Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 53 Part 3






Then, they lined up the eels on the ground.

It looked exactly like a funnel lying down.


The eels would guide the Monster Parade towards the narrow part of the funnel.

That way, even if Haruki were by himself, he wouldn’t be surrounded by the Monster Parade.


But was that going to go so smoothly?


“How are we going to lure the Monster Parade here?”


It was nothing to be proud of, but Haruki was not good at attracting aggro.

He could aggro them by attacking them.

However, any monsters that Haruki had yet to attack could fail to notice him and head elsewhere.


“We’ll use this.”

“Is that… A Piyoko?”


That’s right.

Haruki reflexively clapped his hands as a reaction to having understood.


A Piyoko was capable of producing a cute “Piyoo” cry from the bottom of its belly.

That cry could be used to attract the monsters’ attention.


It was a bit questionable, but these could be bought at a fairly high price in second-hand shops in Sapporo.

There was no doubt that it would be effective.


With it, they would surely be able to aggro the monsters, regardless of Haruki’s ability.


“This will definitely work for the lesser monsters, but what about the boss?”

“I’ll lure him in myself.”


Kagemitsu confidently struck his own chest.


But exactly how was he planning to lure in the boss?

Haruki waited for an explanation, but it didn’t look like something like that would arrive.


None of Kagemitsu’s teammates seemed to doubt him whatsoever.

So he must certainly be able to pull it off one way or another.


However, being someone who’s not part of their team, Haruki could not really tell.


Haruki wasn’t mad about not knowing or anything like that.

After all, it was only natural that there would be things he would not know about.


He was simply a little anxious.

But everything should be fine as long as the strategy works.


After they were done setting up the slimy eels, the members gathered around the gate.

Then, they began checking on their equipment.


“Hey, Kagemitsu.”

“What is it?”

“How long do you think it will take for these slimy eels to be absorbed by the dungeon?”

“Oh, that. Well…”


Those slimy eels were actually monsters that appeared usually in the dungeon down in Kushiro.

If left unattended, they would eventually be absorbed.


“Probably about three hours or so.”



Can you finish up the Monster Parade in under three hours?

Haruki deeply thought about that.


There will be 500 monsters in the Monster Parade, and they had to finish it up in three hours.

That meant that they had to kill about 2 or 3 monsters per minute.


If their offensive is too unorganized or they take too much time, the slimy eels will be lost before they’re done with the Monster Parade.

And then the monsters will end up being scattered around.


“Do you think you can draw the boss as far as possible from here?”

“I think I could do it, yeah…”

“In that case, I’m counting on you. Rhea is really serious today. I’d appreciate it if you took the boss somewhere far away, where Rhea’s attacks can’t reach it.”


They had limited time to defeat 500 monsters.

In order for that to work, it was necessary that both Haruki and Rhea fought against the Monster Parade with all their might.


If Kagemitsu and the others started fighting the boss nearby, Rhea’s potato stones could end up hindering their battle.


“Got it.”


Kagemitsu meekly nodded at Haruki’s request.



“… Is everything ready?”


Kagemitsu asked the worked-up crew in a low voice.

Both Haruki and the members of Aerial nodded silently.


“We are a little short on people to face this Monster Parade. And to make matters worse, there will be a boss as well. The truth is, I’d like to have more people for this job. But it is as I said before. If we just carelessly add people to our numbers, it could do more damage than actually help us.

So it’s going to have to be the six of us.

Be proud of yourselves. You’re the elite Rankers I’ve personally chosen for this job.

Even if it ends up not going as planned, it will be fine. If you fail, it won’t mean that you can’t try again. You can try as many times as long as you manage to return alive.

So don’t die.

If you die, you will never be able to fight anymore.

Survive. Survive, and see this strategy through.

From this area of Sapporo, we will protect the hometown of those brave adventurers who have returned to recapture Shinjuku!”




Kagemitsu’s speech really fired up their spirit.


Still, it was only six of them.

But these six people alone would definitely be able to see this through.

Kagemitsu sounded so confident that he successfully managed to make everyone believe that.


Filled with fighting spirit, Haruki reached his assigned position.

He looked at Kagemitsu and waited.



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