Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 36

Let’s Renew Our Resolve To Rescue!



The Silver Wolves on the 7th floor had fur that was slightly darker than the ones above.

And they also seemed slightly stronger to Haruki, once the fighting started.


“I see. So there is a slight change.”


Even though they were the same type of monster, there were changes between floors, such as suddenly grouping together or growing stronger.


Of course, this information was all in the WIKI, under ‘Important for Beginners! Basic Dungeon Knowledge.’


If the Silver Wolves on the 6th floor were Level 10, then they were 11 or 12 on the 7th floor.

So it was still a very small difference.


However, it could feel like a huge difference when three of them came at you all at once.

Even if you knew about it, you had to really experience it for yourself.




Haruki dodged the attacks as he observed the Silver Wolf’s dexterity and strength. The fact that both were raised caused Haruki’s eyes to shine.


Now, this was getting interesting!


He dodged their bites with some quick footwork.

He blocked the claws with his dagger.

And when they rammed into him, he kicked them from the side.


Over and over, he dodged their attacks, defended, and moved. Haruki laughed.


It was like he was playing with his pet dogs.

Oh, if only he could play like this for an hour!


“Karaboshi. Um… Can I attack them now?”

“Uh, yes. Yes.”


Haruki had gotten carried away with the dogs, but Karen’s shrill voice brought him back.

They had not come here to play. He needed to be careful.


And so Haruki kicked all three of them as hard as he could, and then stepped back.



“Got it!”


This time, she didn’t unleash too much magic.


A thin, white vein flew towards the Silver Wolves.



The magic hit them.

However, there was not enough power.

It did no damage.


“Too weak. Next!”


The Silver Wolves attacked and so he kicked them once again and gave the order.

But this time, it was a little too strong.


Karen unleashed three bolts of magic that blew up the heads and bodies of the Silver Wolves.


“…Well, your aim is improving.”


But the force was too strong.




Karen went pale as she saw the Silver Wolf guts splatter everywhere.


But Haruki had carved up their corpses many times in front of her…

How was she still not used to seeing this kind of gore?


Taking apart a corpse and taking apart a living creature.

Perhaps it was those two things that made a huge difference in her mind.


Still, they continued to make the Silver Wolves their practice targets.

After the fifth battle, Karen seemed to have gotten the hang of it. She was able to avoid hitting Haruki, even if he was in front of her. Or even if he was hit, she was able to avoid killing him.


“I’m sorry that it took me so long…”

“Really? I thought you were quite fast.”


If he was being honest, Haruki expected them to sacrifice about 10 to 15 wolf packs before she was able to control her attacks.

In fact, that was how long it took Haruki after he had raised his physical abilities.

(Though, he had only raised it by 1 point, so he hadn’t been as disoriented as Karen had been.)


The reason she was able to grasp it so quickly, was because she had worked hard to raise Magic Manipulation up to 2 by herself.

It was really important to not rely entirely on your skill.


“Karaboshi. Should we really be spending so much time on this?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“We’re always doing the same thing…”



Haruki realized what Karen was trying to say, and his chin drew back.

Indeed. They had come here to rescue Oiso Saika. And yet here they were, level grinding as if it were any other day.


Or at least, that’s what it looked like they were doing.


“I think I said this before, but there’s no point if the rescuers get lost. I understand that you’re impatient, but it’s necessary that we spend time here in order to save her for sure. We’ll be facing more than just Silver Wolves.”


They hadn’t met anything else on the 7th floor yet, but aside from the Silver Wolves, there were rare enemies known as ‘Owners.’


At this point, Silver Wolves were no threat to Haruki and Karen. However, these ‘Owners’ would be a different story. According to the WIKI information, it would be a tough battle.


Just thinking about it was enough to send a shiver down Haruki’s spine.


He wanted to fight them as soon as possible.

He wanted to find out how strong they were!


When would they appear…



They continued to explore the 7th floor while mapping, until it was four o’clock in the afternoon. Ultimately, they were not able to find Oiso or these ‘Owners.’


And so they decided to stop the search for now and head to the surface through the gate.


They would go to a store so that they could sell the Silver Wolf materials.

That being said, Haruki’s main goal was to find Oiso.

And so he had only gotten materials for 50 wolves.


They had actually fought many more than that, but Karen’s magic had blown them up into tiny pieces.


This was only a sixth of what they usually got.

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