Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 4 part 1

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It was a mistake to add three points to growth acceleration without thinking anything was a mistake.
After delighting that the Page Views had increased by three, Haruki calms down, thinking:

Both skill points and Page Views are 3.
Is it a fate…… It is no way.

House centipedes were very good monsters.
But, I don’t really know how effective growth acceleration is.

I should at least have judged by experiencing growth acceleration 0, 1, and 2.
Or I should beat on the monsters found in “Chikaho.”  Ah, regret…

The conditions to increase the points remain unknown.

After taking down about 100 House Centipedes, I felt level up many times, therefore, I thought it would increase, but the points didn’t rise in the end.

In other words, there are conditions other than level up.
Or it may not increase any more.

“I don’t think it will not increase…… I wonder why did it not increase?”

I picked the magic tool up by chance, and distributed points to the skill.
There is no demerit in Haruki because it was only that.
It wasn’t enough to get depressed because there are no merits.

“For now I’ll explore the first floor and glance at the second floor today……”

I build today’s subjugation schedule while preparing breakfast.

For living alone, it was essential to have cooking skill.
Naturally, Haruki was also good at cooking.

Although it was a men’s dish with irregular material’s cutting method, he could cook any average level dish.
Of course, if there were ingredients.

He made bread by using flour obtained from a nearby farmer, he also prepared chicken eggs received from the same neighbors – Kitora-san (by walking for 10 minutes).

Haruki hummed while making Eggs Benedict; roaming around the blog and preparing food at the same time has become his routine.

“Hmph. Bacon-san is giving a beginner’s short course today. I wish to speak with Bacon-san. There is no update from Masatsugu-san…… Is he in an expedition?”

Both Bacon and Masatsugu are fixed, active rankers on Let’s Be Ranking.

Their abilities are also substantial; both of them are sponsored by companies.

Masatsugu is categorized as a so-called cheater.
He is a member of a dungeon capture team, a fixed ranker, and has the second name of Hero.
He holds the deepest dive record of Tokyo’s – the most difficult dungeon – Shinjuku Station.

Bacon is a bored, popular ranker who likes to give beginners’ short courses.
If anything, he is enjoyment focused.
But as expected, he is still a ranker.

His second name is Muscle, Old-Man, and Nudist.
His official second name it the Perverted One.

After registering the bookmark, he looked over the blog’s new articles.
Meanwhile, Haruki’s mouse stopped slightly on a specific blog.

There is a blog with the title of “May Rain Today.”
The administrator’s name is Shigure.
She is the only women ranker that is entering the top ten.

She is specialized on using katana and equipping light armor.
Her profile picture, with her tied-up long hair at her back and looking-far-away pose, draws attention.

As a dignified person, just standing makes her seem attractive.

She seems to have attended Iai-dojo since childhood, and never lost to anyone in a fight.
The second name attached because of her brilliant ability is Senki. A war princess twisted from a brilliant princess. (TL: Senki = War Princess)

In addition, some people call her as Big Sister or Miss.
She is very popular not only with men but also with women.

Haruki often overlaid himself on her appearance.
Rather than admiring her… she is more like his target.

She is the type of adventurer that he wants to be.
(The next is Bacon, but it is impossible for Haruki who has Air-like presence)

For the new article, this time I will write about his expedition.
The update will probably cease for a while. It’s a shame.

“As expected, the main weapon should be a katana.”

Actual funds on-hand was only 100,000 yen.
To buy an anti-monster katana, he would have to prepare at least 1 million yen.

Haruki couldn’t handle such a large fee, currently.

Haa, he let out a heavy sigh.
But today he patted his cheek and smiled.

I got a long-awaited dungeon here.
Besides, I got a mysterious magic tool.
I have no time to sigh!

After he finished eating his Eggs Benedict and washing the dishes, Haruki immediately dons his equipment and entered the dungeon.

I will get stronger, and gain my presence!


In yesterday’s first match with House Centipedes, it was more or less a close fight, but today I can remove them easily.

The crust that couldn’t be pierced in one strike at first, could now be penetrated in almost one blow.
Because he could hear House Centipedes’ footsteps, he wouldn’t suddenly get hit from behind.

On the contrary, Haruki reached the point that he could take House Centipedes by surprise.
It never comes to his mind that his presence became thinner although his level increased.

Everything always looks happy when viewed through the good side.

He defeated 100 centipedes after shutting himself a whole day in the dungeon.
Originally he planned to enter the second floor on that day, but to be sure he decided to devote the day to leveling.

