The questions kept coming.


Haruki was fighting with two daggers.

They weren’t the most popular or lethal weapons out there.

Most people just equipped them because they liked them.


However, when there were lots of monsters in a small area, and you had a limited space to swing, like in a monster parade, daggers were much easier to use.


And unlike long swords and greatswords, you could do multiple attacks in a short amount of time.

This would give you a great advantage during a monster parade.


After thinking all of this, the captain could still not understand how Haruki was able to kill all those monsters with daggers that typically did very little damage.


“What’s going on…”

“Am I dreaming?”

“Is that mask some kind of magic tool?”

“Is it raising his strength?”


The captain wanted to support him with firepower.

If they did, they might be able to save this man called Karaboshi. And more than anything, they would gain experience at a safe distance.

They could hunt while working. It was the perfect opportunity.


However, the passage leading out of the gate was so narrow, and they could not get a good view of what was going on.

If they did fire, they might accidentally shoot him.


Friendly fire was a possibility. When the captain realized this, he immediately ordered his men to put down their weapons.

After they did so, they all started to talk about this man called Haruki Karaboshi.


Even though there was a horde of monsters in front of them, they were quite relaxed now.

This was also because of their ability as special police.


They wouldn’t die against monsters from the 8th floor, as long as they didn’t charge in head-first into the parade.


Furthermore, the masked man seemed to be doing quite well. So they were able to stay calm and talk about him.


“The monsters don’t seem to care about us at all.”

“Is it because of that mask?”

“I see. Maybe it’s a magic item that attracts the attention of monsters.”

“But, why would anyone wear something like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Wearing it makes the monsters target you, right?”

“Reminds me of some ranker. It might work well for a shield-bearer.”

“Ah, that’s true… But, I don’t think this guy is a shield-bearer?”

“He seems like an assassin type.”

“Right? And his presence is so thin that you can’t even see his body. Huh? So, why is he wearing that again?”

“Don’t ask me. I don’t know.”


“Still, he can tame monsters.”

“So, you really can do it.”

“That plant. It’s protecting his back perfectly.”

“Just having that thing means you can fight without having to watch your back.”

“And it shoots with so much force. What a brilliant monster. I’m jealous.”

“Ohh! Look! It’s waving its leaves at us while it fights!”

“Damn. It’s cute!”

“Shit, I really want one! And I worked so hard all of this time just to try and tame a Silver Wolf!!”

“Your hand got bitten so many times, and you still didn’t give up.”

“Yeah. I was thinking about quitting, but now that I know that it’s possible, I’m going to stick to it a little longer!”


They muttered to each other.

It was almost like listening to people talking during lunch break. They were not nervous at all.

However, they still paid attention to the entrance.


If even one single monster tried to step inside, then they would turn them into mincemeat in a flash.

And as long as they were prepared to do that, there was no reason to be nervous.


However, had there really been a man like this in Sapporo?


There were other strong Adventurers, yes.

But they generally had a strong aura around them.


As they were the people who guarded the gate, they were acquainted with everyone who was strong.

They would meet them a lot as they passed through Chikaho, and often become friends.


However, no one had an idea of who Haruki was.


They had never even heard his name on the local message board.

How could they have not noticed him, if he was this strong?


As they continued to watch him fight, their bodies grew hotter and hotter.


It wasn’t that Haruki had incredible physical ability.

He was at a level that allowed him to work on the 8th floor. But he was no match for police like them.


And yet he was facing a monster parade.

It was more that he was well suited for this fight, and less about strength.

He was trying to go against the violence of numbers.


But for the special police, it was a fight for territory.


It was their territory, and he was heading towards certain victory.


Could any Adventurer not watch him and not feel a surge of emotion!?


“Yes, kill them!!”


“Oh, that was close!”

“Another one is coming!”


Before they knew it, they were supporting Haruki with words instead of weapons.


Normally, it would have been right for them to move out of there and help Haruki.


However, they fought with bows, longs swords, and greatswords.

Such weapons were not a good match for monster parades.

They would not be that much use if they joined the fray.


Of course, they could just rely on their strength and fight with brute force.

However, that would likely lead to hurting Haruki or each other.


And even though they had stepped foot into the center layers, they were not skilled enough to be able to stay aware of each other while fighting in a monster parade.




Just then, one of them raised their voice.


“I just remembered. He’s that weirdo with the mask! There were rumors!”


—Yes! Thought the captain.

Stories about a masked man had indeed come up recently.


As he had been talking with Masatsugu, it was rumored that he must be in a team that was close to being rankers.


“I see. So this is the much talked about, masked pervert!”


It was just as Haruki had finished killing all of the monsters, that he heard those words. And he fell weakly to his knees.

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