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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 47

Let’s Advance Towards the Central Layer!



What Akane showed Haruki was the armor she had ordered the other day, and the armor he had requested before.


First, there was the ‘Ichi’ series Werewolf dagger.

As it used materials from monsters that appeared on the center layers, it was incredibly sharp.


However, it was also a little heavy.

It seemed like the weapon hadn’t completely accepted Haruki yet.


Still, it wasn’t so heavy that he couldn’t wield it without trouble.

And he would likely get used to the weight quickly if he continued to fight with it.


Currently, Haruki’s weapons were the magic sword and the Werewolf dagger.

He had only used the Silver Wolf dagger for less than two months, but it was already time to retire it.


It seemed like a bit of a waste, but there was no point in worrying about that when your own life was on the line.


He also had new armor for his hands and legs. These were also ‘Ichi.’

As they were a rank up from his old armor, they seemed to fit his body much better.


They had a better grip and could keep up with sudden changes in movement.


Next was Karen.

A centipede breastplate had been prepared for her.

Akane had gone through the trouble of acquiring the same type for her.


Like Haruki, she had new ‘Ichi’ armor for her hands and legs.


And there was also a new robe that was made of Werewolf fur.


Furthermore, Akane had prepared a new bag for Haruki.

While it was a bag, it was also part of the ‘Ichi’ series.

It had a higher defense ability than a lot of armor.


Now he could avoid unfortunate accidents, like the pot or the planter breaking.


As Karen was the rear guard, she almost never got attacked directly.

And so it was hard for her proficiency to be raised, which meant that her endurance was always going to be a weakness.


But the centipede armor and Werewolf robes meant that she could avoid being injured for the most part, even if she was hit.


However, she found it a little difficult to move when they were equipped.

She too had not reached the required level.


Still, she was able to walk, so it wasn’t so bad that she couldn’t equip them at all.

They would get lighter if leveled up a little. And so she would just have to bear it for now.


All of the equipment was the middle class ‘Ichi.’

They were relatively cheaper models, but he had still paid a decent price for everything.


It was 3 million in all.

And so all of the money he had wrenched from Akane’s hands went right back to her.


He could still hear Akane’s high-pitched laugh ringing in his ears.


But now it was his turn.

He would take so much money from her that she would be left speechless.

Haruki swore that he would do it.



After doing a final inspection on their gear, Haruki and Karen headed to the gate.


“We’ll be exploring the 9th floor today.”

“But the melons…”

“Next time.”


Karen did not hide her displeasure.


It was rare for her to express so much emotion.

However, he couldn’t blame her.

Ever since the first stampede, sweet foods like chocolate and ice cream had become rare.

It was no wonder that a young woman like her would be so taken by this sudden reappearance of sweetness in her life.


“But you can go hunt melons if you want?”


“But I want to head to the 9th floor. After all, we’re so close to reaching the center layer.”


Just a little further.


The difference between a beginner and a mid-range Adventurer was big.

But he didn’t know just where the differences lay.

The ‘Let’s be an Adventurer’ site didn’t have that precise information.


‘Maybe it’s___?’

‘I think it’s____’

It was all vague stuff like that.


However, the difference between Adventurers who had stepped into the 10th floor and those who haven’t was supposed to be huge.

This had spread throughout the website as a plausible rumor.


What changed?

He would be able to find out very soon.

He couldn’t stop here.


A short while ago, Haruki would have easily chosen to hunt down melons to his heart’s content.

However, he had seen the three men fighting this morning.


Even though they were weak and their clothes were being torn apart, they fought bravely against the house centipedes…

Witnessing them had reminded Haruki of how he had felt when he first acquired his Adventurer’s license.


He had dreamed of the dungeons, of going on adventures, of being strong.

Back then, his emotions had been so pure…


Besides, he now had some new equipment.

And so Haruki’s passion for advancing through the dungeon was at an all-time peak.


“I’m sorry for being so selfish, Karen.”

“Not at all! Yes, if we’re going to aim for the center floor, we can’t let ourselves get distracted!”



It seemed that she now felt his passion.

And the same fighting spirit and will to reach the center floor now burned in her eyes.

She nodded.



Haruki and Karen used the gate to reach the 8th floor, and then they quickly made their way to the 9th floor.


Of course, that meant they would have to face melons, but they couldn’t spend too much time on them.

And so they only gathered a moderate amount and continued to kill monsters and advance.


Still, Karen was at least able to acquire enough for a snack.


The boss on the 8th floor had vines with lots of melons hanging from them.


If you got closer, seeds would shoot out from every direction.

And as there were many nozzles and countless seeds, it would be incredibly difficult to dodge them.


As he knew this, Haruki, Karen, and Rhea decided to start and finish the battle with long-ranged attacks.


Haruki used Throw to cut off the leaves.

Rhea’s bullets shredded the vines.


And in the end, Karen’s magic shot passed Haruki and Rhea.

And blew away everything above the roots.


Everything had gone according to plan. It was a good fight.


The dungeon flickered.

The boss was sucked into the ground.


What it dropped were the vines that went for 10,000 yen per meter, and a melon.




Haruki looked annoyed as he picked up the fake melon that had been cut in half.

From the seeds to the flesh and peels. Everything was made with great detail.


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