Chapter 2 – What Did He Eat Growing Up?

Gu Siyi’s father, Gu Zhiyuan, was college schoolmates with Xia Guangyu and his wife Peng Ling. They had met through similar interests. The marriage between Xia Guangyu and Peng Ling was all due to Gu Zhiyuan helping in the middle. He and Shi Lao also helped to mediate their fights. When the two finally married, it was said that, Gu Zhiyuan, the groomsman was happier than when he was getting married.

But road on life must goes on and they came to the road at which they must part.

Xia Guanyu was the son of officer so it was natural that he would go into politics and Gu Zhiyuan became a merchant. One was in the north and the other in the south. With the difference in identity, status, and geographic distance increasing, their relationship was no longer as close as in the past. The real division happened after the they had kids. Gu Zhiyuan’s commercial circle continued to expand, and slowly developed all over the country. As a businessman, it cannot be helped that you would have to engagements with the supervision department. Once in a development project, Gu Zhiyuan wanted to ask Xia Guangyu to approve a document but was rejected. From then, the relationship between the two really dulled.

A while back, Gu Zhiyuan and Xia Guangyu came across each other again and began talking about their children. Xia Guangyu offered to help transfer Gu Siyi to Long Xing Middle School. Long Xing Middle School was C City’s top known school, its famous even throughout the country. The Gu family had been greatly worried about their cute and clever but just not good at studying daughter, so they were naturally happy about this opportunity. In order for Gu Siyi to better assimilate to the new environment, they purposely brought her over to C City before school started to meet with Xia Zhijuan.

August came fast.

After finishing the admission procedures for Long Xing Middle School, the Gu couple came to report to school with their daughter.

The school was located in C City’s new district. The middle school and high school are together and took up a large area. The hardware facilities are luxurious and so was the software.  The most elite teachers in the city are all concentrated here. As a prestigious school, there was a limit to the number of students they could recruit in a year. Countless elites tried ways to get their children, the competition was intense. It was thanks to the Xia family or else it wouldn’t have mattered how much money they have; they couldn’t spend it anywhere.

The couple walked with their daughter in the school campus feeling touched and fortunate.

Xu Jiahui said, “In order for you to go to school, your dad did so many years of work for nothing, all of his efforts were wasted.”

Gu Zhiyuan said, “In order for you to go to school, your mom bought so much less clothes, bags, and cosmetics.”

Gu Siyi translated, “…Study well, day day up.”

“In order for you to go to school, your dad went from drinking a 1982 Lafite to a Ergutou.”

“In order for you to go to school, your mom’s bag went from Hermes to Coach, and it was bought from an overseas agent.”

Gu Siyi continued to translate, “Strive for the top, keep improving.”

Two boys passing by laughed while turning their heads to look at them.

Gu Siyi, “…” Drama queen parents ok?

The three walked together to the school dorms. The dorm area had two large buildings, one male dormitory, one female dormitory, side by side separated by road. The exterior appearance of the building was beautiful, and the interior was nice as well. The four people dorm had closets, desks, an individual bathroom, and a small balcony. Xu Jiahui stated that she was satisfied with it. Afterall, her daughter was brought up pampered, she did not want her to have a rough time.

The couple had lunch with Gu Siyi outside the school and left.

Gu Siyi watched them leave and her heart felt a sense of sadness and reluctance.

This was the first time in her life that she had been so far away from home in a foreign city, a foreign school, living and studying by herself. Her nose felt sour and she held back the urge to run up to stop her mother.

Gu Siyi returned inside the school and walked around the unfamiliar environment.

Tomorrow would be the day to report to class, so she was free for the rest of the day.

She came in front of the honor roll on the school’s announcement board. On top were the top 100 highest scores during the rise from middle to high school.

Number one, Xia Zhijuan.

Gu Siyi looked at the scores for each of his classes ——

Full points in Math? Full points in English? Full points in Physics? Full Points in Chemistry?

…What did he eat growing up? Brain Platinum?!

Gu Siyi tried hard to process row of scary scores, under his genius rays, she was no longer a study scum, she had became a study foam.

(In Chinese, a student who has bad grades are called 学渣 lit. translation: Study scum, Gu Siyi became a 学沫, lit. translation: Study foam. So I guess foam is worse than scum then )

Gu Siyi then went to look at the class placement bulletin board. She saw her name “Gu Siyi” towards the bottom under Year 1 Class 6. From the bottom, she looked at each of her classmates’ surnames until she came to the name of number one, Xia Zhijuan.

“Wow, I saw Xia Zhijuan! I am so fortunate to be in the same class as him!”

“Me too, thankfully the school did not use our scores to place us!”

“I am in Class 13, uwuwu…so far from you guys. We all rose up from middle school, why can’t we be placed in the same class…”

“It will be fine; we are in the same building. We can hang out later.”

“Hey hey hey, Xia Zhijuan is coming, Xia Zhijuan!”

The excitement from the girls beside her reached Gu Siyi’s ears.

Gu Siyi followed their voice and turned her head to look.

Xia Zhijuan wore a blue and white ball uniform and walked in the center of a group of boys. His short soft black hair glittered light spots under the sun. The height of the a few of the boys next to him were about the same yet he was the most eye-catching of the group holding everyone’s attention.

Gu Siyi was stunned by Xia Zhijuan the first time he saw him. This second time…she was still stunned. Especially under the comparison of the group of boys around him, he seemed even more dazzling and outstanding.

However, she did not want to be entangled with the problem of greeting and attract attention or not greet and be rude, so she quietly retreated into the crowd as she saw them walking over.

The boy walked at a lazy pace; his eyes cold. When he tightened his lips, he emits an uninterpretable cold aura. The eyes of the girls around that were sparkling and full of excitement were rejected by his cold demeanor. No one rushed up front to strike up a conversation.

The boys walked past the announcement board. They did not stop to look but left.

Gu Siyi sighed a relief. She looked over the names of all the first years, there was no one she knew. Guess there was no chance of meeting a friend here.

After circling the huge school, she was baked by the scorching heat of the sun like a fish out of water, thirsty and unbearable. The school cafeteria’s milk tea shop came into view, Gu Siyi’s heart fluttered. She quickly moved up the steps and opened the door. The cool cold air blew on her face, she felt superb.

She bought a cup of Super Fruit Season Spring and walked inside to find a seat to rest.

The seats near the wall were occupied by four five guys, each with long legs and a strong sense of existence.

Of course, the most eye-catching was still Xia Zhijuan. He leaned lazily on the back of the chair. He held a phone horizontally in his hands, his eyes looked intently on the phone screen.

“A Juan, you betrayed me!”

“So what if he betrayed you, betraying you he got 5 consecutive combos.”

Oh, they are playing as a team.

Xia Zhijuan reached out to grab the cup on the table. When he saw that it was empty, he placed it back down.

Gu Siyi was about to turn and leave when Xia Zhijuan looked up. Their eyes locked.

“…” Gu Siyi was sure he saw her.

Although his eyes only stopped for a second before dipping down to continue playing games.

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