133 Part 2

“I see…”

“So Command is a skill that bolsters others’ ability to show better results?”

“That could be it. It might be quite limited, but it seems to be the type of skill that would come in very handy in a Raid Battle.”


Team Aerial was discussing to their heart’s content.

Their conversation was already set on the premise that Haruki’s story was to be believed.


Haruki was relieved to hear that.


“Well done, Air. Thanks to you, many of the lives of the members of the Self-Defense Force have been saved. This was the best possible outcome. There’s no doubt about that. Thank you for fighting the Dungeon Lord in our stead.”


Kagemitsu bowed at Haruki with a face so serious that it couldn’t be compared to his usual expression.

It was so sincere that it made Haruki stand up straight unconsciously.


Haruki silently accepted Kagemitsu’s praise, and kept it close to his chest.


This battle could be documented as if Haruki hadn’t done anything at all.

There was a possibility that it could be made to look as if the lumpfish was defeated by the Self-Defense Force alone.

Still, with the smile of the Self-Defense Force members and Kagemitsu’s sincerity, he really didn’t need anything else.


That’s because Haruki wasn’t that attached to the idea of being the one saving people’s lives.

He was just glad they were saved.

Even if someone were to take the credit for saving someone’s life, the truth that their life wasn’t lost wouldn’t change.


Haruki didn’t want to be famous.

He didn’t want to be rich, either.


He would be content with just having a strong presence.


This time around, he felt he was able to truly convey his presence to the Self-Defense Force, even if it was for a brief moment.


No matter how angry or disappointed he got…

His presence was recognized.

Just because of that response…

Haruki was glad he had an adventure, and he was glad he did his best.

He was truly happy.


While he was talking with Kagemitsu, Haruki heard some heavy footsteps approaching from the other side of the corridor.


That person stopped in front of the door, and started squealing loudly.


“Why is this door unlocked!?”


Hearing that voice, Haruki thought “He finally showed up”.

Needless to say, it was Yoshioka who opened the door.


“You criminals! Did you get out of here!?”

“Hey, hey! What are you talking about? When exactly did we get out?”

“Don’t play dumb! The door was unlocked!!”

“We were just taking a break here! So what if the door was unlocked? Could it be that you were planning to lock that door? To keep us in here? Don’t tell me you wanted to be able to say that the Self-Defense Force, who are in charge of protecting Hakodate, had kept some adventurers under house arrest?”


Hearing Kagemitsu’s words, Yoshioka went pale and started mumbling.

There was no doubt that the one who ordered for them to be locked up had been Yoshioka.


However, if Yoshioka were to confess that he had secretly had them locked up, it would have some serious implications.


If he confessed, he wouldn’t be able to play dumb and say that one of his subordinates locked them up on their own accord.

Knowing that, thick cold sweat started pouring down Yoshioka’s forehead.



“Looks like the cat is out of the bag. Well, I guess this break has taken long enough. We should get going soon.”

“Got it.”





Following Kagemitsu, the members of Team Aerial walked towards the door.

Yoshioka stood in front of the door, as if still trying to keep them inside.

But then, as Kagemitsu gave off a bit of his presence, Yoshioka found himself turning pale again and backing off.


Was Yoshioka trying to get Kagemitsu to lay a hand on him so he could arrest him once again, this time for obstruction of an official’s duty?


To begin with, it was pointless to keep them locked in now that the Dungeon Lord had been defeated.

It was an useless struggle.


They started to leave the room, watching Yoshioka’s actions.

At that moment…




His eyes were bloodshot and his mouth was overflowing with froth. The rabid Yoshioka tried to grab Haruki with his bare hands.


That instantly flipped Haruki’s switch.

His consciousness focused, summarized, and a single second turned into an eternity.


Too slow.

In Haruki’s eyes, Yoshioka was moving frame-by-frame.

The difference in ability was abysmal.

Even if Yoshioka were to grab onto his arms with all his strength, Haruki would probably not feel anything at all.


He could easily avoid his attempt at an attack.

But he felt as if avoiding it would actually worsen the situation.


So, what am I to do…?

As Haruki was getting bored of thinking about what to do about it, Karen got in the way between Yoshioka and him.


He was about to say “Ah!”, but it was too late.


Yoshioka’s hand had touched Karen instead.

At that moment…




Karen showed a smile that could freeze the very soul.

That smile made the enraged Yoshioka feel an intense pressure.




Suddenly, her staff had glowed, and the wall of the hallway that was about 3 meters away in front of them was blown away.

Surprised by the sound, Maat left Haruki’s shoulder and took to the skies.

“Can we… leave?”



“R… Right…”


Visibly sweating bullets, Yoshioka quickly turned away from Karen, and ran away down the hallway while yelling a wimpy-sounding “Eeeeek!”


“Yeah, she’s definitely part of Air’s team.”


Haruki wondered if the deep feelings of sympathy the rest of Team Aerial showed the moment Kagemitsu blurted that out hadn’t been only in his imagination…

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