Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 8 part 1

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When he reached the third floor, Haruki stealthily took out the skill board and confirmed it.

Skill Point(s): 2

“Oh! The fact that the points have increased since I came to the third floor means there is a probability that the highest reached floor is shared among dungeons…….”

It is a pleasure to know the conditions under which skill points increase.
However, it is a pity that I can’t earn skill points from each dungeon.

The deepest dungeon now is the 50th floor at Shinjuku station.
So, I can gain 50 points in the current situation.

The physical type skills in the skill tree have a maximum value of 30 points.
On the other hand, the number of points that can be obtained is quite small, only 50 points.

As expected, it seems that I have to raise my skills by myself.

I hope there are point acquisition conditions other than reaching a new floor…….

“Oh well, now I understand the condition, I wonder if I can earn as much as I can before I go home.”

Leveling can be done in my garage’s dungeon.

But, my balance is in the red because I purchased armor and weapon today.

“At the very least I must earn money for my leather armor!”

Haruki fired himself up and started the hunt.

The monsters that appear on Chikaho’s 3rd floor were Pill Bugs.

Because Haruki was familiar with the House Centipedes in his home dungeon, he didn’t startle even after seeing Pill Bugs as big as his waist.

There were monsters like House Centipedes.
So, it is not strange if there are big Pill Bugs.

“Hm…, it is not fun, is it?”

With a dagger in hand, he slaughtered Pill Bugs one after another.

It was slower, weaker and softer than House Centipede.
Therefore, he felt bored.

What he felt was his dagger’s good performance.
“Is it because House Centipedes were stronger than Pill Bugs……?”

They were not like House Centipedes as they emitted murderous intention, but it could never reach Haruki.

It was like poisonous plants in a sterilized room.
If you didn’t put your hands to death you would never die.
That was why he was bored.

If it at least had a lot of long legs, I guess the difficulty would change.
House Centipedes were enough for such creatures.

“……No, no.”

While shaking off House Centipedes from his head, Haruki advanced to a deeper area.

Perhaps, there was a possibility that his home garage’s dungeon degree of difficulty was higher compared to “Chikaho.”
While thinking about that kind of thing, Haruki continued his slaughter.

Because Haruki didn’t feel very much resistance on the 3rd-floor monsters, he moved to the 4th floor.

The monster that appeared on the 4th floor was Killer Rabbit.
It was a murder rabbit that attacked with its greatly developed feet.

Its speed was the same as House Centipede.
But it was softer than Pill Bug.
Even beginners could subjugate it if their attacks hit.

But, it was pretty quick.

It was hard to get rid of it as it kept moving so it didn’t narrow the distance further.

It was the first time for Haruki to fight against a monster that used feints and dodged.

At first, he couldn’t cope with it.
He also didn’t have enough experience to respond quickly the first time.

“But… this is fun!”

Finally, I finally met with a monster that exceeds House Centipede.

Its level might be equal to House Centipede.
However, the degree of risk was different.

House Centipede was only breaking the armor.
But, Killer Rabbit was murdering people.

Finally, Haruki was risking his life for the first time after coming to the 4th floor.

*Throbbing* his back was trembling.
His body became hot.



Haruki laughed.

I finally got out of the safe area.
Now I’m alone.

Nobody will protect me.

However, under such circumstances, Haruki felt excited for some reason.
His body, afflicted by adrenaline, was boiling.

Now, let’s start the adventure.

Adventuring is enjoyable after all!


He lightly swung the dagger he held.
It seems that my attacks are obvious.
The rabbit easily dodged Haruki’s attack.

There’s a counterattack.
The Killer Rabbit was hit by Haruki’s attack.

Oh, it hit!’

That’s unexpected.
That’s why it smiled.

However, I can’t forgive that smug smile.
Kicking with its large foot, it decided to attack Haruki’s abdomen.


Haruki’s body blew away to the back by its atrocious power that deeply contrasted its appearance.

He put his strength on his lower limb so that his position didn’t collapse.
*Zaza* his foot was slid until his body finally stopped.

“I can see it.”

I saw it clearly.
Haruki’s eyes have clearly captured it.

Haruki was smiling broadly.

The Killer Rabbit suddenly charged at Haruki who kept pursuing it.
I will not miss this kind of timing; it is my turn to attack.

