Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 52 Part 3



“So, what do you think? Now that you’ve fought the Berobero.”

“I struggled at first with the range of my weapons.”


The monsters also thought differently.

However, his experience with fighting the Owners had given him a good grasp on how to manage.


He just used it with the Beroberos.


Furthermore, Haruki copied the movements he had seen Kagemitsu and the others using.

This was quite difficult.


It was no wonder.

Even if you had support skills, surely it was not possible to copy the movements of Adventurers who worked in the lower layers.

But Haruki kept trying.


Perhaps it was because he had leveled up, or it was the appearance of divine protection.

As he continued to fight, Haruki slowly started to notice the changes in his physical ability.


It was as if even when he used all of his power, he could still somehow go further.

There was suddenly a new roof that was higher than before. And Haruki was getting closer to it with every fight.


He stubbornly continued to mimic their movements and make adjustments as he headed towards his own limit–the roof.

Ultimately, by the time he had hunted down 50 Beroberos, he was every bit as fast as them.


And then, when his concentration had reached its climax, Haruki saw it.

A faint white light in his vision…


What was it?

As soon as he noticed it, it disappeared.


And no matter how hard he wished he could see it again, the light did not appear.

But when he concentrated on fighting again, the light returned.


But he couldn’t react quickly when he was concentrating.

And if he tried, it would vanish again.


…What the hell was it?


He was so curious about this light.

That was why he kept asking for more monsters.


But in the end, he never did figure out what that light was.

He felt that he would have been able to figure it out if he fought just a little more…


Haruki returned the water bottle to Kagemitsu and checked his body for injuries.

He had tested different moves and fought with everything he had. But it seemed that he was unharmed.


However, he did feel heavy.

But it could not be helped, considering how long he had fought.


“Should we head back then?”

“What time is it?’

“It’s 2 pm.”

“Then I’ll hunt a little more.”


“Hmm. Do you have other plans?”

“Uh, no. We don’t.”

“Then I’ll hunt.”



Kagemitsu looked at Yoshi and Van with a troubled expression.

He said they had no plans. But was he lying?


“Sorry for inconveniencing you. I can just stay by myself…”

“No-no-no! It’s fine. It’s no problem. If you want to stay, we’ll stay with you.”


Kagemitsu frantically interrupted him.


Haruki didn’t want them to stay if they didn’t want to…

But since he made the offer, he thought he would accept it.


He threw some nutrition supplement rations into his mouth and stood up while holding his daggers.




His goal today would be to kill 200 Beroberos!




[Monster Parade] A thread to discuss Chikaho 75 (Evade)


211 Name: Kagemitsu★


That guy who introduced the Adventurer to us.

Come out!


212 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades

What is it this time…


213 Name: Kagemitsu★

You pushed some crazy personnel onto us!

He continued to hunt from 11 to 8!


214 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades

That doesn’t sound like you, Kagemitsu.

So, it’s just 9 hours?

That’s not impressive.


215 Name: Kagemitsu★

Fighting monsters for 9 hours is not impressive?

He kept going at it like he was some kind of eating champion!


216 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades

Eating champion…

He was taking small breaks, right?


217 Name: Kagemitsu★

He only rested once when he collapsed.


218 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades


Sorry, I don’t get it.

How many Beroberos did he kill in all?


219 Name: Kagemitsu★


More than 200.

They couldn’t respawn fast enough.

If they did, he would have probably reached 300 or more.


220 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades

Can’t respawn fast enough? lol

What monster parade was this? lol


I’m sure you helped too?

Right?(let’s be real)


221 Name: Kagemitsu★

It wasn’t a monster parade.

I was just watching.

I didn’t help at all.


222 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades


I was glad that I could kill 50 in one day.

But I guess I’m just a bottom of the barrel slug in the grand scheme of things…


223 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades

50 is the limit for me as well.

Kagemitsu. Is this guy really human?


224 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades

No way. Lol


225 Name: Kagemitsu★

I wish it was a lie…

>> I think he’s human.

He was eating a ration.


The most we ever killed was 150.

That’s with all five of us!


Seriously, what the…

We’re all creeped out by him.

Especially me.


226 Name: Anonymous who evades Monster Parades

He creeped out the strongest Adventurer in Sapporo.

It’s no wonder Masatsugu was interested in him…

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