“Ah.” Su Tang yelped quietly, glancing around. He only sighed a breath of relief when he realized no one else was looking at them.


“What are you leaning close to me for?” Shen Lan asked.


“Nothing.” Su Tang had been out and about for the whole afternoon, and was getting a bit tired. Standing close to Shen Lan made him feel comforted and safe. For some reason, he didn’t even want to get out of his embrace.


“Are you cold?” Shen Lan stroked his cheeks, realizing they were slightly cool.


Su Tang wasn’t actually cold, but he made up his mind somehow to nod. “I’m really cold.”


And then he rubbed against Shen Lan, telling him he was tired.


His voice was as soft as a kitten that couldn’t stop teasing. But it wasn’t annoying to Shen Lan. He actually found it endearing.


“Then do you want me to carry you?” he asked.


Raising his head dizzily, Su Tang blinked. In the dim light his eyes looked like sparkling pearls. He didn’t speak, perhaps because he was a bit embarrassed, but also because he wanted to be carried.


Shen Lan knew the way he thought, so he dropped down and let him on. Su Tang crawled slowly onto his back, wrapping his arms around his neck and burying his face into his shoulders.


The dim light illuminated the two, dragging their shadows longer and longer against the ground. Su Tang’s heart trembled. This situation all felt so familiar somehow, as if it had happened before. But this was Shen Lan’s first time carrying him, so it shouldn’t feel like it had happened before.


Su Tang’s heart tightened. Raising his head, he gazed at Shen Lan’s neck, thought about it, and finally couldn’t resist the urge to get closer and kiss him on the neck quietly.


Shen Lan felt something cool and soft against the back of his neck and guessed that it was probably Su Tang’s lips. He was surprised and a bit delighted. Before he could react, Su Tang slumped even closer to him, rubbing his lips against his skin like a small puppy.


There wasn’t the sharp bite of teeth. Instead it was a gentle friction, without the toxins of lust, but somehow more intoxicating than poison, almost like a fire burning inside of Shen Lan. It woke him right up.


Shen Lan had been holding back for god knows how long, thinking that he would wait until he got home to teach this little tease a lesson. And that’s when he realized that Su Tang had fallen asleep right there on his back.


“You…” Shen Lan was exasperated. With a bag in one hand and Su Tang on his back, he could only put him onto the bed before turning on the light.


Su Tang suddenly woke up. He was still a bit dazed, his eyes only half-open. The room was too dark for him to see, and he called out in a moment of panic, “Shen Lan? Shen Lan?”


“I’m here.” Shen Lan hurriedly turned back to wrap his arms around him, before switching on the light.


Su Tang was still confused. He glanced at Shen Lan and the environment around him before realizing he was back home. He rubbed his eyes and murmured, “Just now I was still…”


“Still being naughty?” Shen Lan sat next to him and asked with a laugh.


“No!” Su Tang shook his head hurriedly. Seeing that Shen Lan didn’t seem to buy his denial, he said softly, “I just wanted to…you know…”


“Mm, I understand.” Shen Lan glanced at him, and then suddenly pushed him over. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. What do you think?”


Before Su Tang could respond, his lips were muffled and his hands pressed against the bed, with a searing hot kiss on his lips.


Their breathing intertwined, heartbeats quickening. Su Tang’s tongue and lips were overcome quickly and without resistance. More accurately, he didn’t want to resist. His eyes narrowed, all he could hear was the sound of their lips clashing and the fabric of their clothes rubbing against each other.


Soon enough this kiss was changed in flavor. More and more bodily contact made Shen Lan feel like he wouldn’t be able to control himself much longer. His hands reached under Su Tang’s clothes, caressing his soft skin.


“Mm…” Su Tang hummed, pulling Shen Lan’s thoughts back. He paused before extending his hand again in a warm, gentle fashion, as if suppressing the heat in his heart and crushing his own lust.


“Sorry, I was a bit eager.” Shen Lan’s voice was a little hoarse as he drew his hand away, taking a deep breath. “Did I scare you?”


“No.” Su Tang shook his head. His eyes were a bit misty with a look of innocence that almost seemed like a call for someone to pick on him.


Shen Lan swallowed, trying to look away, but couldn’t.


The more he looked at Su Tang, the more Su Tang felt his face become warm along with his heart. And then his whole body felt hot. He tugged at his collar, trying to cool down a bit, but accidentally showed his pale neck and delicate collarbones.


Now Shen Lan really couldn’t look away. The fire he’d suppressed just now surged up inside of him again. He drew close once more, eyes dark as ink, and took Su Tang’s hand. “Baby, I can’t hold back any longer. I want you, right now. Is that okay?”



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