124 Part 2

“Yeah. It would be a good idea to try to talk to them again and decide what to do from there.”


While still scowling at each other, both agreed on what to do next.


“By the way, Air…”

“Huh? What’s with the suspense?”

“We’re adventurers, right? I was thinking we could go explore the (night) city of Hakodate.”

“… Hah! I see. I would expect no less from you, Kagemitsu. You seem to understand adventuring pretty well.”

“Ah, but not as much as you, Air.”

“Heheh, I’m no match for you, Kagemitsu.”


Ehehe. Uhehe.

Both of them had a nasty smile on their faces.

Of course, what they meant with the “night” city was to spend “some” time in “some” bar with “some” young ladies.


Both Kagemitsu and Haruki had women on their teams.

Both had their chances to spend time with their teams, but not so much to go out and enjoy the night in the city.


Especially Haruki, who was based in K-town.

K-town did have its night scene, but the bars there were filled with nothing but old ha– err, very experienced women.

Of course, Haruki didn’t really feel like going to those places.


However, Hakodate had a larger population than K-town.

There had to be some place that had more appealing young ladies to offer.


“Do you know any good place, Kagemitsu?”

“Hmph. Who do you think I am, Air? I’ll have you know that the name of “Top Ranker of Hokkaido” isn’t just for show.”




With nasty smiles on their faces, the two hungry wolves walked towards the pink-colored back alleys of Hakodate.


The place where Kagemitsu had brought Haruki was definitely one that had some interesting young ladies working there.

They went through the door while trying really hard to not look like the hungry wolves that they were.


After they took a seat at the sofa in a corner of the room, a young lady sat close to Haruki, but not close enough to come in contact with his body.


This young lady was in her late twenties or probably in her early thirties. Of course, she had a nice body, and she was dressed in a way that highlighted her nice body.




Haruki found himself kneading the wet towel at the table while trying to keep himself composed.


“Looks like quite an expensive place.”

“It is quite expensive. They serve proper sake here.”


After liquor became a high-class, luxury item, it gradually disappeared from stores and bars.

The only places that barely had any liquor left were high-end clubs, and most of the rest of them couldn’t offer much other than juice.


In other words, this was one of those luxury clubs.

Is this really okay?

Haruki was worried about his wallet.


“Don’t worry about it. Tonight’s on me!”

“T-Thanks, Kagemitsu! You’re such a cool guy!”

“I know, right? Hehehe…”


Haruki was flattering Kagemitsu with a silent gesture of “hooray”.

The young lady nimbly took their glasses and poured mizuwari from an earthen bottle.


When the mizuwari was served, Kagemitsu opened his mouth.


“By the way, Air.”


What happened with his jolly attitude?

Contrary to the fickle Haruki, Kagemitsu’s voice sounded deeply serious.


“What are your team’s plans for the future?”

“Plans for the future?”

“Do you have any goals as a team?”

“Hmm… No.”


I have a personal goal.

Haruki was desperately eager to increase his presence.

However, he hadn’t set any goals as a team.


“Sorry, maybe you were expecting me to have some kind of team goal…”

“No need to apologize. Even if you haven’t set any goals as a team, if the team is going well, then it’s all good. If you try to force a goal, it might end up being seen as a job, and that’s only going to lead to stress.”

“I see…”


Kagemitsu was right.

Trying to force a goal into a team would most likely cause the opposite effect from the one intended.


“If you don’t have any goals as a team, then why don’t you come join forces with Aerial?”

“… Huh?”


Haruki was stunned by Kagemitsu’s words.

An intermediate adventurer like Haruki, joining forces with the advanced Aerial?


Moreover, the offer came from Kagemitsu, from Aerial itself.

Not from Haruki.


Haruki was honestly glad about hearing that.

He was happy to know that even though he was of a lower rank than him, the offer had come from him and not the other way around.


But on the other hand, he couldn’t help but ask himself “why me?”


One possible reason could be Karen’s magic, which Kagemitsu had learned of during the battle with the deer’s rare species.

If he wanted her on his team, he could risk giving way to conflict with Haruki.

Was Kagemitsu trying to get his entire team so that that wouldn’t happen?


(He couldn’t have noticed the Skill Board, could he…?)


Haruki had taken out his Skill Board twice while Kagemitsu was around.

The first one was during the battle with the Lizardman. The second one was during the battle with the deer’s rare species.


During the battle with the Lizardman, Kagemitsu had his back turned at him, and when they were fighting against the deer’s rare species, Haruki had taken off his mask and used his Skill Board in secrecy.


So maybe he does want Karen in his team?

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