Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 51 Part 3


And—Kagemitsu’s great sword cut into the now completely unprotected body of the boss.


All of this happened in one second.

It was a frightening level of power.

And teamwork as well.


“How was that?”

“I don’t have the words to describe it.”


Surely no matter how he phrased it, he would not be able to hide his own jealousy.


But he was jealous.

Haruki was incredibly jealous of their strength.


At the same time, he felt a passionate excitement.

After all, if he tried, he might get there someday…


When he had seen Masatsugu, he felt that he would never reach that level.

However, when he saw Aerial fighting, he felt that it might be possible.

It was a feeling in his gut.


Was that the difference between Masatsugu and Aerial?

Or perhaps it was that Haruki had become stronger, and he now saw the way to reach those heights.


In any case, Haruki was excited after seeing Kagemitsu and the others fight.

His blood felt hot as it coursed through his veins.


This was a rare experience where he was able to get a close look at the way other people fought.

There was no way that he wouldn’t get excited.


He wanted to move.

He wanted to copy them right now.

However, Haruki had to hold back the urge.

If he moved freely now, he would be no different from a child.


And so Haruki immediately carved the images and sensations into his brain.

This was so that he could make use of them the next time that he fought.



The 10th floor looked a lot like how it did in the garage dungeon.

However, there were more trees in this field.

Maybe a thousand or two thousand more.


However, the sky looked exactly the same.

Maybe the garage dungeon was just on the other side of the wall.

That’s what it felt like…

And in the center of the field, he saw a black cluster.


“…Is that the monster parade?”

“Yeah. There are more than before.”


Kagemitsu’s face twisted with anger.


It wasn’t just a small number like 100 or 200.


He was supposed to defeat them?

This was ridiculous…


Haruki was suddenly feeling very cowardly.


No one would want to fight hundreds of monsters like this.


However, he had already said that he would do it. And so he had no choice but to face them.


—Yes, I will do my best.

If he got through this, he might be able to acquire a stronger presence!!


“Well, guess I better go and kill these small fries.”



Haruki had yet to fight a Berobero that wasn’t a boss.

And so he needed time to learn how to fight them.


“Oh, don’t go forward yet. It’ll be bad if it notices you.”

“…Uh, oh.”


Haruki had taken a step forward, but Kagemitsu stopped him with a hand on his chest.

A cold sweat ran down Haruki’s back.


How strong was Kagemitsu’s arm?

While he was just holding him back with a single-arm, he felt as if he was being blocked by a concrete building.


However, that wasn’t why Haruki was nervous.


He was nervous because he sensed a single, tremendous presence from within the monster parade.


If he moved any closer, he would enter the range of its presence detection.

There was a thin layer in the air that was the border. And it was right in front Haruki’s nose.


The being that Haruki sensed was a rare type.

And while it was still quite far away, there was something so threatening about it that it sent a chill down his spine.


If Kagemitsu had not stopped him, Haruki would have crossed the boundary and been attacked by it.


That was close.

Haruki wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.


“How are you going to lure the monsters from this far away?”


It seemed impossible to do it without attracting the attention of the rare type.


“Well, just you watch.”


Kagemitsu said as he jerked his chin up. Then Yoshi nocked an arrow.

When it was unleashed, it cleanly avoided the boundary and landed in the ground.




That’s when Haruki noticed it.

There was a monster that was close to the spot that the arrow fell.


Maybe about 200 meters away.


And the monster had noticed them because of the arrow.


“…So, is that arrow disposable?’

“Of course, not.”


When he looked, he saw that Yoshi’s hands were rotating.

Apparently, a line had been attached to the arrow.


“Arrows are disposable items, but you have to choose where to use them.”

“I see.”

“Now, from here it’s Air’s turn. At worst, we’ll need you to be able to charge into a monster parade and still survive.”

“That’s a tall order.”

“Of course, it is. We want you to be able to kill as many monsters as possible. It’ll do us no good if you fall easily.”


That was true.

Haruki had a conflicted smile as he unsheathed his daggers.


“Rhea. I want you to draw its attention first. I’ll also be counting on your support for the close attacks once the fighting starts.”


Yes, yes.

Rhea wriggled.


In front of Haruki, the Berobero was running with a sword in hand.

However, it was clearly targeting Kagemitsu, who stood behind Haruki.


And so Rhea shot at it provocative.

And then the Berobero switched its target to Haruki.




Haruki concentrated his focus.

He calmed his breathing and sank deeply.


This was his first time seeing this enemy.

The first time fighting it.

And this was incredibly exciting for him.



Let the adventure begin!



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