It was a bit aggressive, but Haruki’s counter cleanly cut Killer Rabbit’s body.

After he confirmed that the Killer Rabbit didn’t move anymore, Haruki fell on his back.

The numbness caused by the impact of the Killer Rabbit’s kick still remained.
His carelessness caused his stomach to feel upset.
However, his internal organs didn’t rupture.

That might have been a fatal blow if he was still equipping his original armor.
Because the new armor had high defense power, he only received some bruises.

When I purchased it, I condemned myself, “Why did I buy it, I’m really an idiot!” like that, but now I feel blessed.

Although my internal organs felt twisted after receiving that attack, there are no scars on my armor.

According to the clerk’s description, it seems that the tanned leather is stacked with House Centipede’s crust.
The result of that processing is this defense power.

This is good.
This is really good.

As his breath was slowly becoming hotter, Haruki observed the Killer Rabbit’s corpse.

When the Killer Rabbit was attacking, Haruki realized.

When the right timing was.
Where to put his power in.

Muscle initial movement, throbbing, pulsing, and breathing.

At the moment, Haruki observed it.

If I look closely, I will see it.
How I can move similar to Killer Rabbit’s motion.

By observing, analyzing, understanding, dissecting, reconstructing and practicing, Haruki was able to imitate Killer Rabbit’s counter.

It was a technique he cultivated through exercises to compare and find a minute difference of specimens and printing plate when he worked in the printing company’s plate-making work.

It was terrifyingly hard to look for its difference.

Haruki’s observation accuracy was up to 0.05 mm.
He could instantly distinguish the difference of four primary colours (CMYK) up to 1%.

But even though he could observe it, he still didn’t have the ability to practice it.

I don’t have enough practice.

My physical ability has increased, but my reflexes can’t follow it.
Let’s focus to improve this part.

The Killer Rabbit’s body that he defeated was divided into half, and a lot of different things spilled out from it.
However, Haruki touched the corpse without frowning.

The leather would not be a great material even if it was tanned.
The parts that could be sold with high price were its meat and horn if it’s a male.

The meat tasted like chicken, it was a general food for adventurers who break through the beginner level.
Its price was 500 yen per kg. It was about a little more expensive than the overseas chicken drum ages ago. (TLN: I think he is talking about KFC.)

Its horn was used for a decoction of oriental medicine.
Ointments made by using it were particularly popular. The demand was high enough to not collapse the price even if a large amount of it was sold to the material shop.
Thanks to this, the transaction price was stable at about 2,000 yen per horn.

Unfortunately, the Killer Rabbit that he fought this time didn’t have a horn because it was a female.

After observing the corpse, Haruki moved it to the corner of the passage.
It would eventually be absorbed by the dungeon.

This time’s result is zero.
Because I beat it down badly, the meat became wasted.

If I get used to the monster’s movement, I will be able to defeat it skillfully.
Today, I will specially train how to defeat Killer Rabbit skillfully!

While wandering around the 4th floor, Haruki would slaughter one Killer Rabbit after another.
Like House Centipede, he couldn’t beat them very well in the beginning.

However, after killing 10 to 20 of it, he gradually got used to its movement.

At first, he cut them into two, but it was only after about 30 kills, he finally had time for prioritizing its bleeding.

While fighting with Killer Rabbits, Haruki was pondering.

Currently, he had three skill points that have not been allocated yet.
He was still worried about which skills he should allocate them to.

It would be nice to have a sniper style by raising Throw and Dexterity skill, to take away monsters from a distance.

Sniping from the back is safer than fighting with a dagger.
Throwing pebbles I find on the ground can also prevent the wear and tear of my main armor.

If however…!
In that the case, the dagger which I purchased for nearly 100,000 yen will be wasted!

I would like to use the dagger, if possible.
However, I don’t want to take an Assassin’s style.

What would happen if he who had a thin presence picked up a Stealth Skill…….

He would probably not be noticed by anyone and talking to him would always be like a monologue.

He would always be alone even if there are many people around.
It is truly…… too sad.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t want to increase One-Hand Sword skill as much as possible.
Like Elder Takenaka, there was a possibility that it would increase as long as he is hunting with a dagger.

