Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 52 Part 2


Monsters were not so easy as to be defeated by skill alone.

Air lacked combat experience as he had been a beginner until recently. Kagemitsu didn’t think he was weak enough to get this sick over leveling up, but he also didn’t think he was strong enough to defeat monsters that were way above him.


And so Kagemitsu assumed that the reason for this was that Air had run out of stamina.

After just one fight. That usually wouldn’t happen so quickly, but it was more realistic than the level sickness.


“What will you do, Air? Take a break…”



Air’s voice interrupted him.

There was a madness in his voice and Kagemitsu became speechless for a second.


There was a strong light in Air’s eyes that were void of fatigue or nausea.

Once Kagemitsu saw this, he looked at him seriously.


“Alright. Yoshi.”


He signaled and had Yoshi lure in the next monster.


Was his stamina alright?

But surely he would just die against these weak monsters?


Still, Kagemitsu watched him cautiously so that he could help him if things got dangerous.


But in spite of his worries…





“Too slow!!”


Air kept ordering for more.


“He-hey. How long does he mean to fight?”

“Kagemitsu. Shouldn’t you stop him soon?”

“Stop that? …Don’t be ridiculous.”


Even Kagemitsu felt uncomfortable about the idea of stopping him now.


After all, he could see that Air’s movements in battle were improving every time.

It was as if he were a renowned Adventurer who had merely forgotten how to fight up until now.


Kagemitsu felt a chill go down his spine.

On the other hand, his blood felt hot.


A fight that took one minute was 40 seconds the next time.

And then it went down to 30, 20, 15 seconds…


It kept getting faster.


And his attacks were smoother as well.

Both speed and force had clearly gone up.


Kagemitsu was shocked by the attacks that aimed for the enemy’s openings.

He even gasped when he saw Air move in a way that shook the enemy so they were left vulnerable.


Air was growing incredibly fast.

And it was too fast for Kagemitsu to keep up with. That was in spite of the fact that he himself was considered to be quite far from the norm.


“Is he leveling up?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. We’d be on the 30th floor by now if killing a few Beroberos was enough to level up!”

“Yes, maybe he isn’t leveling up, but…”

“Then, is it that mask? Maybe it has some kind of berserk ability while fighting?”

“No, that’s not it.”


Going into a berserker mode would mean a change in voice and attitude.

However, he could not sense that in Air.


It was probably just that he was now able to tell what the best possible move was.

Kagemitsu came to this conclusion based on his own experience.


“I think he just has really good eyes.”


As he said this, Kagemitsu felt another chill go down his spine.


Air had eyes that could perfectly find the weaknesses of the Berobero in such a short time.

And he wasn’t a strong Adventurer.

He was practically a beginner who had only just stepped foot into the central layers!


10 times. 20. After that many fights, Air was able to take down the Beroberos by only using the best possible moves.


And that wasn’t all…




Air kept requesting more monsters.


“Uh, no. You’ve hunted enough…”




Kagemitsu grimaced but then laughed.

This guy was mad.


“Fine. Keep sending him monsters until he drops.”


“Just do it.”


How many monsters in a row could Air defeat?

Kagemitsu really wanted to know.


The limits of mankind. Of Adventurers.

Perhaps he would see him break through them…


As the one who had to lure in the monsters, Yoshi did not look happy.

He was likely afraid that Air would be killed by a monster that he sent to him.


“Don’t worry.”


Kagemitsu nodded reassuringly.


“If it looks like Air is in trouble, I’ll do everything I can to help him.”




Before he knew it, Haruki was lying down on the ground.


His back hurt because of Rhea’s leaves.

Slap. Slap. Slap. She hit him repeatedly.


It wasn’t so much an ‘are you okay?’ but more of ‘hey, this hurts!’


…You could at least show some concern.

Haruki chuckled as he slowly got up.


“Ah, finally. Do you want some water?”

“Oh. Sorry. I haven’t fainted in a while.”


“Well, now I have a teammate who prevents me from fighting for too long. But before that, there were a few times that I fainted.”

“…Don’t you know that you could have died?”

“That’s what she said. She was very angry.”


Haruki thought of Karen and smiled.


“Sorry to have caused you any trouble.”

“No, you fell only after you killed all of them. We just had to wait here until you woke up.”


Still, thanks to that, Haruki was still alive.


Haruki drank the water that was offered to him.

He also gave plenty to Rhea.

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