Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 22 part 1

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There were quite a lot of adventurers gathered.
As expected, Sapporo was the representative of Hokkaido
In such conditions, they might still survive even without Masatsugu-san.

However……, there was a bad premonition.
The premonition emerged from the burden carried by Masatsugu-san, the strongest adventurer.

Will it just end like this?

While continuous monster subjugation took place, he heard a ringtone sound from his pocket.

“Sorry, please hold them for a while.”
“I understand!”
“Leave it to us!”

In front of him was Shikama the shield user, Lars the large sword user, and Haria the bow user who was captured and corrected a few days ago. Masatsugu took out and answered his phone.
“It’s me, Bacon! Are you okay?”

The mobile phone used by Masatsugu was a satellite telephone that could be used even without a transmitter.
Currently, normal mobile phones in Japan weren’t useful for voice chat, not like they used to be. However, mobile phones that used satellites could be used because they did not depend on ground infrastructure.

The cost was quite high, but what Masatsugu used was something lent by his sponsor. Of course, Bacon was the same. Even if they used it for a long call, the phone bill would not harm them.

“Bacon, how is it there?”

Currently, Bacon should be in the metropolitan area of Tokyo.
Luckily in Tokyo, there was only one dungeon.
But the dungeon was often called as the hardest in Japan.

The level of difficulty for defensive battle was higher than facing Stampede on Chikaho.

“We managed to hold out somehow. Masatrugu, where are you now?”
“Sorry, I’m in Hokkaido right now.”

Bacon sighed to hide his disappointment.
It seemed like the new relay post defensive battle was in an unfavorable position.

“Is it that bad?”
“There are middle-tier monsters coming out.”
“……That’s dangerous.”

If the monsters that come out are from middle-tier, then half of the adventurers won’t have a chance to stand against them.
Masatsugu frowned.

“Are there no other rankers?”
“Almost all of those who I can contact are participating.”
“What about Shigure?”
“She is still on an expedition.”
“Damn it!”

Tokyo would fall.
It was the worst future floating in Masatsugu’s mind.
His back felt cold.

“Did you call teams from big companies?”
“Yup, you are the last, Masatsugu. But–”
“I understand, I’ll immediately gather some members at the new relay station. Please survive until the JSDF come.”
“Roger. I’ll leave it to you! ”

Usually, Bacon would mention a little about muscles when he spoke, but now his active mouth is sealed.
Therefore, Masatsugu couldn’t erase the worst image that floats in his mind.

Masatsugu immediately contacted his team members.
Braver was a large team that had 54 members.

As the team grew bigger, they arrived at the point where they had to prepare a base for their activities, a team house.
The team, of course, built their team house in Saitama prefecture.

Team House was built next to the prefecture in order to avoid damage if the stampede occurred, even if the neighbor was close…

If all of the members took part in a defensive battle in Saitama, Masatsugu could scatter the monsters’ war potential.

If all the members went to the new relay station, defensive battles would not be difficult.
Even if only 10 strong members went to the new relay station first, and the remaining 43 people stayed to assess the situation, the assessment of the defensive battle carried out in that situation at the new relay station would be different.

It was okay if everything went smoothly, but…….
He couldn’t remove his bad premonition.

When he put the phone back to his pocket, he heard a scream from somewhere.

The killing intent was amazing.
He could clearly sense where the presence come from.
Suddenly, he moved.

There were monsters crossing the defensive line, the audience who watched the external development was attacked.
At that time Masatsugu dove in with his top speed.

Slashing the long sword lightly.
Just like that, the Pill Bug was shattered to pieces until it disappeared.

Masatsugu immediately stopped and turned to the ordinary woman who screamed.

“It’s dangerous here, please go as far as possible.”
“Thank, thank you very much …….”
“No problem, protecting the lives of citizens is the adventurer’s job.”

After lifting and carrying the woman to a safe place, Masatsugu returned to the battlefield.

Despite saying those caustic words,
can we protect Japan?

“……There is one more thing, let’s take a step.”


【Stampede】 “Let’s Be” Information Counter 【The 30th Group】

512 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
The new relay station is short of hands, some entrances in various places have no barricade!
Please the team in the surrounding area who have the spare power to send their members.

513 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
I’m now heading to Saitama.
Please hold till then.

