Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 53 Part 4


Kagemitsu nodded.

In response, Haruki took the Piyoko in his hand and pressed its belly.



Piyoo piyoo piyoo.

Piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo.


He pressed the Piyoko’s belly over and over again.


If he let go for a single second, Kagemitsu and the others would be at risk of being swarmed by the Beroberos.

So he carried on, carefully and persistently.


He had to make sure to keep their eyes on Haruki at all times.


Piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo piyoo pi–


“Ah, it broke.”


He had pressed it so much that it ended up breaking it.

But it should be alright.


The Monster Parade has already begun to move.

All of their aggro was on Haruki.


Naturally, that includes the boss as well.


But the boss’ intense thirst for blood for his body, which had been fired up by Kagemitsu’s speech, was suddenly extinguished.

The boss’ aggro had disappeared.




It had come to a complete stop, then turned around and headed for Kagemitsu.

What on earth had just happened…?


He was curious.

But there was no time to worry about that now.


The Monster Parade is already merely 30 meters away from Haruki.

At that rate, they would run him over.




At Haruki’s call, Rhea opened fire.


–Hit them, break them, pierce them, split them open (ratatatat).


The Beroberos started to flop onto the floor, eating a barrage of bullets as they drew nearer.

The Beroberos on the back then start to fall over their already fallen companions.


–Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot bababababa.


Rhea continues to attack.

It was very amusing to see Rhea’s bullets hit monster after monster.


After a short moment, a barricade of monsters was already being formed in front of Haruki.


About half of the monsters that had piled up into a barricade were no longer breathing.

And even those who still breathed were getting killed by the monsters on the rear as they trample over them.


Any monsters who collided with the barricade from behind would get run over by the monsters behind them and suffer serious damage.

Some of them would be sent flying as if they were bowling pins.


There were heaps of corpses all around.

Haruki was taken aback by the tremendous killing power Rhea had obtained with her new Divine Protection.


It was a fearsome power.

It was completely different from what she had been able to do thus far.


Then, after having committed a potato genocide, the exhausted Rhea had no choice but to rest on Haruki’s back.

Having defeated that many monsters, it would be no surprise if this was a case of level-up sickness.


The defeated monsters so far added up to about 10 percent of the total.

So the strategy was considerably effective.


But there were still plenty of monsters yet to defeat.

There was no time to relax.


Haruki readied his daggers.





Understand how much space you have by using Detection.

Select a target.


The muscle’s pulse.

The target’s movements.

The flow of the battle.

Expand your brain.


Avoid the attack of the Berobero coming towards you.

And counter by cutting its head clean off with the dagger in his right hand.


Aim at the next coming target’s heart with the dagger in his left hand…

Then an arrow flew from behind him and hit the monster that was behind that one right between its eyes.


“Was that you, Yoshi?”


Haruki called out to Yoshi, who was probably hiding somewhere and providing support fire.


That took one second.


Only one second.

And three Beroberos were already down.


How many more seconds would they need?

How many of these monsters should they kill?

How far should he push his body?


Haruki trembled as those thoughts appeared in his mind.


A faint light passed through the Monster Parade.

Out of the tens of thousands of possible alternatives…

The best future was waiting for them.


Haruki inevitably reeled that faint light in.


The best moment would soon arrive.

He was looking forward to it.

His body shivered in anticipation.


Slash, stab, evade, kick.

Tear apart, strike, block, kill.




With a loud battle cry, he blew away the level-up sickness.


This is different from his previous experience with a Monster Parade.

All of the Beroberos were holding weapons.


There were many and they were strong.

But they didn’t seem very skilled.


So with a bit of guidance…

They could be made to clumsily attack their own companions.


If they stopped to think about what to do, they would be easy targets for Rhea.

And if they threw themselves recklessly into battle, they would quickly meet Haruki’s blades.


Haruki and Rhea’s movements complemented each other, so they could cover all kinds of range.


This was good.

This was really good!


Haruki took a deep breath as he continued to slaughter one Berobero after another.


There were those he could kill himself.

And Rhea would take care of those who were out of reach.

And then were those Beroberos who would get confused by their movements, and end up hitting one another.


Haruki took a weapon dropped by one of the Beroberos.

Then he threw it at them.

They were all crowding up in front of him.

He didn’t even need to aim. He was sure it would hit one of them.


As long as the opponent had weapons…

They wouldn’t come to surround them as close as those monsters from the Parade who didn’t.


Haruki would always be able to keep a distance that was suitable for daggers.

So he could just relax and focus on continuing to attack.




When he noticed, he couldn’t help but laugh.

He laughed like he always did when he was in a different battlefield.


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