The next day, Haruki was practiced by defeating 5 House Centipedes after surprised by his body that better than before. (PN: On the third day, Haruki was surprised by his improved body;  he had now surprised and defeated 5 House Centipedes.  ??  This sentence…)

If House Centipedes were the opponent, it wouldn’t delay me anymore, certainly.

It was good that the subjugation became easier, but Haruki felt guilty.
It seemed like bullying the weak.

Beating monsters is not evil.
However, it wasn’t my hobby to one-sidedly overwhelm an opponent even if they are monsters.

“There is no problem with my strength, let’s enter the second floor.”

Haruki walked on, looking for the stairs to the second floor.
After mapping for about an hour, Haruki arrived in a hall.

“Is it House Centipedes?”

A soundless voice leaked out of Haruki’s mouth.

In the hall’s center, several House Centipedes were gathered.
If it was small, it would look like a lump of threads.
However, it looked like a very disgusting object if a group of 50 to 100 centimeter-long House Centipedes gathered.

People who disliked insects will surely faint after seeing it.
Haruki was frowning while looking at their figures.

“How to defeat them……”

It looked bizarre but it’s not a big deal.
His only thought was regarding how get past the monsters and not about adventure.

Haruki had mapped everything on the first floor so far.
The remaining underground passage led this way only.

Apparently, it was necessary to go through this hall in order to enter the second floor.

Is this treated as a boss room on the first floor?

I wonder, is this a boss of monsters without a killing power……
Haruki pulled out his knife as he managed to recover his fragile mind.

I have experience fighting one or two at the same time.
But this time there are 6 of them.

What should I do now?
As soon as I thought about it, the foundational strategy (basic) for one-to-many that appeared on the “Let’s be” blog comes to my mind.

The easiest way to annihilate a flock of monsters in a spacious room is to throw something and lure them into the passage.
In that situation, I can reduce the number of monsters attacking at once.

Haruki followed the basic by picking up a pebble from the ground.
He threw it with all his might to the crowd of House Centipedes.

The pebble caved into the body of a House Centipede.
The crackling sound of smashed crust can be heard.

At that moment…
Five House Centipedes started to move simultaneously.

As expected by Haruki…… no, beyond his expectations, 5 House Centipedes are simultaneously rushing to Haruki.


It was unexpected.
……no, this assumption was Haruki’s fault.

Besides unless it was narrow, it meaningless to lure monsters in the passage.
In Haruki’s location, there would be a lit 5 meter walkway.
There is no meaning to lure them into such a place.

In addition, House Centipedes are creatures that crawl on walls and ceilings.
The number of simultaneous attackers was more than double compared to the ordinary monster.

All House Centipedes were crawling to aim for Haruki not only on the ground but also on the walls and ceiling.

It is dangerous.
My armor is in danger if I keep it!

Panicky, Haruki stepped on the ground with full power to dodge.


Because he was too fast, a strange voice leaked out of Haruki’s mouth.
It was as fast as when discharging a reverse bungee.

He slowly decelerated by kicking the ground in a hurry.
When he turned his neck and looked backward, a separated big House Centipede was heading to him.

“Is this because of level up?”

Compare to the last hunt yesterday, Haruki only gave a little effort.
About 50% of the power used to remove House Centipedes certainly because he has leveled up.

Haruki, who didn’t understand his situation, begins to experience his full power for the first time.
That was why he was surprised.

He has been able to get power so far……

“……Can I?”

It is my first experience fighting with six monsters at the same time.
However, I feel like it doesn’t matter with my current ability.

Resolving himself, Haruki turned his body.
He held the knife forward and confirmed House Centipedes’ position.

His back trembled.
His heart rate rose.
Adrenaline made his body hot.

Now, it’s time for adventure!

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 4 part 2

Translator : LN&WN Warrior

I aim for the two House Centipedes that have slightly preceded and move at once.
I feel my knife tear it off and penetrate its brain.
This is the first one.

The other one responded at that time and turned its small fangs to Haruki.

However, Haruki calmly rotated his body.
He pulled out the knife and accelerated.
He kicked the ground and stepped into the crowd.

He pushed out his knife by holding it in a backhand grip, but he missed his aim.
This was unavoidable because he didn’t have eyes on his back.

But he didn’t give up and pursued it with his left fist.
It hit the House Centipede’s head directly without aiming.

At that moment.


The House Centipede’s head was cracked.
It feels good when my left fist contacted its crust.

House centipede’s crust is hard.

It should be hard enough to deflect the knife’s tip.
But I can break it with a fist.

“Is it because of growth acceleration? That is weird……”

His diverted awareness returned to the battle and selected the next opponent.
This time was three monsters.

House centipedes’ too long legs hindered the shrinking of the encirclement.
Therefore, only two monsters could simultaneously attack from the same direction.

