124 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 124


Let’s Talk It Out With Kagemitsu!



“Yo, Air!”

“Good evening, Mr. Kagemitsu.”


The moment Kagemitsu showed up, the interior of the armor store became a little brighter.

This is the influence of a presence powerhouse!!


On the other hand, the light seemed to have become a little dimmer where Haruki was standing…

Nonono, I’m just standing in the corner.

I’m just standing in the corner, I tell you!




That lighting was like a warm welcome. Haruki rumbled with jealousy at the strength of Kagemitsu’s presence.


“Let’s talk outside, Air.”

“Sure. Thank you very much.”


Haruki bobbed his head at the clerk as they left the store.

When he raised his head, for some reason the clerk seemed to be looking at Haruki with a piercing gaze.


As soon as they left the store, Haruki felt as if the bright light that Kagemitsu had emanated just a few moments had turned into a shadow that was cast over the two of them.

What happened?


“We’ve got a problem, Air.”

“A problem?”


Haruki tilted his head to the side.


“Is the Dungeon Lord too strong or something like that?”

“Ah, no, it’s not that. We haven’t been able to get into the dungeon at all.”

“You haven’t been able to get into the dungeon?”


Haruki’s doubts grew deeper.

He couldn’t see what Kagemitsu was trying to say.


“It’s the Self-Defense Force… They’ve blocked the ticket gate.”

“Huh? The Self-Defense Force did what?”

“I’d like for us to settle this with our own strength.”


Kagemitsu spoke with a bitter smile across his face.

His face looked as if his nose had caught the stench of old garbage.


“I don’t get it… The reason we came here in the first place was that we’ve been asked to come deal with the Dungeon Lord, right?”


Haruki was worried that the request had been invalid all along since the Self-Defense Force had blocked the dungeon’s entrance.

However, Kagemitsu shook his head.


“The request is perfectly valid. I’ve asked around and learned that Ichibishi is involved”

“I see. But then, why can’t you enter the dungeon?”

“It’s a different department. The Self-Defense Force is in a different department from the one where the request to defeat the Dungeon Lord came from. That’s why there’s such a conflict.”

“Ah, I see.”


Is it like a printing company where sales and production are different departments?

Haruki finally understood the meaning of Kagemitsu’s words.


The reason why they couldn’t build a cooperative relationship despite sharing the same purpose is that there wasn’t a consensus.

In that case…


“What if we fight under the Self-Defense Force’s command?”


“The moment that unique-species monster is defeated, the request will be cleared, right? We don’t have to be the ones delivering the final blow anyway.”


Thankfully, this request will be deemed cleared as soon as they can verify that the Dungeon Lord was defeated.

In this case, leaving command of the situation and fighting under the Self-Defense Force could be a good idea as well.


“I guess that could work.”

“And even if we aren’t the ones to defeat it, we’ll still get paid as long as they can verify it’s gone.”


An evil smile appeared in Haruki’s face.


“Oh, you’re quite wicked, Air.”

“Hehehe. Not as bad as you, Kagemitsu.”


The two let out a nasty laughter.

However, both of them became serious instantly at the same time.


“But are we really okay with that?”

“Hmm. We’re adventurers after all.”

“How can we call ourselves adventurers if all we’d be doing would be watching them do their best?”


It was impossible to put one’s life at stake and hunt monsters with “normal” nerves.

When one has a normal job and earns normal money, and really needs a monster defeated, one can simply use that money to hire someone to hunt it down for them.


I can’t stay still while a monster is right in front of me.

I can’t calm down unless I fight it.

I have to have an adventure.

That’s how adventurers are.


And there are those who use adventuring as a means to give their life away for a purpose…


Haruki and Kagemitsu were similar in that regard.

There was no way they could just stay there watching silently, relying on others to do their job for them.


“Well then, to be under their command would mean to be in charge of logistical support. Would it be alright to stay low, and come to the front as soon as things get too dangerous?”


Kagemitsu’s idea had the goal to reduce their presence during the fight.


“Nonono, we’ll just pretend we’re under their command, and then we jump in and defeat the monster instantly. How about that?”


On the other hand, Haruki’s idea had the goal to increase their presence.





Haruki and Kagemitsu were similar.

However, their goals were different, and as such, their opinions would be against each other’s best interests.

For a while, the two stared at each other with crackles and sparks jumping in between their gaze.


“Either way, I’d like to go to the Headquarters of the Self-Defense Force tomorrow.”

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