After one mouthful, her eyes widened and tears began to fall.


“…It’s delicious!”


It was.

The sweetness of the freshly picked asparagus was concentrated in the soup.

It was also delicious if you grilled it, but the soup allowed the sweetness to melt.

And that was also great.


He had really wanted to make miso soup, but miso was too valuable. He barely had any left.

And so he had made a salt soup today, which took advantage of the flavor of his ingredients.

Thankfully, Karen really enjoyed it.


He had been disappointed that they had no sauce for the fried meat. But the wildness of the Silver Wolf actually went very well with the acidity in the plum salt.


This was quite good as well.


After that, they continued to eat silently.

It must have been especially delicious for Karen, because she was crying.

Haruki was also a little teary-eyed.




Once the meal was finished and Karen had gone home, Haruki headed to Rhea’s room.


“I’m back. I brought something really good with me today.”


Even though her husband had returned, Rhea ignored him icily.

Perhaps she was angry that he hadn’t visited her immediately?


“This is compost made from monsters. Can I put some inside?”


Hmph. Why don’t you, then? She responded.


Compost didn’t go well with every plant. If you weren’t careful, the plant might get sick or even die.

You couldn’t just dump anything inside.


Come on. Hurry up. Rhea tapped the soil.

Judging by her attitude, it seemed like the monster compost was at least not something that would have a negative effect on her.


As he slowly added it to the soil, Rhea’s leaves began to relax as if she were soaking in a hot bath.

Apparently, it was something that felt really good for her.




Suddenly, Rhea’s face (?) turned towards Haruki as if she had just realized something.


Rhea was staring at Haruki’s chest.

What was there?


He thought about it.


“Oh, do you want this…ah.”


He took out the magic stone that Mister Kitora had given him. It had been in his breast pocket.

And then Rhea moved quickly and snatched the stone from Haruki’s hand. Then she buried it in the ground.


I see. Rhea had wanted the ‘rare’ item.

He joked to himself.


He had named her after the goddess, but instead of ensuring a good harvest, she just took rare items from him…


If this continued, the ground below her would become like a treasure chest.

Well, even if they were rare items, they wouldn’t really be seen as useful to humans.


“Rhea. Aren’t you going to say thank you?”



It’s your fault for bringing me here!

Rhea’s leaves suddenly looked sharp.


Of course, he couldn’t make any excuses for his behavior. But that was a different matter.


“Rhea…how about a ‘thank you’?”



He continued to stare at her. Rhea finally gave in and shook her leaves up and down.


“That’s better.”


He petted her leaves. And then she started to slap his hands as if she found him annoying.




[Hardcore Force] Traverse the Dungeon at Fullpower! 156th Floor(Purveyor)


290 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

Has Masatsugu arrived at the location yet?


291 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

I don’t know. There’s no news about it.

He went in one of the swan-shaped paddle boats, so it might take some time.


However, it seems like things are heating up at the team house.

Maybe he’ll return soon.


292 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

Have all the volunteers for the recapture mission gathered together?

I would join too, if it meant I could fight alongside Masatsugu.


293 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

I don’t know.

After all, everyone over there are hardcore.

They may not let you go with them, in order to prevent information from getting leaked.


294 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner


Is this really the time to be moving as a single team, just because you want to protect some information?


295 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

Maybe they have information that is really important.

Like stuff about magic tools and enlightenment abilities.


296 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

Regardless, people will see it if they’re fighting in Shinjuku.


297 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

Maybe they’ll skip the weak monsters and head straight for the boss.


298 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner


That is definitely possible.


299 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

Well, there will be other teams fighting to take back Shinjuku.

So it’s no problem if they skip the weak monsters.


300 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

By the way, I heard that someone got lost in the dungeon.

Won’t someone go and rescue that person?


301 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

In Shinjuku?

Then just leave it to Masatsugu.

But I doubt there are even bones left.

If they’re lucky, then they just might be alive when they meet him.


302 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

No, apparently it’s in Chikaho.


303 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner




304 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

Hey, hey. That’s cold.

Does no one want to go and rescue this person?

You all talk about saving Japan and saving people.

But Adventurers are all talk, I see.


305 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

Are you stupid?


All Adventurers go dungeon crawling, fully aware of the dangers!

If you go inside, then you are responsible for yourself.

You have no right to complain to us!


You think other people should risk their lives just because you want to rescue someone?

Life’s not so easy!

We’re supposed to be working to help people, so asking for help is completely backward!


Just shut up and die if you’re going to inconvenience others!

That’s what it means to be an Adventurer!


306 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

>>305 What a samurai.

But you’re going too far.

If you want to help them, just go yourself.

And if you can’t do that, put out a quest?


307 Name: Go, Go Anonymous Frontliner

>>305 Sorry.

>>306 I see. Fine.


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