Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 51 Part 1

Let’s learn to fight with a Ranker!



The goal was to defeat the monster parade in seven days.

And so Haruki needed to get used to the 10th-floor monsters first.


The monsters that appeared on the 10th floor of Chikaho were anteaters, who were demi-humans, just like the Owners. And they were called Beroberos.

They were the same type as the boss for the 9th floor of the garage dungeon. But the normal ones were a little smaller.


According to Kagemitsu, they were about as strong as the Owners.


The Beroberos were equipped with daggers, long swords, and spears.

In terms of skill, they were equal to Adventurers who worked on the 4th and 5th floor. But they were also very physically capable.

If you only judged them by skill alone, you would be in for a terrible surprise.


Haruki had once obliterated a monster parade that included Owners.

And so a monster parade with Beroberos should not be completely impossible.


However, the Berobero had weapons.

He would have to watch the movements of the new monsters and learn quickly.

If he couldn’t do that, Haruki wouldn’t be much help.


In any case, the plan could not be put into action until Haruki was used to being on the 10th floor.

And so, on the day he arrived at the Aerial team house, Kagemitsu and the others took Haruki to the 8th floor of Chikaho.


Aside from Kagemitsu, Yoshi and Van accompanied them.

Becky was staying in the house as she had other work to do.

As for Dora-neko, he was wounded during the previous time they had faced and been defeated in a monster parade. And while he was healed, he was staying behind, just in case.


“You don’t have to be nervous. With our strength, everything up until the 10th floor should be easy.”

“That’s true.”


It went without saying, but Haruki had no doubts when it came to their ability.

In fact, he didn’t even think that saying anything could raise a flag. That’s how strong they were.


They had Ichibishi’s ‘Ichi’ series and the Kawasaki ‘KS.’

All of Aerials’s equipment was high end.

The price tags for them would be enough to make your eyes pop out of their sockets.


And they used them expertly and sent the monsters to their graves.


The speed at which the greatswords moved.

The unleashed arrows.


Everything was a step further than what Haruki thought was possible.


The trajectory of Kagemitsu’s attacks was a blur.

And yet, this was still only half of what he was capable of.

Haruki could tell be the way his muscles moved.


“…That’s amazing.”

“Yeah. So now you know.”


Kagemitsu muttered a little self-deprecatingly as Haruki praised him.


“All of those damned monsters are targeting me! Having a strong presence isn’t a good thing, you know?”

“Uh, um, I guess so..”


Haruki had only meant to compliment his skill…

But it was true. The monsters were all targeting Kagemitsu.


So, having a strong presence really was tough.


“By the way, how are you going to separate the rare types from the monster parade?”

“Hehe. You’ll find out when we do it.”


Kagemitsu said vaguely.

Did they have some kind of special plan?


Did it involve magic tools?

Or maybe they had an awakening skill.


While Haruki was curious, he couldn’t force the information out of them.

Besides, it would be considerably more enjoyable if he waited for the right time.



Haruki and Kagemitsu walked in the lead.

Van and Yoshi watched them and leaned their heads towards each other.


“It’s pretty crazy.”

“Yeah. Do you think it really only reached mid-rank recently?”


The ‘it’ they were referring to was ‘Air.’


While he had only just reached the center layers, the Owners appeared on the 8th floor of Chikaho.


The Owners were demi-humans and had incredible combat power.

It was also hard to reach their movements, which meant that both beginners and mid-rank Adventurers had to be very careful when fighting them.

And that included Air.


That was supposed to be the case…

But Air was now walking calmly through the dungeon.


And it wasn’t because Kagemitsu was swinging a greatsword right next to him.

If he was confident due to Kagemitsu’s presence, then his guard would have been lowered more.


If he had his guard down, he would not be able to notice the monsters before Kagemitsu, and he wouldn’t be the first one to act.


His first move was to throw his dagger.


What he was using were his ‘Ichi’ Silver Wolf daggers.

And he threw them the moment the Owner had appeared.

Both of them landed deeply into the eyeballs of the Owners.


After that, the plant monster on its back annihilated the Silver Wolves.

All Kagemitsu had to do was put an end to the wounded Owner.


Then Haruki pulled out his dagger from the corpse and they continued to walk.

During this time, Air and Kagemitsu continued to talk as if nothing had happened.


“…It’s frightening.”

“Yes. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Seriously.”


They couldn’t tell where his power was coming from.

How strong would he be if he went all out? They had no idea.


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