The points obtained by reaching dungeon’s floors are limited.
It is a waste to easily allocate skills that will rise.

More than that,

“……is there a skill that can increase presence somehow?”

For Haruki, his presence was more important than anything else.
However, is there such a skill?

Should I developed my physical capacity skills or throwing skill.
Well, what shall I do…….

While carrying a bag similar in size to an elementary student’s, full of meats and horns of Killer Rabbits, Haruki realized the unusual phenomenon in the 4th floor.

“……sounds? This is my first time to hear these kinds of sounds.”

There is a dungeon that can produce sounds, but I have never heard “Chikaho” able to produce sounds.
That means it is not sound from the dungeon but from humans or monsters.

What on earth is going on?
……does it come from a ranker that flashily hunts some small fries?

As he held his breath, Haruki slowly moved towards the sound.

After a while, three men appeared from the other side of the passage.

They are probably in a team.
It’s a really well-balanced team with a shield user, a large sword user, and a bow user.

He also felt the aura of the strong from them.
Surely they are stronger than Haruki.

Chapter end

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 8 part 2

Translator LN&WN Warrior
Editor: Starfinder

Their way of walking was giving a deep impression.

“Oh, we should’ve immediately raped her in the 3rd floor if we knew such a thing would happen.”

He heard such words coming from their mouth.


Haruki was nearly startled.

“If you did that, we would be exposed.”

“We will not be exposed, because we will separate in the end.”

“You are the worst.”

“What did you say, after you blew her with your shield?”

“That is for certain.”

They still ignored Haruki even though he caused a loud commotion due to his confusion.

They probably don’t even notice me. I can understand it through their eye’s movement.

……that’s good too!

It was normal to have no reaction.

However, Haruki didn’t feel bad even though the opponent was unresponsive for now.

He didn’t want to engage with those who said inappropriate words.

Getting involved with them would make him imagine an unpleasant future.


“She is a beginner, isn’t she? She is only 18 years old, what a pitiful girl.”

“Huh, what do you say after you knock her with your shield?”

“You who abandoned her can say that!?”

“She only became a sacrifice to save us.”

“Eh, are you not mistaken with bait?”

As they burst out laughing, Haruki, who heard their conversation, suddenly stopped his movement.

Punched, 18 years old, abandoned, sacrifice, bait.

From the words he heard, a cruel scene came to his mind.

He suddenly shivered.

He was more careful than before, but his legs moved faster.

Haruki moved in the direction from which they’d fled.

At that location, his eyes caught a lot of red eyes from a group of Killer Rabbits.

It is Monster Rampage!

Haruki immediately understood what caused the scene.

They escaped with all their power when they saw it.

It was a way to cope with Monster Rampages which was written in “Let’s Be.”

Haruki knew about that terrifying phenomenon from Wiki’s blog.

There were also parties who dare to face it.

But the result was semi-destruction, desertion, annihilation, and extinction.

I engraved in my heart if I experience such thing, I will escape with all my might.

A tremendous amount of monsters were filling up the passage.

Out of 10 adventurers, 10 people would answer to escape immediately.

Therefore, Haruki tried to escape.

However……, Haruki didn’t escape because a figure of a girl sitting in front of the Monsters Rampage was caught in his eyes.

He connected the girl and the conversation of those previous men.

At that moment, Haruki’s head became hot.

His actions after that were simple.

Haruki quickly took out the skill board.

He tapped the board quickly as if the thing he had pondered about didn’t exist.

Karaboshi Haruki (27)     Gender: Male

Skill Point(s): 3 → 0

Class: Swordsman

– Vitality

Stamina 0

Natural Recovery 0

– Strength

Strength 0 → 1

– Agility

Quickness 0 → 1

Dexterity 0 → 1

– Technique

Armor Proficiency

One-Hand Sword 0

Throwing 0

Light Armor 0

Stealth 0

– Intuition

Detection 0

– Special

Growth Acceleration 3

After he finished allocating points, he took out a strange mask from his bag.

He didn’t know what kind of magical tool the mask is.

But from now on is a crucial time.

In the one-to-many battle, he wanted to raise his defense power even a little.

He attached the mask to his face without thinking about curses.

As he attached the mask, it stuck to Haruki’s skin in response.

