Still, was creating fake food some kind of new trend among the bosses of this dungeon?


While Haruki wondered about this, he picked up the vines as well.

Just then, he felt a slight impact on his shoulder.




Rhea was waving her leaves behind him like she wanted to say something.


“You want it?”



Her leaves swayed a little hesitantly.

Rhea had clearly learned after Haruki had scolded her for taking the item the last time.


“Rhea seems to want it. Are you fine with that, Karen?”



As Karen had given her permission, he quickly presented it to Rhea.

Rhea picked up the melon and carefully buried it into the ground. Then she bowed.


‘Th-thank you!’


That’s what Haruki thought he heard as she swayed.

How adorable.


He lightly petted the leaf that was on his shoulder. And then they started to move towards the 9th floor.



He activated the gate for the 9th floor and they started to explore.


The first monster to appear was an Anteater.

The Anteater stood up on its two legs in front of them and spread out its arms menacingly.




Haruki could hear cupid’s arrow piercing Karen’s heart.


“Karen, it’s a monster.”


You must not be fooled by its appearance.


“Ye-yes. I know that…but it’s so cute.”

“You can’t let your guard down or have sympathy just because it’s cute. I mean, even I don’t hold back when I have to fight the house centipedes!”

“…Uh, I…yes.”


Karen’s chin had pulled back a little as if she had just realized something.

He felt that the light had gone out of her eyes.


What could be bothering her so much?

The house centipedes were also adorable little characters. And yet he had still cut at them with everything he had…


While this question still plagued him, Haruki did not hold back as he attacked the Anteater.


When he was close enough, the Anteater attacked with its hands and tongue.


It was frighteningly fast.

And its movements were clean.


Rhea shot two stones at once.

Karen unleashed her magic and tried to stop it from moving.


Now that the Anteater was slower, Haruki slashed at it repeatedly.


As the magic sword was sharper now, it easily cut open its skin.

And then the Werewolf blade opened its flesh.




Haruki was shocked by the power of it.

But only for a second.


He quickly switched gears and pushed forward.


“…Yes. Everything was just fine.”


The Anteater was below an Owner in battle.


Of course, that didn’t mean that it was weak.

The Owners were just overpowered for the floor they were on.


Chikaho was the only dungeon where demi-humans appeared on the upper layers.

Normally, they started to appear on the center layers.


“Still, it’s amazing.”


The power of the Werewolf dagger far exceeded what Haruki had imagined.

That was ‘Ichi.’ A middle-class weapon made from materials from the center layers.


As he admired the sharpness of the Werewolf blade, he suddenly felt something eerie coming from the magic sword in his other hand.


…Yes, I know.

I’ll use you a lot. Don’t worry.


Haruki was able to defeat the Anteater without ever being in danger. He then moved forward.




After they had walked for some time, Karen raised her voice hesitantly.


“Huh? Is something wrong?”

“There’s just one thing I want to ask you…”


Karen’s lips were quivering as if she were coming to a difficult decision.


“The nozzle that Rhea uses to fire bullets. There are two of them now!”



It took her bringing it up for Haruki to realize it.

And indeed, Karen was right.


The thick vine that came out of her body—there were now two attack nozzles instead of just one.


She must have been happy to be the center of attention.

Rhea raised the two nozzles into the air as if to say, ‘ta-da!’


“…That’s so cool, Rhea. I’m jealous!”

“Uh, no. Should that really be your only reaction?”

“What else can I say?”

“She suddenly has an extra nozzle! Isn’t that strange!?”

“Is it?”


Haruki tilted his head.


“Rhea grows too, you know?”


Rhea was a plant.

So it wasn’t strange at all.




Karen’s mouth had dropped open, but she closed it and gulped as if she had swallowed a stone. Then she nodded.


This was just business as usual for this guy…

There was something about her right now that smelled of defeat.


Perhaps Rhea’s skills had changed after her body had grown.

Thinking this, Haruki took out the skill board.




Rhea(0) Gender: Female

Skill Point: 2 → 3

Class: Leaf Demon → Dual Wielding Leaf Demon



Stamina 1

Natural Recovery 0



Strength 2



Quickness 1

Dexterity 2



Weapon mastery


Dual Throw 0 NEW



Detection 1



Treasure Chest 2





Rhea’s ability had branched out!


“So that can happen even at skill level 3…”


It clearly had to do with the nozzle.

But he wasn’t sure why a new one had appeared.


As for things he had done before it increased, they had killed the boss and stored the items.


Either it increased when her level did, or maybe her body grew when the mysterious items that the monster dropped were stored in the treasure chest…


Haruki’s instincts told him it was the latter.


In that case, what would Rhea turn into if she kept collecting the dropped items?

He was very curious.


However, Rhea was very picky.

They had fought many monsters and picked up many items. But so far, Rhea had only liked the potatoes, magic stone, eggplant, and melon.

Everything else was of no interest to her.


And so it would be difficult to continue presenting her with these rare items.


He very much wanted to see her final form.

However, that would have to be saved for the distant future. He had no choice but to slowly watch her growth.


“However, now I know that skills can branch out like that at any time.”


That meant there was a chance that a unique skill like Masatsu’s ‘Holy Sword’ could be unlocked to Haruki one day.

Just knowing that was pretty huge.


And so he had just a little hope that that would happen for him.

And it made his motivation shoot through the roof.


Haruki felt his body grow warm.



This was great!


As Haruki headed for the boss room, he wished for a skill to branch out.


(And if it were to happen, I want a presence boosting skill! Please give me a presence boosting skill!!)


And so he dreamed of the day that such a skill would appear…

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