Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 51 Part 2

Yoshi and Van had been given the role of assessing Air’s ability and determining how useful he would be during the monster parade.


Of course, Aerial had no intention of using Air as if he were disposable.

If he died during a quest that Aerial had accepted, they would forever have the terrible reputation of a team that ‘uses weak Adventurers like they are disposable items.’


And Kagemitsu had no intention of allowing that to happen to a team he had worked so hard to raise.

And so he wanted Yoshi and Van to carefully assess what Haruki was capable of.


If it turned out that Air wasn’t strong enough, he was willing to allow him to train until he was.

However, judging from what they saw now, it seemed completely unnecessary.


If anything, the way he fought seemed like it exceeded that of Yoshi and Van.


Kagemitsu had been desperate to use Conceal.

And yet, someone who could do it perfectly was right in front of them.


“…It-it’s a good thing we’re on friendly terms with him.”



And so Yoshi and Van sighed in relief.



As Yoshi and Van watched him from behind, Haruki continued to walk forward nervously.


When the first monster had appeared…

The monster had been killed immediately by Yoshi’s bow and Kagemitsu’s great sword.


Furthermore, neither of them had any changes in the rhythm of their breathing when they attacked.


If it were Haruki, he would have been panting.

But such things could cause you to be open to attacks.

It also resulted in lowered energy.


…I see.

So this was how they became stronger!


Haruki watched their movements and understood the secret of their strength.


He understood and copied.


It was in order to get as close as he could to a Ranker.

He imitated to get closer to Rankers, which would help him acquire a presence.


Haruki spread out his presence detection.

And when it caught a monster, he would throw his dagger immediately.


He concentrated on his breathing, but not too much.

He continued to talk with Kagemitsu at the same rhythm.


This was quite difficult.

Your breathing became irregular when you were tense.



Don’t give up!


He analyzed.

Theorized and executed.

And then tested it again!


Little by little, Haruki learned how to keep his breathing steady.


“You use your daggers by throwing them?”

“I only throw the old ones. That way, it won’t hurt if I lose them.”

“I see.”


“By the way, that mask doesn’t have any holes for your eyes. So how do you see?”

“The mask is a magic tool. It doesn’t affect my vision when I have it on.”

“It’s a magic tool! Can I…ask what it does?”

“It increases my presence.”


“I said it increases my presence when I put it on!”

“That’s so worthless!”

“Don’t insult my mask! It’s an amazing item!!”


Even while this pointless banter went on, Haruki continued to search the dungeon.

Kagemitsu’s movements when he cut into the monsters were very educational for Haruki.


He wanted to look at him carefully, but he often couldn’t follow it.

And so he would have to go off the changes in the air that he felt through detection, and then imagine the movements.


The 8th floor boss was cut dead by Kagemitsu in the blink of an eye.

There was nothing for Haruki to do.


They activated the gate and continued to the 9th floor.

Only Owners appeared on the 9th floor.


Still, Haruki did not stop moving.

He had defeated many Owners already, and Kagemitsu had fought even stronger enemies.

And so they reached the next boss room without even taking a break.


“Do you want to fight with us? Or you could just watch?”



The boss here was an Owner. But this one had weapons.

It was probably about as strong as the one from the garage.


If he had enough time, Haruki should be able to defeat it.

However, if he did participate in the fight, he was likely to just get in their way, since they were so much more skilled than him.


“I’ll watch and learn.”

“Got it. Alright, Yoshi, Van. Let’s get this over with.”




Yoshi and Van went right into their battle stance when they heard Kagemitsu’s voice.


Behind them, Haruki heightened his concentration.


What was about to unfold in front of him, was a battle by the top team of Hokkaido.

He couldn’t miss a single second of it.

No, even the smallest hints had to be caught.


And so Haruki’s concentration rose to its limit.

It made one second seem like an eternity.


He could not be more excited.

It was then that Kagemitsu jumped forward.




–He was so fast!


It was a speed that even Haruki could not follow with his eyes.

But Haruki still felt the rush of wind after he was gone.


One second after the attack.

In just one second, the long-limbed goblin’s body was separated into pieces.



He has seen it!!


Haruki did a mental fist pump.


What Haruki saw was just clear enough to not be an after image.


Kagemitsu exuded a strong presence as he closed in on the boss.

Van jumped in from the side and took the lead.

But the boss was so taken in by Kagemitsu’s presence, that it immediately swung towards him.

That’s when Van blocked the attack.


And then an arrow came flying before the boss could fix its posture.

The arrows landed in both of its eyes.

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