514 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
Here is Kanagawa.
I’m sorry.
It seems like we can’t send anyone.

515 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
Here is Chiba.
It’s the same here.
Monsters from the sea come to the shore.

516 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
Does Self Defence Group still not depart!?

517 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
It seems like it will still take some time for support to arrive.

518 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
This is too fatal…….
How about the others?

519 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
Here is Nagano.
Here is still quite stable.

520 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
The condition of Kagawa here is very bad.
One by one where the noodle factory is destroyed!!

521 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
>> 520 O, ooh…
Is it okay?

522 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
Damn it, it’s surely not okay~!
But no matter what, we must overcome it!

523 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
Sorry, be strong.
Future udon is in your hands.

524 Name: Nameless Japanese Defensc Force
Leave it to us!

525 Name: Masatsugu ★
Here is Hokkaido.
The condition here is stable.
The number of adventurers here is enough to hunt safely.

526 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
>> 525 Wait!

527 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
How come Masatsugu-san is there……!?

528 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
Isn’t he in the new relay station!?
It’s very dangerous.
Then, here will send people even though it is rather forced.

529 Name: Masatsugu ★
I’m sorry everyone.
It’s okay even if it’s just a few people.
Please lend your energy.

530 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
>> 529 Okay!

531 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
>> 529 Roger!
After this end, I will apply for marriage to my girlfriend!

532 Name: Nameless Japanese Defence Force
>> 531 Please stop your flag ~ Ha ha ha

533 Name: Masatsugu ★
Now everyone.
Let’s save Japan!!

Chapter end

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 22 part 2

Translator: LN&WN Warrior
Editor: –

* Katsu katsu *
* Shara shara *
Inside the dungeon, besides the sound of small vibrations, there was also a strange sound.

Different from usual, the uncomfortable aura in the dungeon seemed to increase in his chest.
It felt like getting lost in a cemetery in the middle of the night.

Even though nothing happened, that aura alone could stiffen his body.

Meanwhile, Haruki took out the Skill Board.

Karaboshi Haruki (27) Gender: Male
Skill Point (s): 1 → 2
Class: Swordsman

– Vitality
Stamina 0
Natural Recovery 0

– Strength
Strength 1

– Agility
Quickness 1
Dexterity 1

– Technique
Armor Proficiency
One-Hand Sword 1
Throwing 0
Light Armor 0
Stealth 0
Imitating 0

– Intuition
Detection 0

– Special
Growth Acceleration 3

Because yesterday he went to the 5th floor, the remaining skill points increased to 2.

What would he do with those points?
He has decided it.

Haruki increased a skill by 1 point.
The remaining 1 point was a backup.
Just in case a formidable enemy appeared, Haruki intended to increase the quickness skill and run away with all his might.

To erase his presence, Haruki moved forward while not wearing his mask.
Currently, the gate couldn’t be used.
It seems that the gate had a mechanism that prevented use if a Stampede occurred.

As he moved forward, it didn’t take long for the vibration to increase.
It seemed like the monsters that caused stampede – Monsters Rampage was getting closer.

Haruki has his waist dropped and held his breath.
He put down his bag and took a position.

“……They come!”

The the monsters came into view.
Haruki’s heart began to beat violently.
It sent hot blood all over his body.

The monsters were Raccoons, Onions, House Centipedes, and monsters that he never saw, the Wolves.

The name of the wolf is Silver Wolf.
The dagger used by Haruki was made using materials from that monster.

Even though Haruki was in front of them, the monsters didn’t seem to notice him.
At that time, he was grateful from the bottom of his heart for his air-like presence.
If all the monsters could see him, Haruki would run away with all his might.


Pausing for a moment, Haruki pulled out a vase from his bag.
It was the magic tool dropped by the BOSS he had defeated a few days ago.

Haruki tried to remove his presence as much as possible so as not to be found by monsters.
He held the vase with one hand and threw its contents as strong as he could.


*Poof* The sound of the flesh burst open when the head of a raccoon was destroyed.

“It works!”

That’s what Haruki believed.
He took up a bullet with his left hand, and threw it with his right hand using all his might.

Haruki silently threw his improvised bullets one by one into the monster forces in front of him.
Vanguards of the Monsters Rampage were still 30 meters ahead, but even at that distance, Haruki struck one monstrous head after another.

