Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 27

Let’s Walk Towards Tomorrow!



Haruki felt quite exhausted after Shibasaki’s lecture. Still, he brought the monster corpse over to Akane.


“I don’t know how much of this can be used, but please take it apart for me.”

“Fine. But it will cost you, alright?”



He had predicted that she would charge him.

Haruki drew in his chin.


If he was stingy and tried to save the money by doing it himself, he would risk ruining the valuable parts.


While these monsters were the enemy of mankind, as long as he was taking their lives, he wanted to treat them with respect.


Of course, Haruki wasn’t just going to watch while she worked.

He was going to stand next to Akane and learn how to take apart a wolf.

This was so if he happened across such a monster again in the future, he would be able to do it himself.


She was able to take the fangs and fur from the Werewolf.

If reinforced, the fangs could be made into a stronger weapon than the black dagger he had first purchased from Akane. And so Haruki used one of two fangs to order a dagger.


He would sell the other fang.


As for the fur, he would have a robe made for Karen.


That being said, it was likely that Karen could not even equip a Werewolf robe yet.

Haruki himself may not be able to equip the Werewolf blade.


That meant he would have to focus on leveling up before his order was complete.


“Thank you for ordering! Hehe! Now my store feels a little more secure!”


You could buy a Werewolf dagger in a Sapporo store for about 1,000,000 yen. But since he had the materials, it was cheaper. Even then, it was 400,000 yen.

As for Karen’s robe, that was 300,000 yen.


Haruki paid for it all in a single installment.

Thanks to this, his wallet felt very empty.


“Oh, poor Mister Air. How much money do you have? Really, how much? Hehehe! Well, work hard and make more money. Or I won’t be able to sell my products! Ahahahahahahaha!”


A blue vein popped up on Haruki’s forehead.


Very well. It was war.


Haruki moved quickly towards the dungeon, where the barricade had been repaired.

And then one hour passed.


“A-are you kidding me, Air? Please tell me that you are! What’s this? Why are there so many materials here!? Ahahaha! Air is trying to take all of my moneeeeey!”


Akane shouted loudly as tears poured out of her eyes.


“That’s not a nice way of putting it. I’m not stealing anything. I’m just selling you some materials.”


What he had given to Akane were materials he had cut out of the Silver Wolves, Black Racoons, and Centipedes he had killed during the stampede.

He had quickly carved up the corpses that hadn’t been absorbed by the dungeon yet, and brought them to Akane’s store as a slap in the face.


His order was 700,000 yen in total.

And the materials he brought in now were worth 1,350,000 yen.



“N-no. Not that! You can’t!?”

“Hah… I saw ‘Let’s be an Adventurer’!!!”



That was a 5% bonus on the price!

So the total was 1,417,500 yen.


“That’s my revenge!”



This is what happened when you declared war on others without thinking about it properly.

You should only do it when you know for sure that you will not lose.


“Besides, aren’t you just going to process and sell them anyway? I don’t see how this would affect you negatively?”


If she lost money doing that, I don’t see how she could even keep this place running.

It would have also been pointless to put advertisements on ‘Let’s be an Adventurer’ in order to increase customers.


“You, I’m really pretty, aren’t I?”

“Do you want to be punched!”

“I’m against violence!”


She said as she quickly covered her head.

If you’re going to back down so quickly, don’t say such horrible things in the first place.


“Before coming here, I had a fight with the branch manager of a shop that buys materials. So I have fewer customers to sell them to now.”

“You reap what you sow.”



So, she had fought with the manager of the Sapporo store.

However, both places were part of a much larger company. Shunning certain sales routes for personal reasons seemed like it would be bad for the company.


…Well, considering the person involved…

The manager probably couldn’t stand her attitude any longer.


“Well, good luck. Branch manager.”

“Heeey! Help me!”

“Aren’t you supposed to be shrewd? I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”



She said childishly.


As an aside, the monsters that the police and firefighters killed were in bad condition, and so their materials could not be sold.


As for Black Racoons, as they had not been processed at all, their meat was inedible as well.


Even after Haruki and Akane’s war had ended, the Self-Defense Group that had repaired the barricade continued their job of carrying the monster corpses into the dungeon.


Haruki watched as they were covered in monster blood and silently carried the corpses without complaining. He felt nothing but respect for them.


Dealing with the aftermath of a battle was hard work…


[The road to being noticed]


‘After the Stampede.’


Hello, I’m Air. (^o^)


I heard that a lot of stampedes occurred in different places today.

There was one in my town as well.


Yes, right in front of my eyes! ヽ(´Д`;)ノ Oh, no!


But I was able to use a magic tool that had been useless before, and I defeated the monster!


And that’s when I encountered a monster called a Werewolf. (>_<)

The stampede boss!


It was scary!

Super scary!


But I still did my best! (^ ^)v


A lot of horrible things happened to people during these stampedes.

I keep wishing that I can turn back time to when it was yesterday.


Are you perhaps on your knees and suffering from deep sadness?

Are you shedding tears?

Are you in pain?


If you are drowning in sorrow, I am incredibly sorry.

It means that we Adventurers were not able to do enough.


We who have survived will save our strength for the next time this happens.

And of course, I will become much stronger as well.


So that next time, there will be no casualties.

This is the future we strive for.


And so to all of you who cry on your knees, I say, raise your heads and take in a deep breath.

We have a future to protect…



[Serious] Stampede Postmortem Session Venue 13(Prostrate)


984 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

This information about stopping stampedes by killing the boss should be used for the next one.


985 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

But, how?

A monster parade assault within the dungeon would be really tough, you know?


986 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

We’ll think about it a little at a time, okay?

Maybe we can use grenades. Though, they are expensive.


987 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

As long as the dungeon doesn’t get angry.

If it sees it as an attack, the monsters might get a power-up. That’s no joke.


988 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

That may be true.

But what then?

Just waiting outside will result in more casualties.


989 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

Sorry for interrupting you.

But there is something that bothers me. Do you mind?


990 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

Say it.

What is it?


991 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

Do you really believe that someone who was struggling against centipedes last month would be able to kill a Werewolf?


992 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

In his dreams!

Yes, dreams.


993 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

But it’s not a dream.

It was in a blog post.

I thought it was a lie.


994 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

Shouldn’t such dangerous lies be reported on?

Is he trying to take advantage of this stampede? Scum.

He clearly just wants attention.


995 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

Well, this guy also got through the monster parade and defeated the boss.

So I thought we might learn something.


996 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

Well, if we’re going to take this seriously,

If you were a newcomer who was having trouble with centipedes,

It would take maybe 1 year to be able to beat a Werewolf?


Maybe you could do it in 6 months if you stayed in the dungeon for 10 hours a day.

Or even shorter if you had the dungeon to yourself?


But then again, those monsters are dangerous because each one has a different fighting style.

So I don’t think the chances of winning would be high.


I know I just wrote all of that, but I wouldn’t take him seriously.

If he really did kill it, he isn’t human.


997 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest


So I guess it is a lie after all.

It really wouldn’t happen normally.


998 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest

Yes, it’s ridiculous the more I think about it.

I’m angry that I accepted it so readily(Grrr)


999 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest


So, what’s happening in Shinjuku?


1000 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest


Read the whole thing.


Shinjuku was destroyed.


1001 Name: Nameless and Bowing the Lowest


You can no longer write in this Adventure Book.

Please move on to the next Adventure Book.




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