Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 7 part 1

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Kurosaki Karen was a beginner who had just become an adventurer less than 3 months ago.

After she became an adventurer, she anticipated the adventure industry, which is currently at its dawn, would grow rapidly in the future.

The main reason was certainly that she wanted to become a ranker of “Let’s Be an Adventurer.”

She also wanted to join the group of amazing people and exterminate monsters that messed up our daily lives.

Therefore, the “Chikaho” dungeon in Sapporo was full of people who enthusiastically went regardless of day and night.

She was dumbfounded for a short while because the dungeon was very different from the horrible appearance that she imagined.

Even though monsters were enemies of humanity, the appearance of proper adults that were crowding and beating it made her disappointed.

Are those…… adventurers?

I don’t know which ones are the monsters.

Despite the experience points, Karen didn’t have the courage to enter the crowd.

Humans are different from monsters.

I don’t want to be ugly like them.

Besides, experience points can be obtained in proportion to the amount of the shaved monster’s life force.

If it was beaten up by 10 people, the monster’s EXP(experience points) were also divided into ten equal parts.

Even if I defeat it, the EXP that I get are too few.

Nonetheless, the level of monsters that can be hunted by beginners was only on the basement 2nd floor.

On the third floor, there were powerful monsters waiting.

Beginners also would not be able to hunt very well while being solo.

The 1st and 2nd floors were places for beginners, even as a solo, could hunt.

But, there was no place for quiet hunting.

Karen thought about what to do and decided to recruit partners through the “Let’s Be” bulletin board.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Karen, a beginner adventurer. I am looking for a kind person who will take me to the basement 3rd floor of Chikaho for leveling.”

I hope people like Bacon-san will be in Hokkaido too.

Whether that wish came through, Karen’s writing immediately received a response.

“Well, then shall we go tomorrow? Our team can go up to the 9th floor.”

So today, Karen, who managed to successfully join the adventurers, visited the place of appointment while equipping her weapon.

“Are you Karen-chan who made a thread on “Let’s Be” BBS to find partners?”

“Ye, yes!”

“Oh, really?”

“I thought it was trolling.” (TLN: For those who didn’t know, trolling means writing online false posts.)

“I also thought you were definitely not serious…….”

Karen stood upright while listening to the voices that called her from the side.

The voices that called her belonged to a group of 3 men in their 20s.

“I’m Shikama.”

He is definitely a vanguard. He is equipped with a sword and a shield about 60 cm in size.

“I’m Lars, nice to meet you.”

Another person is an attacker. He carries a large sword on his back.


The last one is carrying a bow on his shoulder.

It is probably their respective nickname on “Let’s Be”.

They didn’t say their real names when joining offline hunting.

Or they may be the team which encountered each other on the recruitment BBS.

From their appearance, Karen felt it was a well-balanced team.

And they also have the ability to pull Karen in. She felt an aura that made them feel reliable, unlike those of beginners.

However, I am a little bit concerned about their view.

Did they say that, “I thought you were not serious?”

They were staring at Karen’s whole body.

No, they may be checking her equipment as a beginner.

“Is it okay with that equipment?”

As expected.

Karen let out a wry smile.

“Sorry, I’m a beginner, so I can only arrange this.”

“That is expected.”

“Shikama also didn’t have a weapon at the beginning, and because it was too dangerous, I lent him my shield.”


“You have a really convenient bad memory loss.”


Shikama showed his tongue to his colleagues.

This feels nice.

Looking at their conversation, Karen envied their good relationship.

I also would like to organize such a team as soon as possible.

To do that, first of all, I have to become a talented person.

“Well then, let’s go.”

“Please take care of me!”


“Leave it to me!”


Those three people nodded and headed for the entrance of “Chikaho.”

“By the way, how old are you, Karen?”

“I am 18 years old.”

“Eh, seriously! It barely reaches the qualifying age!”

“Yes, I went to get an adventurer’s qualification as soon as I turned 18.”

“Oh, wow~. You have courage even though you are a girl.”