The skill improved by Haruki was [Throwing].
It was only increased by 1 point, but the bullets’ accuracy was uncanny.
He felt like a professional baseball pitcher.
He didn’t miss the mark.

But, does the accuracy increase like this just because of 1 point?

“……Could it be because of this bullet?”

The bullet Haruki is currently throwing is one of the hard stones which the BOSS dropped along with the vase.
The potato-like appearance made it suitable for throwing.

Plus, he won’t run out of bullets because of the magic tool’s function.
He was like a turret.

When Akane appraised these potato-like stones, she didn’t deny that they could be magic tools.
For him to be able to hit his targets just because his Throwing skill increased by 1 point seemed unlikely; it seemed like the magic tool had the Throwing+1 effect.

Anyway, that was the most optimal condition.
Haruki flung those potato-like bullets one after another.

His left hand took it, while his right hand adjusted and threw it.
The accuracy and speed increased.

In 1 second 4 bullets were thrown, and 4 heads were destroyed.
Well, Silver Wolves couldn’t be defeated with one strike.

They made a *kyain* sound, even though their heads were hit by those bullets, but there was no sign that they would die.
Therefore, he throws 2 bullets against a wolf.
If it hasn’t died, he would throw 3 bullets.

One by one the potato-like stones were cast.
Thirty meters ahead lay a pile of monsters’ corpses and potatoes.

Even though he erased his presence, Silver Wolves still realized his presence.
It seems like they could smell his body. He couldn’t take care of his bullets if they were attacking.
Haruki decided to attack the wolves.

Raccoons and House Centipedes didn’t seem to notice Haruki because their sensing organs were weak.
It seemed like it was better to focus on the wolves and leave the other monsters alone.
The defensive line could easily handle the lower level monsters.

He did not attack Onions at all.
If they were attacked, tears would make his opportunity to attack disappear.

Raccoons, Onions, and House Centipedes.
The defensive line can definitely overcome such monsters.

He continued to throw, throw, throw, throw, and throw those potatoes.
Pick from the vase, throw, and smash monster heads, pick another up, throw, and smash, smash, smash!

Haruki saw only wolves, for only they were aware of him.

He concentrated and gathered his awareness so as not to miss the slightest movement of their muscle fibers.
Which monster approached Haruki faster?
He makes sure those things happen in 0.1 of a second.

The brain became faster.
The body overheated.
The adrenaline increased.

Laughing, laughing, laughing.

“Ha, haha …… hahaha!”

Haruki laughed.

The smartest wolves were sometimes able to approach Haruki.
However, their wisdom, goals, and muscles’ contractions could be seen by him.

It was a battle between wolf intelligence and Haruki’s eyes.

By thinking quickly and adjusting to his enemies’ changing tactics, his body, chest, and feelings increased.

“Uwoooooooo !!”

Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire! By using adrenaline, he overcame the side effects of level-up sickness.
Without realizing it, a pile of corpses composed only of wolves grew taller 30 meters ahead.

Around him, there was no presence of another monster.
Were they not coming any more, or have they crossed to another road…?

“No, there is no other passage.”

In fact, there was only one road to the surface.
They would not be able to go to the surface through another road.

Therefore, Haruki chose to interrupt this path.

Monsters would spread if he interrupted other passages. Monsters certainly couldn’t subjugate them quickly even though this method of attack was used.  (PN: Having trouble with this, I think Haruki is saying that he’s chosen the right battlefield and tactic for the situation.)

If it was inside a narrow passage, the throw could be easily adjusted.
In addition, there was a potato (stone) in his hand that would never run out even if thrown.
That was truly an extraordinary condition.

Moreover, monsters’ corpses could become a barricade.
It could slow down their advancement speed.

At that moment it appeared in Haruki’s mind, it was a small light that connected to the best future.

This battle between monstrous numbers and violent efforts ended with Haruki’s victory.
He put his vase in a bag and rested.


Maybe because the stress has lessened, he felt his stomach begin to move.
It might be the result of forcing himself to overcome the level-up sickness.

“Ah, I feel sick …”

But, my feeling is good.

I want to sit and take a break like this.
When thinking like that, Haruki’s muscles suddenly felt sweaty.

He immediately raised his butt that was lowered to the floor.
As he felt there were no other problems, Haruki carefully took out the Skill Board.

Chapter end


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