133 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 133


Let’s Get Out Of The Confinement Room!



“…It’s done.”



After taking off his mask in order to return to the confinement room, Haruki put it back on and tried to make a report of the situation, but everyone in front of him got ready for battle as soon as they saw him, causing Haruki to raise his hands panickingly.


“What are you doing, Air? Don’t scare us like that!”

“I wasn’t trying to scare you at all!”


Kagemitsu’s sighing made Haruki’s voice tremble.

Due to that matter with the Self-Defense Force, their reaction pierced deeply through his heart.


Haruki did sneak into the room, but he wasn’t trying to scare anyone.

He only sneaked into the room because he thought it would be a hassle if they were to find someone who was supposed to be in the room outside. It was only natural to do so.


“Besides, it’s not like I teleported into this room or anything. Didn’t you notice when I opened the door?”



Kagemitsu started to answer, but couldn’t finish.

It really looked like he hadn’t noticed at all.


Why did the presence of every single one of his actions disappear whenever he took off that mask?

If his stealth level were maxed out, would he be able to walk this entire building without anyone noticing him merely by existing?

Such thoughts got him really anxious.


“You’ve taken your sweet time, Air. What have you been up to? …Don’t tell me, you…!?”

“Hmm? Ah, yeah, I went there… Is something the matter?”

“Umm… Wait, give me a moment.”


Kagemitsu grimaced and took a hand to his forehead.

It was as if he had the most terrible headache.


“I have a lot of questions… But okay. First of all, what did you do?”


What did he not do?

Haruki pouted.


“I defeated the Dungeon Lord.”



Everyone reacted in unison after hearing Haruki’s words.

What are you all so surprised about?


Haruki seemed to be puzzled for a moment…




…And then, he remembered.


Once he got out of the room, Haruki was supposed to find a way to help Karen and Team Aerial escape.


Kagemitsu hadn’t told him to go defeat the Dungeon Lord all by himself.

In other words, defeating the Dungeon Lord was not part of Kagemitsu’s plan.


To make things worse, he even told him that what pushed him to do it wasn’t that “it was the best for us all”, but that “he couldn’t help himself as soon as he saw the lumpfish”.


(…Whoops. What kind of excuse is that!?)


The blood on Haruki’s head plummeted to his feet, leaving him completely pale.

Kagemitsu put his brawny arm around Haruki’s neck.


“…You can tell us all about it, right, Air?”



Trembling, Haruki sat on the spot and started talking about the battle he fought alongside the Self-Defense Force.

Of course, he didn’t bring up the fact that he had used the Skill Board as well.


“…And that’s how we succeeded in defeating the lumpfish.”



Haruki’s explanation was met with 6 sighs.

He found himself shrinking more and more with each sigh.


Out of those 6 sighs, only the ones from Kagemitsu and Karen sounded like they actually believed in Haruki’s story. The other four sighs had a hint of doubt mixed with them.


“So, how strong was that unique-species Dungeon Lord?”

“I’d say it was as strong as a Werewolf. But its attacks felt rather bland compared to a Werewolf. His attack patterns were easy to predict, so I believe any intermediate adventurer should be able to deal with it. But its vitality was truly something else. And since it was really big, that made its ramming attack a bit of a problem.”


Being unable to read the monster’s attack, they were blown away as if run over by a truck, and sustained major injuries.


“A-About as strong as a Werewolf…! And you were able to keep the Self-Defense Force safe. Those guys are far from the level of an intermediate adventurer, they’re more like beginners, right?”


Kagemitsu’s observations were on point, and in fact, the level of the Self-Defense Force was approximately good enough to defeat a Silver Wolf in Chikaho with some effort.


The Self-Defense Force always struggled with anything stronger than a Werewolf.

In fact, if Haruki hadn’t used his Skill Board, they would have most certainly been annihilated before he arrived at the 5th floor.


He couldn’t talk about the Skill Board, but he didn’t give them some kind of explanation about what caused them to withstand attacks stronger than they should have, some eyebrows would start to get raised pretty quickly.

After some consideration, Haruki started to explain.


“One of them had pretty good commanding skills.”


As a matter of fact, Enomoto’s Command skill was exceptionally effective in keeping the Self-Defense Force members alive.

So Haruki had Enomoto act as a scapegoat in order to dodge Kagemitsu’s questions.


“Maybe that was some kind of Enlightenment Skill. That’s why he was so good at commanding.”

“…Yeah. If it was some kind of Enlightenment Skill, they should have been able to hold their ground with it.”


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