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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 52 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 52

Let’s Level Up in Preparation for the Monster Parade!



Kagemitsu watched Haruki fight while also being careful to stay out of the Lizardman’s detection range.


He was using hit and run tactics.

—Or so Kagemitsu thought at first, but surprisingly, he was dealing successive attacks with his feet in one place.


Haruki dodged his opponent’s attacks with a sway.

Any attacks that he missed were blocked by the plant.


Kagemitsu was simply impressed.

There were not many people who fought with daggers, which meant that you were limited when it came to researching how best to use them.

Because of this, most people ended up handling them similar to swords.


Of course, there was no point in using daggers if that was what you were going to do.

Just use a longsword or greatsword.


However, his fighting style was very much his own.

While he clearly knew the basics of handling a greatsword or longsword, he put more weight on the number of attacks instead of the force of individual attacks.


If a single attack was powerful, the time you are fighting would be shortened.

And that meant there was less of a chance of you dying.


And so most people cared about dealing as much damage with a single attack.


With daggers, you had to be close to the enemy. And so standing still and launching as many attacks as possible seemed like a good way to increase the risk of getting killed. That’s what Kagemitsu thought.


But he was wrong.


Haruki saw all of the enemy’s attacks.

He saw them clearly.

And he could predict what kind of counter-attack would be coming next, and he dodged them with sways alone.


Kagemtisu didn’t know any other mid-ranking Adventurers who were capable of this.

And there was no point in comparing him to other dagger users…


“What do you think?”

“…He’s not there just yet.”



Kagemitsu asked them. Yoshi and Van had the same opinion.

Of course, Kagemitsu agreed.


There was no question that Air was strong enough to hunt on the 10th floor.

If anything, he was at the level where he could reach the 12th floor without much problem.


However, when it came to charging into a monster parade, he was too slow in killing enemies.

You could not take more than 10 seconds in killing a single monster. If you took longer than that, they would swarm around you and kill you.


10 seconds was the maximum time you could take in a monster parade.

But an average of 5 seconds was the ideal.


However, 20 seconds had already passed since the fight began, and Air had yet to defeat a single monster.


“…Kagemitsu, what should we do? If we send him into a monster parade like this, he’ll definitely die.”



Kagemistu knew this without being told.

However, he could not think of another Adventurer who would be able to succeed either.


At least, not in Sapporo. All of the Adventurers who were there now were beginners. Outside of Aerial, the rest had all gone to Shinjuku.


It would be possible to pull those remaining beginners up to the central layers.

However, they did not have enough time.


Currently, Aerial had no other options.

And so that was why Kagemitsu had jumped on the rumor about Air annihilating a monster parade by himself.


–I suppose I was wrong.

Kagemitsu didn’t show it, but he was horribly disappointed.


“He makes a lot of bad moves. He hasn’t been an Adventurer for long, and so he doesn’t have enough experience.”

“So, what will you do?”

“…We should watch a little longer. Besides, the monster parade isn’t so active that we have to panic.”


It would be a different story if it was an ordinary monster parade. However, there were rare types in this one.

If it became more active, it was possible that it would turn into a stampede.


If a stampede were to happen in Chikaho…

Without a doubt, Sapporo would become the next Shinjuku.


Kagemitsu had stayed in Sapporo in case such a thing were to happen in the dungeon.


You never knew what would happen in these places.

The previous stampede had made this terribly clear to him.


(I wouldn’t be much of a ranker if I couldn’t even protect this place. Those who went out to save Japan won’t have a place to return to if I don’t.)


As a ranker who had stayed, he would protect Sapporo.

Even though there was not much hope, he would cling to what they had and aim for the best possible future.


When Air finally killed his first Berobero, he fell to his knees.


“…Hmm? Is he sick from leveling up?”

“No, surely it’s too early for that.”

“I think it might be a lack of stamina…”


They all muttered.

Killing a 10th floor monster should not cause a level up sickness that was so bad it forced you to your knees.


At least, no one in Aerial experienced a sickness this bad since they became mid-rank Adventurers.

Though, that was also because they shared their experience as a party and took extra safety margins.


In Kagemitsu’s experience, there were three necessary elements for an Adventurer to conquer a dungeon.

The first was their physical level.

The second was their skill level.

And the third was combat experience.

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