Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 50 Part 2

“I’m Do-do-dora-neko!”


Dora-neko said with a frantic straightening of his back.

Was it stage fright?

He was shaking.


“So, this is Team Aerial.”

“I’m Air. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintances.”


He got up to greet them.

At the same time, the members of Team Aerial all recoiled in horror.


“As I said, you can take it easy with the formal talk.”



Apparently, he was going to be very adamant about that.

Haruki could read Kagemitsu’s mood through his voice, and so he made his decision.


“Right. …So, it looks like a lot of you guys get nervous easily?”

“Shut up.”

“But they look so tense?”

“That’s your fault!”


Kagemitsu scowled and then sighed.



“I heard the rumors. But that mask really is terrifying when seeing it for the first time.”

“I see..”


Haruki started tracing his finger over the mask without thinking.


“It’s because your body had so little presence, it looks like the mask is floating.”


“Still, the way you cut it off like that. It’s not normal. Do you have some kind of awakening skill?”



Haruki’s vision was starting to blur.


He wasn’t crying!

It was just a yawn!


He snuffled and then opened his mouth.


“I’m just like this.”


“I just have a very thin…presence…ck!”


As soon as those words left his mouth, he felt his mental fortitude get carved away.

He ground his teeth and tried to stay conscious.


“I did see you write in your blog that your presence was like air. But that’s not just a character you play?”



If only it was just a character!

Damn it!


Kagemitsu’s question pierced through Haruki’s heart.

He was about to reach his limits mentally.


The truth always…hurt.


“I see. Well, I understand just how you feel, Air!”


“You know, I actually wanted to use Conceal… But my presence is just too strong, and it could not be hidden!!”


How enviable!

Haruki wanted to shout at him in protest.


However, his sorrow was real.

He really was sad about how strong his presence was.

In fact, there were tears in his eyes and he was trembling.


Next to him, the other members of Aerial were muttering. ‘Here he goes again.’

It was clear that they had heard this story many times and were quite exasperated.


And so Kagemitsu, who shook with anger over the curse that was his stronger presence, had to be soothed by Haruki, who cried over the curse that was his weak presence. And once that was done, they talked about their plan in regards to the monster parade.


Of course, there was not much to talk about.


Haruki was in charge of the monster parade.

And Yoshi the archer would go with him as support.


And while Haruki was dealing with the monster parade, the members of Aerial would lure away the boss and defeat it.


That was the plan.


“Mister Kagemitsu. The monster parade team is just me and Yoshi?”

“Hey, brother. You don’t need to call me ‘mister.’”

“Uh, but…”

“We’re brothers who have the same problem, aren’t we?”



Apparently, Kagemitsu now felt that he was just like him. Haruki could only sigh and mutter vaguely.


However, an Adventurer like him addressing a Ranker by just their name felt rude.

That being said, it was hard to refuse him.


“…I’ll do what I can.”


He said.


“As for more people to deal with the monster parade, there are none.”


“Do you think there are more people who are stupid enough to want to do it?”



Who was the stupid one here?

That’s what he wanted to say.


However, it was true.

No one was dumb enough to stand in the way of a monster parade.


At best, you would find yourself involved in one and try to survive while killing monsters.


It was a great feat.

However, as he had no presence, the spotlight could not be on him.


“Well, that’s not the only reason. All of the strong Adventurers have headed to Shinjuku. The only people that are left are the ones who are leveling on the upper layers. Gathering a bunch of people who can only fight on the 10th floor will only result in more casualties. In that case, it would be better to go in a small group of the best. People who look like they could survive a monster parade.”


“Look, I’m not saying you have to succeed in one attack. If things get dangerous, you can run away. If you don’t have enough power, you can use hit and run tactics and chip away at their strength.”


Indeed, his words did make a kind of sense.

Going up against it with middling numbers and strength would mean they wouldn’t be as unified. It would take too much effort to help the weaker ones, which could have disastrous results.


Instead of doing everything at once, chipping away at the monster parade through ambushes was more likely to be successful.


“We’ll do our best to support you. After all, whether or not we can survive a battle with the Lizardmen, is up to you, Air.”


So in other words, they were only going to help Haruki in order to ensure their own survival.

They applied a lot of pressure, but not too much.


It was just right.

He felt that he was accepted.


After that, they went over the finer details of how they would go about it.



[Monster Parade] Chikaho discussion thread 75(Avoid)


54 Name: Kagemitsu★

Hey, you. The person that talked about the Adventurer who got through the monster parade.

If you’re here, answer me!


55 Name: Anonymous Monster Parade Avoider

What is it?


56 Name: Kagemitsu★

Is it you!?

Why did you introduce that monster to us!!

When he came to our team house, I was so shocked that I thought my heart was going to explode!!


57 Name: Anonymous Monster Parade Avoider

>>56 lmao

I guess you’re just a coward then.


58 Name: Anonymous Monster Parade Avoider

A floating mask with tentacles and a plant, right?

So he really was just like the rumors said? Lol


59 Name: Kagemitsu★


You should see him close up.

A floating mask is moving right towards you!

Some of the members looked like they were going to cry.



There were no tentacles.

But there were feathers.


60 Name: Anonymous Monster Parade Avoider

Feathers lol

Damn it. I’m laughing so hard I think I’m going to die.


So, the masked guy really is a monster?


61 Name: Kagemitsu★

I don’t think he’s a monster.



62 Name: Anonymous Monster Parade Avoider

You don’t sound very confident. Lol


So, are you going hunting now?

I’m interested to know how he fights with those daggers.

I’ll be expecting a detailed report!


62 Name: Kagemitsu★


Leave it to me!

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