Haruki felt dissatisfied by just how quickly he was able to take everything out of the bag.


…No, maybe it was because he wasn’t selling them to Akane?


When Haruki first appeared at the store, the clerk had shrieked in fear, but then, as if making a decision (or steeling herself), she nodded and got straight to work.


“As for the quote, we have fur and fangs. This is the total amount. Does this suit you?”


The total was 44,100 yen.


“And from here, we will give you an exclusive bonus.”


The clerk tapped on a calculator until the final number came out as 46,305 yen.

Haruki signed the papers and both of their cards were topped up with their share.


“Ah, Karaboshi. The product you ordered is completed, so please stop by the weapons and armor store next door.”

“Sure. …Wait, what?”



Could it be the Werewolf dagger?


No, it couldn’t be.

It hadn’t even been half a month since the stampede.

He had been told that it would take a full month.


If it was ready, he probably wouldn’t even be able to equip it.


What was it then?”

Haruki tilted his head and walked to the store.


He could have just asked the clerk before going, but Haruki decided not to.


It was like that moment that you opened a present from Santa.

It was more exciting and fun to open it without knowing what was inside. Of course it was.


“Welcome…!? Ah, ohhh. You’re Karaboshi.”

“…Why do you know my name?”


That was something he couldn’t ignore. And so a confused Haruki had asked the clerk.


Both this store and the last store. He hadn’t even said his name once, and yet they both knew it?


Obviously, he had never met either of them before.

And he had no idea why they should know his name.


“Oh…Yuzuki told me. ‘If the masked pervert appears, treat him well, because he’s my underling.’ That is what she said.”

“Underling? I am not her underling!”


And he wasn’t a masked pervert either.

He was a gentleman with a mysterious mask. That’s all!


“We’re enemies who constantly tear money out of each other’s hands. I’m not her underling or her friend.”


From Haruki’s words, you could imagine a situation where he sold her materials and he was forced to buy weapons.


“I’m not surprised. Even though we are far away, it seems that she hasn’t changed.”


The clerk said with a laugh.


“It was Yuzuki who ordered it. The armor for you and Karen is complete. So please take a look at it.”



Nope. He could not remember it.

Haruki narrowed his eyebrows as the clerk came out of the storage room while pushing a cart.


There were two black breastplates on the cart.


On the top right, there was a middle-class logo ‘Ichi’ carved into it.

It was above Haruki’s current equipment in both price and quality.


When had he asked for such a high-quality breastplate?


There was something in his mind that bothered him, but he couldn’t remember what it was.

It was very annoying.


“These breastplates were made with the shell of centipedes. Would you like to try them on?”

“Oh, centipedes!”


Upon hearing those words, something connected in Haruki’s mind, and he clapped his hands.


Haruki used to hunt rare centipedes and sell the materials to Akane.

When doing this, he had given two of the carapaces to Akane to keep, just in case he could use them later on.


To think that they would come out here.

Well, it was actually perfect timing.


Everything after the 8th floor of Chikaho was an area that Haruki had never stepped into.

Even if the monsters that appeared were Silver Wolves, the chances of death would still increase.


This centipede armor was guaranteed to be stronger than the millipede armor, which meant the danger of dying would be that much reduced.


Perhaps Akane had ordered them as soon as she learned of Oiso’s disappearance.

She might have predicted that it would be Haruki who would go searching for her.


“It’s pretty impressive…”


Haruki sighed as he equipped the centipede breastplate.


“Yes. She…Yuzuki is actually very skilled. She takes the customers’ preference into account when preparing products. She’s an expert when it comes to equipment for Adventurers.”


Actually very skilled, huh…

There seemed to be some hidden meaning there. Haruki couldn’t help but chuckle.


Of course, the clerk was not lying when she said the word ‘expert.’

The skill to be able to order armor that fit the customer just right, after only looking at them, was something that any company would value.


That being said, what made her especially brilliant was that she was able to prepare the best equipment for an Adventurer, just when they think that they’ll need it.


“Yes. It’s perfect.”


Haruki put the breastplate on and marveled at how comfortable it was.


It was completely different from the millipede one.

The weight, the flexibility, the hardness, the mobility it offered.

He had been amazed when he first put on the millipede armor as well, but this centipede armor was superior in every way.


That was middle-class.

The ‘Ichi’ logo was there for a reason.


“What about you, Karen?”

“It fits perfectly…”


Karen said as she looked down with a look of dismay.

Why did she seem disappointed that her breastplate fit perfectly…?


While he had been a little worried if they would be capable of equipping the centipede armor, Haruki and Karen were able to do it without any trouble.

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