He could see sparks flying and lights exploding.


Haruki felt that if he relaxed just a little, he would easily lose consciousness.

And so he bit his lip hard in order to stay awake.


His teeth pierced his lip.

The pain was barely enough to keep awake.


10 seconds. 20 seconds passed. And then the severe sense of sickness slowly washed away.




In the meantime, the dungeon passage had not given birth to a single new monster.

In spite of it doing it nonstop only a moment ago.


Now he knew.

There was no question about it.

This was the one way that led to the answer!


However, the passage in front of him was still filled with Silver Wolves and Owners.

There just weren’t any new monsters being born.


Rhea continued to blow off the heads of the Silver Wolves.

And Haruki used conceal to get close to the Owners and stab them in the heart with his daggers.


One by one, the monsters began to fall.

And still, they were not replaced.


The hairs on his neck stood up.



He had finally opened a road to survival.

Now he just needed to fight with everything that he had.


Haruki prepared to fight as he slowly put the mask back on.


—He would survive no matter what.




He roared and then cut into the horde of monsters.



They had been attacked by Adventurers.

Upon hearing this information, the special police were quick to move.


They would not interfere if it was monsters, but they had no choice but to move when it came to Adventurers.


On top of that, the victim–that is to say, Oiso, the manager of a store that sold and bought materials, had told them the aggressor was an Adventurer called Shikama.


The special police had heard this name before.


They had been arrested previously for assault, injury, and threatening.

In spite of this, their sentence had been quite light.

This was because they had negotiated and destroyed evidence, just in case they were caught.


Without physical evidence, there were many victims who were forced to accept the results.

Shikama and his men were the most infamous Adventurers in all of Sapporo.


On top of that, the special police had been told something from Masatsugu in secret.


‘If they ever cause mischief, beat them without hesitation.’


Masatsugu’s expression had been troubled.

He must have felt a great responsibility in leaving them here.


However, a most unexpected accident had occurred. The destruction of Shinjuku.

And so it could not be helped that he could no longer look after them.


And so the special police headed to the 8th floor immediately, in order to arrest the three men.


However, they never would have guessed that a monster parade would be starting just as they arrived at the gate.


They became frantic.

They tried to activate the gate and return to the surface.

However, there was one person among them who remained calm.


It was the captain.

He looked down at the slimy eels at their feet and realized that this place was safe.


“All of you, prepare your bows!”


He gave the order. But the others were still panicking.

It didn’t seem like they’d be able to attack properly.


He would have to demonstrate first.

And so the captain nocked an arrow and drew.


“…Uh, could you be careful so you don’t accidentally hit me?”


Just as he was about to fire the arrow, a human voice sounded from the horde of monsters.


The captain nearly unleashed the arrow right then, but he somehow stopped himself.

After all, the voice had come from a creepy mask that floated in the air. And there was a monster plant behind it.


“Is that a devil!?”

“…I’m human.”


A human?

The captain looked puzzled by the mask’s reply.


However, if he looked hard enough, he could see a faint outline of a body.

It was barely visible.

He would have believed it if he said he was a ghost.


“If you are a human, why are you carrying a monster!?”

“Uhh…it’s a friend.”

“A friend?”

“I tamed it.”



The plant monster that was behind the masked man was attacking the other monsters as if to protect him.

He wasn’t lying or exaggerating.


As the captain thought about the masked man’s words…



“It’s finally happened!”

“Are you serious!?”

“Damn it! I wanted to be the first!!”


The others started to shout excitedly.


Taming a monster.

It had been debated extensively whether or not this was even possible.


Normal animals could be tamed.

So there was no reason that a monster couldn’t be tamed as well.

In that case, there must be a way to tame a monster.


As the special police, these men had licenses to be Adventurers.

And they also trained in the dungeon in order to be able to deal with Adventurers.

So their goal was also to conquer the dungeon.


And of course, they also used the ‘Let’s’ website.

In fact, when Masatsugu had come, they were so nervous that they ended up acting just like civilians.


Some of them would come down to Chikaho when they were off work, and search the place with the hope of making new discoveries.

And taming was one of the things they had been looking into.


And now—these Adventurers who searched for the unknown, could not help but be very interested in this mystery man who had succeeded in taming a monster.


“Who are you? Surely, you’re not with Shikama, are you!?”

“No. I’m Haruki Karaboshi. Shikama’s team…”


While he continued to fight the monsters, Haruki pointed at three different spots.

There, lay weapons and armor that had likely belonged to Shikama and his team.


As special police and Adventurers, it was not hard for them to be able to imagine what fate had awaited them.


It was no wonder.

The special police knew of the horrors of a monster parade.

If you got caught in one, you would die.




But then, why was this Haruki still alive?

He was in the middle of a monster parade, and yet he continued to hunt as if it was nothing!?


Who was this man?

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