“I often hear it.”

Karen let out a bitter smile to Haria’s words.

What she often heard from her circle talking about was not her courage but her recklessness.

“When I think of adventurers who try hard to dive into dungeons, I don’t think I should just stay in a safe place a lot.”

“Wow, you are nice. We are completely different.”

“It is not us but only you, isn’t it?”

Lars poked Shikama.

Apparently, the shield user seemed to be the team leader.

In their small talk, Haria and Lars often spoke mocking words to Shikama.

However, the atmosphere was transmitted quietly not because he was underestimated but because he was trusted.

Entering “Chikaho,” Karen didn’t care about the monsters that appeared and quickly moved forward.

She went to the 2nd floor, descended to the 3rd floor, and finally reached the 4th floor.

It was a place Karen could never reach alone.

“You don’t need to be frightened so much, everything will be fine. Our team is basically active on the 9th floor.”

Shikama knocked his sword hard to make Karen feel relieved.

His words were probably the truth.

Their fighting style until now is still relaxed.

There was no doubt. They certainly have the ability to conquer the 3rd and 4th floor.

Shikama defended the monster attack and bound it on the spot.

Lars and Haria finished the monster whose movement stopped in a stroke.

The monster was only slightly hit before Lars’ large sword cut off the monster’s body like a paper, therefore Karen could only make a few scratches.

This is their difference compared with a beginner.

It was an overwhelming difference of abilities.

I also want to become like this soon.

I admire their strength, but I can’t reach it in the near future.

Even though Karen only made some scratches against the 3rd floor’s monster, she suffered from level up sickness.

The fact that she felt sick just by giving a little damage was proof that her strength was not enough to deal with the monsters on that floor.

It’s not over yet.

Today, I still haven’t reached the level where I could defeat monsters on the third floor alone in a day!

Next to Karen who was so enthusiastic, Haria the bow user rang a strong scratching sound with his lips.

It was a signal of vigilance.

As they heard that, Shikama and Lars sank down.

……will something come?

“It is dangerous. What should you do?”

After leveling up, the sensory organs also become more sensitive.

Even if Karen watched and listened carefully, she could not capture the minute changes.

“Well, that’s it……”

“Let’s escape quickly!”

They were swallowed by the released strange atmosphere which made their spine froze.


Why are they who act on the 9th floor running away from the monsters on the 4th floor?

Karen, who didn’t know the reason, suspiciously tilted her head.

“It’s a monsters parade!” (TLN: For reference, please watch anime Danmachi)

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 7 part 2

Hello everyone,
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In this chapter there are changes to one terminology, the monsters parade will be changed to monsters rampage.
Starfinder disagreed with the use of the word parade, as a Parade is a gathering for a ceremony like it is described in the Dictionary of Oxford () which doesn’t match how it is described in the novel.

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Translator: LN&WN Warrior
Editor: Starfinder

“It’s a Monster Rampage!”
“Damn, rampage……”

Annoying words were thrown out in this critical situation.
Shikama was clicking his tongue hatefully.

“It’s a Rampage! Let’s escape!”

Hearing this, Karen let out a small gasp.

As the name implies, a Monster Rampage refers to the monsters’ large movement.

The causes of Monster Rampages are various.
While the adventurers were running away, the resulting vibration in the ground lured monsters to them.
There are also rumours that there are special monsters that generate monsters.

It was simple to deal with it.
If you realized that condition, you have to escape without questioning.

Currently, the adventurers were biased towards a wide range weapon type.
For that reason, most adventurers have poor compatibility with the Monster Rampage which was rushing at them without a break.

Large swords and spears wouldn’t have enough space to be swung, and bows would run out of arrows.
Even if you had superior abilities, the compatibility of weapons changed according to the difference in the number of materials filled.

You might be able to get through the Monster Rampage if you had outstanding abilities.
However, even if you defeated an overwhelmingly large quantity of lower rank monsters, the compensation would only make you cry.
There was no merit going all the way into a rampage.

