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Chapter 37 – Little Vampire 17

When Su Tang woke up the next day, he felt a bit dizzy, and his throat was so dry that he found it difficult to speak. His brain was all confused, his body and mind were working very slowly. He opened his eyes and felt that the ceiling was spinning.


At this time, Shen Lan had just returned from outside. When seeing Su Tang opening his eyes widely like a cat, Shen Lan found him very cute. He poured a cup of water, sat on the bedside and caressed Su Tang’s hair. He said, “baby, have some water first.”


Su Tang took the cup, slowly swallowed the water and nodded. Then, he drank the water slowly, and he looked cute during the whole process. When he turned his head and looked at Shen Lan, he seemed to have recalled something. His eyes widened and they seemed to be flashing.


He held the cup and didn’t let go. Then, he hurriedly lifted the cup and used it to cover his face, like he’s trying to hide something. He had almost covered his face.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Lan knowingly asked. He knew what Su Tang was thinking about, and he knew why he wanted to cover his face with a cup. However, the more he knew, the more he wanted to see how Su Tang would act.


Since he thought that the way Su Tang looked was way too cute.


But it’d be even better if he could see his little face.


So, he reached out his hand and moved the cup a little lower. There’s no way for Su Tang to fight, and he could only reveal his face. His pale face was now all blushed, like a ripe apple.


The two people’s gazes met. Su Tang tried to look away, he pouted, and he blushed even more. His face would even start steaming if it went on.


He couldn’t hide away his emotions. Whenever he got angry, he’d pout, and when he felt upset, he’d cry; when he felt shy, he’d blush. This time was no different. Shen Lan raised his eyebrow, he wanted to laugh as he knew that the same thing was happening again.


But before he started laughing, Su Tang pushed the cup to him, then curled himself up like a hamster quickly getting into its blanket.


Then he reached out his hand and covered his head.


The whole action was done quickly, and the hamster didn’t even reveal its tail.


Shen Lan couldn’t help but start feeling weird, and after that, he felt speechless. Looking at the curled blanket, he thought of Su Tang hiding in his blanket. Then, he put down his cup of water and patted on the blanket. He tried to comfort Su Tang, “get out, don’t get yourself stuffed.”

He was now in a state of confusion, as it’s full of last night’s memories, such as how he was tortured, and how Shen Lan held him to the bathroom. Also, he was thinking about how Shen Lan made him faint.


When he started thinking about all these, he couldn’t help but his heart started beating furiously. On top of that, Shen Lan was talking to him right now, which reminded him that Shen Lan was using the same tone convincing him the previous night, making them do it again and again.


Once he started thinking, he would only think even more. Also, his body’s memories started waking up too. What made it difficult for Su Tang to endure wasn’t the pain, but an indescribable feeling that he’s too shy to speak about – he felt like his neck, chest, tummy and thighs were full of this sticky liquid.


But he already cleaned himself thoroughly, and Shen Lan was even holding him while he was taking a shower.


Su Tang just wanted to dig a hole for himself and hide in it, as for how long he wanted to be in that hole, it depends when he’d stop feeling shy.


However, the more he wanted to hide; the more Shen Lan wanted to stop him. He got near him and asked, “you really don’t want to come out?”


No way! Su Tang said silently in his heart. Then, he curled himself up even more, like a ball. He didn’t move and pretended to not know anything.


Seeing how fluffy Su Tang looked, Shen Lan couldn’t help it again, he reached his hand under Su Tang’s body and pulled out a corner of the quilt, then he said, “if it carries on, then I’ll come in.”


Just before Su Tang tried to stop him, Shen Lan started getting himself in the quilt, Su Tang then pulled him near and held him in his arms.


Shen Lan covered himself and the two were looking each other in the dark. He was touching Su Tang’s neck, but he hadn’t kissed him yet. Still, he was pretty close, and he was breathing out hot air, making Su Tang shiver.

“Can you not lose your temper again?” Shen Lan asked, and he was trying to use his lips to touch Su Tang’s skin while he did, but he quickly moved away again. It wasn’t clear whether he touched him on purpose. Whatever that was, it made Su Tang feel soft.


Su Tang could no longer endure it, and he finally said weakly, “I didn’t…”


He was somewhat struggling and trying to get out, but Shen Lan was holding him too tightly, and he could only move his butt, just like he’s trying to push Shen Lan actively.


Shen Lan made a noise, and Su Tang stopped immediately. He was worried that Shen Lan would become a beast again and did what was done the previous night.


When thinking about it, he felt bullied again. He accidentally kicked Shen Lan’s legs, yet Shen Lan didn’t feel painful at all, he used his legs to hold Su Tang’s, and used his feet to rub against Su Tang’s feet.

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