Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 28

Let’s Go Down the Garage Dungeon!



Haruki learned of the success of the ‘Chikaho’ stampede and the failure of the Shinjuku Station stampede at about the same time.


He had checked several of the ‘Let’s be an Adventurer!’ blogs to make sure, and it seemed to be true.


‘Shinjuku Station’ was the hardest dungeon in all of Japan, and they had failed to stop the stampede that came from it.


There were two main reasons that their defensive battle failed.

One was that the monsters came out of all 63 entrances.

And they were all monsters from the middle layer.


To make matters worse, Bacon, who was a high-ranker that was participating, had gone missing.


So even a ‘Let’s be an Adventurer’ ranker could not make it… What would happen to Japan now?

The blogs were filled with dark posts.



Still, the morning came no matter how bad the situation was.

The morning sunlight shone in the garden in front of Haruki’s house. It was so peaceful in spite of the situation at Shinjuku. It was an ordinary morning.


No matter how much Haruki worried about the destruction of Shinjuku, there wasn’t anything he could do as an Adventurer.


Haruki had only ever made it to the 5th level of this countryside dungeon. If he went to the Shinjuku dungeon, he would end up running straight back out.


If he wanted to help them take Shinjuku back, it would have to be after he got much, much stronger.


“Good morning, Karaboshi. Things seem really bad in Shinjuku, huh…”



He met up with Karen, and they talked while they got ready.

During their conversation, the subject of Shinjuku came up. It seemed that it was bothering her as well.


“…Doesn’t it both you too, Karaboshi?”

“Hmm. It’s not that I’m not worried.”

“But you seem very calm about it.”


Aren’t you scared?

Her eyes seemed to ask. Haruki chuckled as if he didn’t know what to say.


“Well, Masatsugu said something about joining the operation to liberate Shinjuku. So I think it should be fine.”


Masatsugu was the number 1 Ranker.

While Bacon might have more blog points, Masatsugu was way ahead in clear points for missions.


The others were all only a few thousand points apart, but the difference between 1st and 2nd was in the tens of thousands.


In other words, he was at the far top.

A Ranker with an unshakable position.


Masatsugu was always at the front lines with the team of conquerors and fighting against the strongest monsters. And he was going to act.

There was no reason for Haruki to be scared.


Even Karen, who had looked worried up until now, changed as soon as she heard the name. To Adventurers like them, he was a symbol of the strongest military might.


“Even if I was worried, there is no method of transportation for going there. And I wouldn’t be any help once I arrived.”



They were still weak.

Karen looked down when Haruki said this.


“So, we don’t even have the option of trying to help if we aren’t strong.”


“That’s why it isn’t my job to worry about Shinjuku now. My job is to get stronger.”



After encouraging Karen, Haruki used the gate in order to go to the 3rd underground floor.


Karen hadn’t reached the 4th floor yet.

And so he planned to reach the 5th floor on foot today.


They slaughtered the Black Racoons and killed the boss easily and reached the 4th floor.


As he walked down the stairs and the colors around them changed, Karen sighed in admiration.


“The emerald is so beautiful.”

“Yeah. But be careful. The monsters on this floor can blend in with the walls.”


You would notice easily enough if you paid attention, but since the potato monsters were the same color, it was possible to miss them if you let your guard down.


“See. That thing over there is a potato monster.”

“Huh? Where?”

“Straight ahead.”

“…Ah. I can see it! I can see it! You sure have good eyes, Karaboshi. I doubt I would have seen it if I was alone.”

“Your eyes are that bad?”



Karen’s shoulders drooped.


Apparently, the walls were making it a lot harder for her to see the monsters than Haruki had expected.


In fact, the reason he was able to see the hidden potatoes so well, was because Haruki’s eyes had been strengthened after all the plate-making work.


“Okay, I’ll show you how to fight it. You stand back and watch.”



Karen stood out of range as Haruki charged towards the potato monster.


That being said, Haruki didn’t attack it.

As for what he did do, he dodged the 40 or so potatoes that were launched towards him.


He crossed the line so that the potatoes would shoot towards him, and then he dodged them.

And once all of its ammunition had been used up, he stepped forward slowly. And then Haruki pulled out the stem of the potato.


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