Lovable Package – Chapter 36 – Little Vampire 16

The voice of Shen Lan was very low, so low that it’s like a whisper late at night. He looked at Su Tang and didn’t let him escape. He only wanted a response from Su Tang, and he could accept that whether it’s good or bad.


Su Tang’s face was still a bit hot, his eyes were widely opened. He was a bit shocked and shy, it’s like he couldn’t answer this difficult question. The only thing he could do is to pout. He was out of an idea.


He thought that Shen Lan must be wanting it desperately, that’s why he’s saying such things to himself. And what about him? He thought he’d want it too.


This answer did not surprise him, even if someone asked him a dozen times, he’d think the same. But…he was a bit shy and didn’t know how to express himself.


And now, Shen Lan has been looking at him for long, making him so excited that his heart was about to fly up high, and was even beating frantically. It’s almost as if his mouth no longer belonged to him, and he had almost forgotten how to speak.


And so, Su Tang looked at Shen Lan like a scared little deer, somewhat pathetic.


When Shen Lan saw him like this, he thought that Su Tang didn’t want things to go this way, or maybe he had been scared. After all, his sweetheart is so easily scared and cries easily. Look at his little face, he’s a bit dumbfounded.


He felt a bit guilty, then he touched Su Tang’s head and said gently, “I was just too desperate. Baby, don’t be scared…just let me know when you’re ready, okay?”


“No…” Su Tang hurriedly shook his head and his face flushed even more. Shen Lan could only understand it as he’s too shy, and he said, “it’s ok…I’m going for a shower, do you want to nap a little?”


“Don’t leave.” Su Tang grabbed the clothes of Shen Lan, raised his head and looked at him, then quickly lowered his eyes again. He’s got very long and curly eyelashes, they were trembling, he seemed really nervous.


“Yes, what’s the matter?” Shen Lan bent down and asked him.


“I didn’t disagree.” Su Tang’s voice was so soft that it sounded like it’s from the tip of his throat. He didn’t seem to want Shen Lan to hear what he’d said, but he indeed said this to him.


Shen Lan almost couldn’t react, since Su Tang’s reply was totally unexpected. He originally started to regret since he’d sounded too desperate, and that he’d probably scared Su Tang. He was already prepared to pamper Su Tang for a while before suggesting again to be intimate. Unexpectedly, Su Tang said yes.


With a look of disbelief, he looked at Su Tang, as if he’d not heard him correctly. He asked a bit nervously, “baby, what have you just said?”


“You……” Su Tang was a bit pissed off now. He had summoned his courage with much difficulty to say this, yet Shen Lan wanted him to repeat. He looked at Shen Lan’s mouth and wanted to bite him to release his anger.


In turn, Su Tang stared at him, and bit him hard. After that, he pouted and said, “then pretend that I didn’t say anything!”


“Hey, how is it possible?” Shen Lan felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest. He hurriedly held Su Tang in his arms and said with a smile, “you’re really good…you’re such a godsend.”


Su Tang snorted, opened his eyes and tried not to look at him, pretending to be very angry, while he’s just trying to cover his shyness. His body relaxed and leaned entirely in the arms of Shen Lan, as if he’s sending a signal to let Shen Lan do something to him.


Shen Lan started kissing him, from his cheeks to his lips, he couldn’t help but suck his lips greedily. Then, he unbuttoned his shirt and started exploring the unknown.


The air-conditioner was turned on and it was getting warmer. Su Tang was immersed in the environment. He was breathing and gasping slowly, and he’s being cooperative, letting Shen Lan explore his body, comforting and teasing it.


He looked so obedient, like a flower that let people pick up without complaints, blooming and gorgeous, like waiting for the raindrops before blossoming.


Shen Lan took something out of the drawer. After he removed the package, he put some on his hands. Seeing him doing this, Su Tang wanted to ask what he’s doing, but Shen Lan touched him softly again, making him change his tone.


He couldn’t help but moan a little, then he asked while panting, “um…you, when did you…”


“I bought it a few days ago.” Shen Lan knew what Su Tang wanted to ask, and replied with a smile.


“Bastard.” Su Tang looked shy.


“Yeah, I’m a bastard.” Shen Lan nodded, as if he didn’t care what he’d heard. He put down the thing, then lifted Su Tang’s legs, “I’m going to do something that makes me look even more like a bastard. Are you scared?”


Su Tang was stunned, and suddenly realized the situation he’s in now. He was comforted and pampered by Shen Lan, and had almost forgotten that he’s going to be intruded. This time, Shen Lan started it for real, and of course, he’s scared.


He couldn’t help but started shivering, his eyes looked incredibly scared and he said, “I’m scared.”


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