Let’s be an Adventurer! 24

Let’s Protect our Beloved Town!



“The monsters are here!!”


The voice shouted. And with that, the Self-Defense Group that was surrounding the barricade raised their weapons.

Weapons—there were some long swords and bows.

However, the majority of them were carrying shovels.


The Self-Defense group were not anti-monster specialists.

They were a group that dealt with all kinds of disasters in order to protect their homeland.


Sometimes it was a landslide and other times they carried sandbags to deal with a flood.

And a shovel was the tool they usually used.


In a way, the shovel was like their main weapon.


Karen watched them as they raised their shovels. She cooly assessed the situation.


The monsters that were appearing from the dungeon were only tanukis and house centipedes.


The house centipedes were easy enough to defeat.

The tanukis would be a little more difficult.


Or so she thought, but after she observed their movements, she decided that it would not be a problem.


This was because the Self-Defence Group was a lot stronger than Karen had anticipated.

A tanuki wouldn’t stand a change if two or three of them attacked it at once.


And so Karen decided to focus on the monsters that got passed the line.


That being said, Karen could not use magic when she was out of the dungeon.

While her level was rising little by little, she still wasn’t confident with attacking with her staff.


In fact, Karen had been relying entirely on magic up until now.

She should have predicted that this would happen and trained herself to be able to fight with a staff as well.


However, there was no point in regretting it now.

The stampede had already begun.


Just as before, only the house centipedes and tanukis were coming out of the dungeon.


What happened to the onion monsters on the second floor?

Had they been eaten before they could get here?


Karen wondered about this as she watched the monsters appear.


“It’s strange…”


She noticed it after about five minutes after the monsters started to appear.


Stampedes were like monster parades that happened in the outside world.

And yet the monsters were coming out of the dungeon in such small numbers.


The Self-Defense Group and the residents of Parapara were all gathered here.

And yet it seemed like they were purposely coming out in small numbers that could be quickly killed. Like it was some kind of eating contest. It was clearly strange.

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