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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 50 Part 1

Let’s Meet the Others at the Team House!



The subjugation period was to be one week.

During that time, Haruki would have to stay in Sapporo.


Karen had not been invited by Kagemitsu.

She could only attack with magic. And that put her at a disadvantage during monster parades, where you were attacked by many monsters at once. Even if Kagemitsu had invited her, Haruki would have likely refused for her.


And so they would not be able to hunt together for a while.

Haruki had expected Karen to show her dissatisfaction over this, but she ended up being supportive of him going to Sapporo.


‘It’s a great honor to be invited by Mister Kagemitsu!’

‘You’ll have to work harder since I won’t be there to help you!’


It was with such words, that she sent him off.

After Haruki had secured a hotel room, he walked to the address that Kagemitsu had given him.


The place he arrived at was a single house that was not too far from Chikaho.


It was a three-story concrete building.

And it was spacious enough for 10 people to live in comfortably.


When he pressed the doorbell, the door was opened immediately.


“Yes-yes… Agh!!”


The person who had appeared was a woman in her mid-twenties.

But the moment she saw Haruki, she tensed up.


Still, the fact that she immediately returned to herself showed that she was very capable.


“I’m sorry to have surprised you. I am Air.”

“You’re a pear!? …Oh, air… I was shocked for a second.”


Shocked about what?

Haruki felt like he was being misunderstood.


However, it seemed that she had now figured out that he was the blogger.

Her guard started to lower. It was about 20 percent left.


As for it not going to zero…there was nothing he could do about that.

After all, they were meeting for the first time.

It was no wonder that she was suspicious.


Haruki persuaded himself of this fact as he followed her into the house.


He was then led to a living room where he saw a man sitting on a couch. Haruki squinted at him.


“Ah, there you are.”

“…Hello. I’m Air.”


The man’s body exuded an aura that insured that no one would be able to ignore him.

And in spite of the fact that he was wearing normal clothes, he looked like he was shining. It was as if there was a spotlight on him.


“I’m Kagemitsu. Nice to meet you.”


This man was Kagemitsu.

He was a ranker, and one of the most popular Adventurers based in Hokkaido.


And with such a person right in front of him, Haruki couldn’t help but shudder.


Damn it.

He was so bright!

He had such a strong presence, that Haruki might as well disappear!!


Haruki’s body was rejecting this man as if he was a ghost that was facing an exorcist.

His meager presence shook with fear over the prospect of being erased.


Kagemitsu was the most famous Adventurer in Hokkaido and also the one with the strongest presence.


He attracted attention when he walked into town, and all the monsters targeted him in the dungeons.


His body was also almost twice as big as Haruki.

And while his clothes were casual, you could still see that his muscles were bulging underneath.


But more than anything, there was a similar, over-powering feeling that Masatsugu also had.


If Haruki fought against Masatsugu, he would surely lose before he was able to even resist.

He could tell the difference in power by just looking at him.


Kagemitsu gestured for him to sit, and so Haruki hesitantly sat in front of him.


Damn it.

What should he do?

His own presence was going to disappear!


With such a strong presence in front of him, the masked Haruki could not be calm.

Perhaps this was just the natural reaction to feeling his power.

Regardless, Haruki could not help moving around in his seat.


“What do you think of my team house? Big, ain’t it?”
“Yes. I’ve never been to a team house before.”

“Well, not many teams have their own base.”


As the name implied, a team house was a base used by a team.

It was a place where all of your fellow Adventurers could sleep and store items they acquired in the dungeons.


Especially large teams tended to have houses like this.

Masatsugu, Bacon, and Shigure were other Adventurers who had houses.


On the other hand, you could say that you needed to be at their level in order to have a house.

It cost money to keep one. And so beginners and mid-rank Adventurers could not have one.


However, it was quite cozy. Like a secret lair.

The little boy in Haruki felt quite excited.


“Ah, that’s right. We’re all going to be fighting and risking our lives together. So you don’t have to be so polite when you talk.”


“Besides, aren’t you older than me, Air? It’s nothing to be worried about.”


Indeed, according to the age displayed on his blog, Haruki was older than Kagemitsu.

That is…if it was really true…


However, this was still a ranker.

As Haruki had experience working in a company, it took a lot of courage to talk casually to a superior.

If anything, Haruki wondered if this wasn’t a test of his character.


Should he really comply?


As he thought hard about this, Kagemitsu stood up.

His knees were shaking just a little.


Was he tired from his daily leveling?


“First, I’ll introduce the other members to you.”


The woman who had opened the door for him must have called the others.

With her in the lead, the four Adventurers entered the living room and…


They took one look at Haruki and flinched.




“You already know my name. My main weapon is a great sword, and I’m part of the advance guard. Next…”


Kagemitsu pointed to a short man.


“That’s Yoshi. He’s our archer.”

“I’m Yoshi. Nice to meet you.”


Yoshi was a man, but he was thin and had a feminine figure.

He also seemed a little weak and clumsy.


“And this is Becky. She’s also an archer.”

“I-I’m Becky. Nice to meet you.”


Becky was the woman who had greeted him at the door.

She seemed shaky still.


“And next to her is Van. He’s a great sword wielder like me.”



Van was like Kagemitsu.

He was very muscular. The biceps under his clothes looked strong.

But there was something in his eyes that looked like agitation.


“And lastly, we have Dora-Neko. A spear-wielder.”

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