For a moment when Karen recalled the information of the monster parade, Shikama and the others had started running.

She only stopped after a few seconds.
However, the distance between Shikama and Karen was as wide as ten meters.

I have to escape soon!

Karen kicked the ground with her full power.
At that time, the footsteps of a large number of monsters were transmitted as vibrations from the other side of the passage.

“Oh, my!”

‘Hurry, hurry!’

She was running at full power, but the distance with Shikama and others were steadily increasing.
If I let it as it is, they will leave me.

“Wa, wait, please don’t leave me!!”

The monsters will swallow me, won’t they?
When she thought so, her vocal cords strengthened and her vigorous voice could be heard.

Even such intense voice might have been transmitted to them.
Shikama looked back with his grimace face.

“Hurry up!”
“Idiot, it is impossible for beginners.”
“Then, what we should do.”
“It is dangerous to help her.”
“He, hey, can you hear battle sounds from another direction!?”
“……are they going to intercept us?”
“It becomes more dangerous!!”
“Can we escape?”
“F**k, what we should do!!”

The three of them shouted something while running.
Their voices were already far away, she can’t hear it unless their face was turned to them.

After talking about something, the three of them nodded with serious faces and stopped their feet.
Lars and Haria moved to the same position, and while Shikama took a stance before going far away.

No way, are they going to attack them?
The Monster Rampage?

How many monsters are behind them….
Karen didn’t understand, and she also couldn’t afford the courage to look back.
Just thinking about it made her feel scared.

However, she thought that she had been “saved” when she saw them entered the battle posture.
At the same time, she also felt grateful.

‘They stood up against the dangerous Monster Rampage to save me…….’

Shikama and co. are active adventurers on the 9th floor of “Chikaho.”
And, this is the 4th floor.
If it’s them, I’m sure they will be able to dismiss the monster parade as well.

If I go to them, I surely will be saved!
So do your best, my body!!

Karen’s speed rose steadily as it was boosted by the sense of security of their appearance.

She would cross Shikama and hide behind the back guard.

The body of Karen, which came running through with that intention, was suddenly blown off.


It was a perfect surprise attack.
Karen didn’t understand what happened.

She couldn’t do anything and could only roll on the ground many times.

Her blanked head slowly regained its color.
Her head was shaky.
And, a lot of blood overflowed from her broken lips.

Karen felt like she had been hit by a truck.

The monsters aren’t here yet.
Well then…….

Looking up with her empty eyes, she found Shikama holding a shield looking down with a serious look in front of her.

“Hey! Let’s leave that fool and escape quickly!”
“If we don’t go, they will tag us as well!”

Shikama quickly turned back and left Karen’s position with horrifying speed.


She couldn’t say ‘wait’.
The footsteps of a lot of monsters could be heard from Karen’s back.
It suddenly stopped unnaturally.

Karen didn’t see her back yet.
However, she found out why.
Yes, she was convinced.

Karen slowly looked backwards.


There were numerous red eyes.
Around 50 cm tall rabbit monsters were fully covering the passage.

Killer rabbits.
Its name came from a beginner adventurer whose head was crushed by its single kick after approaching it due to its lovely appearance. It was a warlike monster.

They were on another side of the passage.  An absurd number of killer rabbits were in front of Karen.
And they had the intention of attacking Karen.

It seems I’m the first.
Well, I’m the first to be killed and eaten.
*Rustle*, they were checking each other by repeatedly moving their ears.

……I don’t want to.

She probably would survive a little longer if she moved.
However, it was shorter than short.
She would die in 1 second or die in 10 seconds.
That’s all.
The ending was the same.
……I don’t want to die.

Karen became bait for Shikama and co. escaping.
Then, there was death before her eyes.

……I don’t want to die yet!

Under such circumstances, who can stop her tears?

Tears ran down on her cheek and dropped on the ground.
At the same time, the red-eyed killer rabbits moved all at once.

“…..somebody help!!”

Chapter end


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