Haruki faced House Centipedes while paying attention to attacks from the ground, the wall, the ceiling, and the whole space.

The fight with 5 House Centipedes was easier than expected.
On the day I fought with the House Centipede for the first time, my breath become heavy just killing one of them, but now it’s still stable even after I defeat 5 of them.

Besides, I smashed one of House Centipede’s crusts with my left fist.

“This looks unlike my body.”

Haruki frowned while gazing at his hand.

What does the person, who said House Centipede is scary, think about my power?
Someday, let’s ask if I have a chance.

The remaining one was not moving a step from the center of the hall.
Perhaps it fainted when I hit it with a pebble. Quickly I stab its head with my knife while it couldn’t move.

“As expected, it is thanks to growth acceleration… isn’t it?”

Haruki has never experienced such growth in just two days.

Haruki was a beginner about two months after becoming an adventurer.
In “Chikaho”, the most numerous among adventurers are beginners; they constantly struggled for existing monsters.
Therefore, only about 15 monsters could be hunted even if they devoted them self for five hours.

I hunted not less than 200 monsters by yesterday.
Will it be possible to feel my growth by hunting 200 monsters?

Now, there is no way to prove it.

I grew up to a level where I could overwhelm House Centipedes in one day.
However, it will not grow at the same speed in the future.

It is the same as the role-playing game, the stronger I get, the slower the growth.

In addition, with the current Haruki, his strength would reach its limit even if his physical performance increases.
At some point, I have to get someone to learn proper swordsmanship.

There are many things that I want to do.
But, it is necessary to advance anyway.

Looking at the knife at my hand, it is due to over hunting yesterday; its blade has chipped considerably.
The leather armor has no damage, but it is full of scratches from their bites.

Let’s start with new weapons.

How much will it cost…?
Haa, a heavy sigh leaked out of Haruki’s mouth.


Recovering his sense, Haruki disposed of House Centipedes.

I can see the downstairs in the passage behind the hall.
As expected, this place seems like it’s treated as a boss room.
But, there is no boss……

“There are things I want to confirm if the boss is here.”

I will confirm it thoroughly in the future.

Placing the materials in the hall for a moment, I go to check the situation on the second floor.

“……but, before that…”

Before descending, I make my skill board appear to confirm the points.

Skill Point : 0

“I don’t get points even if I defeat the boss room’s monsters.”

I didn’t receive points because my opponents are weaklings.
Or, I will not receive it even if I beat the boss.

Either way, I don’t get a point even after I cleared the first floor.

“Well someday I will receive it.”


In that way, if he gathered up his small hopes, his adventure would be fun anywhere.
It was enough reason to bet a life.

But as he could lose it one day,
He would grasp the hopes lightly.

After finishing the confirmation, Haruki hummed as he headed to the second floor.

The second floor has the same terrain as the first floor.

The area is expanded by 1.1 fold every time it goes down by one floor.
It seems nothing, but if you dive to the 50th floor, the size will exceed 100 times the first floor.
Even a small change isn’t trifling.

The terrain directly changes starting from the 10th floor, afterward is commonly called the middle tier.

If you become active in the middle tier, you can clearly break out of being the beginner’s adventurer, but the adventurer who can get down to the middle tier remains at 10% of the total now.

A job as an adventurer draws all people, the floors’ information of the middle tier onward mostly don’t spread.
Even in the blog of “Let’s Be,” the strategies for attacks from the middle tier and beyond don’t come out easily.

That’s because materials from the middle tier are expensive.

The adventurers are treated as freelancers.
They resemble employees of businessmen.

There is no one who purposely wants to teach a rival how to make money.

If it isn’t possible to earn money from middle tier materials, the strategy will spread all at once.
If so, the proportion of intermediate adventurers will also increase.

Until then the information is firmly dominated by the strong.
Because I pioneered by betting my life, this kind of reward should be forgiven.

Anyway, it’s the second floor.

What kind of monsters are coming out.
It will be nice if it isn’t House Centipede.

As he was slowly walking on the stairs, Haruki’s eyes caught the long and thin green shape on the ground.
The ground was slightly swollen, and a white one could be seen on the tip.

“What is it?”

Is it reacting to my voice? The grass-like green shakes to the left and the right.

At that moment.
A round object of basketball size jumped out from the ground.

The roots were extending from the bottom and its round body slowly moved.
Thin vertical lines ran on its body.

I can’t look it with my eyes.
It may be a type of monster that responds to sounds and vibrations just like House Centipede.

Haruki has seen this figure of course.
“……it’s onion!!”

Chapter end

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