like someone who has caught cold, but the heat is immediately over.

“……It was pretty intense.”

Haruki murmured while holding his head.

This current body change is the so-called “level up” sickness.

It is not possible to confirm the actual level change, and it is not so clear as to quantify the ability that went up.

However, after experiencing this a couple of times, it will be possible to lift the rice bag, which was barely liftable up until now, with one hand.

For this reason in “Let’s Become”, it is called level up sickness.

“When facing with Chikho’s first floor monsters, I wonder why level up sickness never happens.”

In the first place, there is no way that it will happen.

Is this thanks to growth acceleration?

… Well, as expected it will not be possible to conclude.

It may be because of growth acceleration, or rather it may be caused by “beginner’s favorite monster” was closer.

Despite its weakness, there are many experiences.

In addition it has no killing ability.

Therefore, it is a beginner favorite monster.

On the contrary, “beginner killer” which comes out in the upper layers refers to the “monster that has strength but small profit”, Haruki guesses it is not necessarily a mistake.

Haruki sheaths his combat knife, and takes out the one for dismantling.

He moves the knife while thinking about how to disassemble crustaceans in WIKI.

He removes a lot of its limbs, turns it over, and moves the tip of the knife along the muscles.

While struggling with the weight of the House Centipede, Haruki separates the House Centipede’s crust from the body.

The size is roughly two times that of Haruki. It seems that armor can be made with one of it.

The average purchase price was a thousand yen at maximum.

If you think that you could make 1,000 yen from the raw materials of monsters on the 1st and 2nd floor of “Chikho”, one thousand yen for one time is quite good.

If you put it in the car expense once again, you will surely only be able to get the gasoline fare by going to sell it.

I brought a backpack, but it is extremely unlikely to hold it from its size.

Probably this is a kickback from a purchase price of 1,000 yen.

Because it is big and does not enter the bag, large quantities can’t be taken in a single hunting.

Since it can’t be sold in large quantities, it is difficult for its price to fall.

If I have a magic bag, I can hunt without worrying about the quantity……

Though I think so, it is not a substitute that a beginner adventurer can do very handily.

By placing crust on the ground, Haruki looks down at the meat of the House Centipede that he cut off.

This is…… Can I eat it?

An adventurer says,

“Monsters can be divided into two types. It can be eaten or can’t be eaten.”

How about this monster?

He tries to cut its meat with a dismantling knife, puts it in his mouth to make sure he can spit it out anytime.


The taste is completely bland.

I chew it, it has a unique texture.

He spits it out without swallowing, and rinses his mouth with water from the canteen.

It may not be inedible, but it may be bad if it had been rich in flavor.

If I have vegetables I can make a dish that makes use of its texture, but since the dungeons emerged, the price of vegetables has exploded.

The cause is that crude oil can’t be imported too much.

It seems that dungeons have appeared not only on the ground but also on the seabed.

Of course it is impossible for people to put in their hands, so monsters come out. (EN: It is impossible for people to adventure in under-sea dungeons) It was impossible to sail on an ordinary ship.

Therefore gasoline prices exceed 1,000 yen per liter.

Even with mass production of vegetables, if you use agricultural machinery you will be in deficit by just harvesting.

Even if you bought a large quantity of cutting tools and harvested, shipping costs will not be insignificant.

Since the truck also moves with gasoline or diesel oil, it is natural that the shipping costs will soar.

So nature and planting areas are diminished, and vegetables price are soaring.

Is it a noble food now? It is close to that level.

Haruki’s courtyard also has a home garden, but harvest is still ahead.

Nonetheless, the food situation of Haruki’s house is always tight, but it has not exceeded the limit yet.

Let’s try meat of House Centipede when I’m hungry.

Haruki carried House Centipede’s crust outside the dungeon, and dives into the dungeon again.

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 3 part 2

【Path to be noticed presence】

“Beginner’s Favorite Dungeon!”

Hello, it’s Air (^o^)
House centipedes appeared on the first floor of the dungeon that occurred a few days ago (>_<)

It looks pretty cute (^_^)
My favorite movement is its restless feet.

House centipedes were awesome as WIKI stated (^O^)/

For that kind of monster appears on the first floor, is this dungeon probably a big hit?

I took the crust of House Centipedes because it sells at a good price.
Numbers of crust are 104 pieces. Its weight is 254 kg!

I wonder because I have leveled up.
At first it was hard, but I could afford to defeat the last one!
That’s why I worked a little too hard (^ ^;)

From the battle with monsters, the climbing up and down stairs while carrying materials was harder.
It may cause muscle pain tomorrow (>_<)

The problem is how to sell the material after this……

There is no material purchase shop nearby…… (= =;ウーム

Well, it’s okay because it does not rot!

Today is the first day I worked hard for leveling!
Is this another step closer to the future where I can obtain a presence? I wonder?


When you update an article in “Let’s Become” blog, it will be displayed in the list of new arrivals on the top page.
The displayed time is approximately 10 minutes.
It is said that Page Views is easy to rotate for about 1 hour after updating.

Why are the Page Views only 3!!

There are three visitors (unique access).
Two of them are staying in blog posts for 3 seconds.
In other words, these two people seem to enter the wrong page.

Time comes and goes, but only one person sees the article in one hour.
Besides, after 1 hour, Page Views doesn’t increase any more.

This is the eternity of Haruki’s blog.

Even though there are 1 million users of “Let’s Become”.
In the opposite sense, this is amazing.

Is this Page Views broken?

“Why is no one viewing it……”

Even though I mimic how the top ranker’s articles are written!
Even though the blog article quality is almost the same as the top ranker!

Aside from the really similar level, at least in the eyes of Haruki, his articles and rankers’ articles seem to be at the same level.
Nevertheless, the Page Views rotation of the day is exactly like the heavens and the earth.

Why my article’s Pave Views don’t increase.
As expected, this is the fault of my presence which is like an Air……

When Haruki, who under a flow of tears in despair due to lack of Page Views, went to bed; an adventurer writes a thread in “Let’s Become” chatting BBS, and the topic of House Centipede appeared.

Talk about the dungeon 【Session 532nd Floor】

315 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
There is a guy who is saying “It is lucky to meet House Centipede on the first floor” on the blog

316 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
Really? Isn’t it a joke?

317 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
It is disgustingly serious

318 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
Wow, is that person a beginner, he is really stupid

319 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
He is probably a beginner

320 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
It is strange to truly believe WIKI
MOB that appears regular from the third floor, to said lucky for meeting such a thing on the first floor
Is he a real M! (TLN: M = Masochist)

321 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
It is difficult to use WIKI unless you are a person who can’t guess that a lie is a lie

322 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
Well, but
That guy said that he hunted nearly 100 of them?

323 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
Really? Then is he not a beginner?

324 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
I don’t know
But it seems like a blog article of beginner

325 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
How awful?

326 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
The article itself is expected to be dull.

327 Name : A Certain Nameless Adventurer
Ok, I understand

Next day.
As the Page Views of the blog increased by 3, Haruki is delighted.
However, he does not know that he was looked down for believing all about WIKI.


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