He had seldom explored that area himself, and this time, someone else was going to explore it deeply. He’s so afraid of the pain.


When he heard that, Shen Lan instantly felt painful too. He bent down and kissed Su Tang, stroked his back, and said gently, “you don’t have to be scared. If you’re in pain, just bite me, ok?”


“Yeah.” Su Tang nodded, he grabbed Shen Lan’s lips, rubbed it with his tongue, like a small animal licking their food, he didn’t want to bite it, nor let it go either.


When it was first entered, it felt cold. Shen Lan’s fingers pressed the entrance continuously to let Su Tang relax first, then he entered slowly. He was oh-so-gentle, but even so, Su Tang still felt a bit painful.


He was so nervous that he even forgot to blink his eyes, and he’d stopped breathing. Shen Lan looked up, kissed him, and continued stroking his spine. He only went further after Su Tang relaxed.


The initial phase of exploration was difficult, and Shen Lan was nervous as well. He kept checking the facial expression of Su Tang, and when he trembled, Shen Lan stopped again and asked, “what is it, are you painful again?”


“No…” Su Tang shook his head, it was difficult to raise the issue, but seeing how worried Shen Lan was, he said, “I’m not painful, you can continue.”


Meeting his gaze, Shen Lan suddenly realized that his fingers kept exploring Su Tang, and Su Tang couldn’t help but make noises out of pain, as if he’d been bullied, and his eyes were covered with mist.


The area had softened, and could let something more in…Shen Lan looked at him and retreated his fingers.


Su Tang already knew what was going to happen next, but when it did, he still couldn’t help but scream. His body was saying no, but it was also acting honestly by accepting it. Shen Lan paused, but still, that thing was still enlarging and it was stimulating every sense of Su Tang.


It was a bit painful at first, then Su Tang started to feel numb, and more numbness…an inexplicable feeling was transmitted through his whole body, he suddenly had a surge of comfort that he couldn’t hold.


“Wu wu…” Su Tang was so stimulated that his tears starting falling, he dared not move his legs, and he didn’t have the energy either. Shen Lan thought that the pain was unbearable and was going to retreat.


But just when he started moving again, there was even bigger friction, and the feeling was even a dozen times stronger than before. Su Tang couldn’t hold it, and he cried even louder, but his tone changed and it turned to be a seductive cry, like a cat clawing nonstop.


Shen Yan looked at him, hesitated for a moment, then slowly went further. Su Tang immediately started trembling, his body and cheeks went red, like a cooked shrimp. He kept making some noises, he used his fingers to hook, but then loosened them helplessly.


This didn’t look like pain at all, it is more like a comfortable feeling. Shen Lan wasn’t so worried anymore, then he speeded up his action and went further. He also lowered his head to kiss Su Tang’s eyes, swallowing his tears.


Not long after, Su Tang made a crying sound as he reached the climax. Shen Lan had just started and he couldn’t help but continue, after that, Su Tang’s body became very sensitive. Although he couldn’t adjust to it yet, he was enjoying it and it was a whole different feeling for him.


The bed sheets were wet with sweat and tears, and they were made even wetter with the sticky liquid. Su Tang was tired that he couldn’t cry any further. Shen Lan kissed him finally and sent warmth to his body.


He retreated, and Su Tang’s thighs were covered with red marks. He leaned weakly against Shen Lan, while the liquid kept flowing out of his mouth.


Shen Lan’s way of look darkened, he bit his fingers and fed Su Tang some blood. Then he carried Su Tang and walked inside the bathroom.


Su Tang was already very tired, but when the sweet blood entered his mouth, he was more awake. Vampires have very strong self-healing power, and he was already less tired.

Shen Lan smiled at him and asked, “are you full?”


They both took a shower. When the hot water was splashed on the two people, it washed away the turbid liquid and fatigue. Su Tang wanted to drink some more blood, then he shook his head, but he didn’t know that such action only intrigued Shen Lan more.


Shen Lan pressed him against the wall and pulled his fingers out. Su Tang had not reacted yet, but he was already kissed by Shen Lan. His legs still felt weak, and he couldn’t support himself at all. The only thing he could do was to hold Shen Lan’s waist, prevent himself from falling.


The water kept falling, but Su Tang couldn’t hear anything, it’s because Shen Lan was carrying him again, entering and retreating from him gently but with determination.


“You’re such a bastard, I don’t want to eat you.” Su Tang was grabbing Shen Lan’s shoulders while crying, but didn’t leave any marks. Then, he bit on Shen Lan’s shoulders, leaving teeth marks.


Shen Lan exposed his shoulders and let him bite, then said, “that’s why I ate you.”


Soon enough, there were teeth marks on the shoulders of the other side too, Su Tang was like a little tiger, grinding his teeth on Shen Lan’s body, but even when he became tired, Shen Lan still hadn’t stopped. He soon became sleepy and wanted to fall asleep, but he thought that it could be a pity, and he fell asleep on Shen Lan’s shoulders in the end.


When everything was over, Shen Lan touched his own shoulders with a smile. He turned off the lights and held Su Tang in his arms. He thought for a while, then bit lightly on Su Tang’s soft face, as a kind gesture.


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