After he confirmed the stability of the mask, Haruki instantly plunged in.

His acceleration was beyond imagination.

The edge of his sight was blurred.

One second felt longer.

As he took a stance while holding the dagger, Haruki forced himself into the crowd of Killer Rabbits.

Almost at the same time, the Killer Rabbits jumped at the girl.

At that moment.


A shock, like a large dump truck thrusting with an accelerator, struck the whole body of Haruki.

However, Haruki’s momentum never lost to Killer Rabbits’ attack.

The collision between the two vectors took place roughly between the girl’s and the crowd of Killer Rabbits’ positions.

Killer Rabbits that he faced flew into the air.

* Explosion *


The pieces of flesh from the former Kill Rabbits splashed down to the head of the flock.

On the other hand, even though Haruki received such an impact, his body only received a little damage.

Just because he defeated several Killer Rabbits, his whole body’s temperature raised.

His head was dizzy and it felt dull and painful like being tightened.

……this is level up sickness.


However, I have no time to feel sick.

Haruki handled his level-up sickness with enough willpower.

My body can move.

The damage I received was small.

I understand how to attack.

…………I can do it!

Killer Rabbits that stood in the back row frenzied because of Haruki’s intrusion.

The target moves.

Haruki shivered his spine when he faced the red eyes all at once.

Haruki was fixed on his target.

At the same time, Haruki moved.

He cut it with a dropkick by using a dagger, and those that attacked him from behind were knocked off with their back fist.

Even though the mask was covering his face, his visibility didn’t change.

The backside of his mask felt like it was transparent.

My breathing is smooth.

It doesn’t feel stiff.

It may be a mask with such functions.

I don’t feel anything when wearing it.

I nearly forgot that I’m wearing it.

While being exposed to Killer Rabbits’ fierce attacks, Haruki was convinced.

I can survive as long as I’m careful.

The possibility of that occurring is one in ten thousand,

or maybe one in one billion.

But the path to survival clearly shines in the distance.

It was good even if Haruki struggles to reach it.

That’s why I need to observe.

I have to understand everything my opponents have.

I can’t miss even one sign.

Don’t get hit.

I need to overcome the opponent’s strength!

Adrenaline heats up my body.

My heart beats violently, hitting my chest.

My body is light!

Haruki who was far from being afraid of one-to-many circumstances began to smile.

Like a fish that met water.

“Now, let’s start the adventure!”

This is an adventure.

It’s a challenge that puts my life on the line.

What I will secure is power, the girl’s life,

and my own honour.

If I lose, I will completely lose my life from now on.

I can’t find the balance at all.

But, that is an adventure.

An adventure is a fool’s game to seek the unknown.

It followed the sage practice, he would still commit even if he loses his life.

Now I’ll take everything you have!

So, expose everything you have to me.

Reveal it, be my nourishment!!

He kicked up monsters that attacked from his feet.

Or he stepped to avoid it.

My movement is totally different.

My strength is also different.

My body can move as I desire.

It has been strengthened beyond imagination.

Haruki finally understood the greatness of the skill board’s growth acceleration that he could not experience before.

He blew Kill Rabbit with a fist.

He could easily avoid its attacks.

Using a dagger, he cut its body like paper.

It is 1 point.

With only one point, Haruki’s ability leaped like a different person.

The change is too much so it feels disgusting and terrifying.

Normally, Haruki without a doubt would frown.

But now, his consciousness was only directed to defeat the Killer Rabbits in front of him.

……no, Haruki laughed while adventuring.

Haruki couldn’t forgive those Killer Rabbits that tried to surround him.

If he let them pass, the girl behind him would be attacked.

He didn’t know the extent of the girl’s abilities.

Because until now she hasn’t moved, he predicted she wasn’t a strong adventurer.

……no, Haruki was moving while assuming the worst.

In order to avoid being surrounded, Haruki moved his body largely to the left and to the right.

It was like a game.

It was clear if he could prevent enemy’s barrage.

It was a game over if it could cross to the side.

Because such an image came into his mind, Haruki’s movement was getting sharper and steadier.

I will definitely not let you pass through here!

When Haruki noticed it, a sound came from his throat.

“Hahahaha,” he was laughing.


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