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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 33

Let’s Accept the Quest!



As they continued to hunt until the end of the week, Haruki observed a number of changes.


The first thing was that he was now able to steadily hunt 300 Silver Wolves a day.

Even if he wasn’t treating it like a time attack, he could get to 300. If he tried really hard, he could reach 350.

That’s how much Haruki’s base level had risen.


However, even if he forced himself to hunt more, it just meant there were more monsters that he couldn’t carve up.

It seemed like it would be more efficient to kill 1 strong monster than 3 Silver Wolves, even if it meant a little less experience.


Maybe it was time for him to descend.



The other thing was that Haruki and Karen’s skills were finally starting to rise naturally.


Karaboshi Haruki(27) Gender: Male

Skill Point: 3

Class: Swordsman



Stamina 1 → 2

Natural Recovery 0



Strength 1 → 2



Quickness 1

Dexterity 1 → 2



Weapon mastery

One-handed sword 1 → 2

Throwing 1

Light Armor 0 → 2

Conceal 1

Imitate 1



Detection 0



Growth Acceleration 3

Tame 0




Kurosaki Karen(18) Gender: female

Skill points: 3

Class: Spirit User



Stamina 0 → 2

Natural Recovery 0



Strength 0


-Magic Power

Magic Power 1

Magic Compatibility 1

Magic Manipulation 1 → 2



Quickness 0

Dexterity 0



Weapon Mastery

Blunt Weapon 0

Light Armor 0



Detection 0



Luck 1


Haruki’s stamina, strength, dexterity, one-handed sword, and light armor had all gained 1 point.

Karen’s stamina and magic manipulation went up by 1 point.


As Haruki was the advance guard, they had both gained in the appropriate categories. Though, he still felt the light armor had been a little slow.


As for Karen’s skills, ignoring the stamina, the reason that magic manipulation had gone up instead of magic power, was because she continued to avoid friendly fire while dealing with the high speed of the wolves.


While Karen was doing the main attacks, more of Haruki’s skills had gone up.

Karen should have been gaining more experience, considering the amount of damage she was dealing to the monsters, and so this was very strange.


Perhaps the Growth Acceleration also affected the growth of the skills.




Another thing that changed, was that Rhea had completely recovered her health.

All of her leaves, from the bottom to the top were now very lively.

Even the flower on her head seemed to be more vibrant in color now.


Was it because of the monster meat compost? Or was it the magic stone?

As for the magic stones, would the effect continue to grow stronger if he continued to bury them inside of the soil?

Considering the boss was able to shoot 100 potatoes, it seemed very possible.


That being said, this method of attack meant the unleashing of treasures.

It was quite tragic that the more they attacked, the weaker they got.



One thing that didn’t change at all, was Akane.

She didn’t seem well at all.



He visited the store after every hunt, but even today, she was not herself.

She would look at him with a serious expression and then sigh.



“…Here are the materials I want you to buy.”

“Very well. Put them on the counter.”

“Got it.”


That was all they seemed to say to each other now.

It was very boring.


“That’s 187,500 yen. Oh, that’s right. The carving knife that you ordered has arrived.”

“That’s really fast.”

“Yes. It was a special order, after all. The whetstones also arrived. Should I do it for you?”



The carving knife was made from the fang of a Silver Wolf.

While it was just for carving, it had the Ichibishi entry model logo on it.

The price was 100,000 yen.


As for the sharpness, it was about the same as the Silver Wolf knife he was currently using.

Of course, they had different purposes, and this was not for fighting.


Akane was now sharpening his knife with the whetstone. Haruki couldn’t quite tell if she was even looking at her hands as she worked.


Was she not concentrating? Or maybe she couldn’t?

But she was still doing the job.

When he put his finger on the blade, he easily sliced off a thin layer of skin. It felt brand new.


“How much do I owe you?”




As Akane was so slow to react, Haruki lost his patience and shouted.


“What the hell is going on? You’ve been acting strangely, you know? What happened to all that energy you once had?”

“…I’m not like that all the time.”

“I understand that, but you’ve been like this for long enough. It’s driving me crazy.”

“That’s not my problem. …Still, maybe you’re right. But if it bothers you so much, maybe you can listen to me.”


The way Akane talked made it sound like she didn’t have any hope.

What could possibly be bothering her so much?


The first thing he thought of was the store.

Perhaps Haruki was selling her too many materials and the store couldn’t handle it.


That would be no good for him as well.

If this store had to close, then he would have to travel all the way to Sapporo in order to sell materials and buy weapons and armor.



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