He seemed to be fooling around with Su Tang – when he retreated, he would want to approach even closer. And when Su Tang started kicking him, he would hide on the side. Su Tang suddenly forgot what he was going to do, he just kept struggling with Shen Lan.


He wasn’t sure for how many times he’d kicked Shen Lan, but he finally kicked the right spot, and he felt happy. Shen Lan started laughing, “baby is good at this, do you want to play again?”


Su Tang immediately held back his feet and he felt guilty. He was ashamed of himself being not tough enough. He stopped talking to Shen Lan, but as what he’d said, he felt much better after kicking Shen Lan.


Shen Lan got close yet again, and he pressed himself tightly against Su Tang, his fingers were intertwined with those of Su Tang, and he started tempting Su Tang again. The atmosphere became flirtatious again.


The quilt was thick, and it totally separated them from the outside world. They couldn’t hear the noise from outside, only the sound of breath and heart beating of each other.

Su Shi finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He squeezed Shen Lan’s fingers and said angrily, “you’re too cunning.”

Shen Lan smiled, he turned Su Tang’s body over, and Su Tang didn’t resist. He just kept holding Shen Lan’s hands and said pitifully, “how come I fall for you every time?”


“Yes, it’s my fault. What does my baby want me to do?” Shen Lan looked sincere, and he even let Su Tang continue squeezing his hand. His other hand was caressing Su Tang’s forehead and found out that he’s sweating.


“Silly, it’s so hot and we’re still wrapped up in here.” Shen Lan removed the quilt and let the lights in, Su Tang had to close his eyes.


Shen Lan covered his eyes and moved his hand away slowly, making Su Tang feel more at ease.

Su Tang blinked and saw that Shen Lan was watching him. He smiled sweetly, thought for a while and said, “don’t set up me again, you know that I’ll fall for it, and you pressed me so hard.”


“Oh, like what?” Shen Lan thought for a while then asked.


Su Tang blushed and dared not say anything. However, if he didn’t say anything, Shen Lan would never change. He could only stutter, “just like last night, when you asked me…if I had…had enough…”


“Oh.” Shen Lan nodded when he listened. He smiled and asked, “then shall I just tell you directly that I want to do it again?”


“No!” Su Tang felt like he’s been teased again, and he became furious. He poked Shen Lan’s chest and said, “no second time.”

“Do you feel painful?” Shen Lan decided to take it slow this time.


“No…” Su Tang lowered his head and whispered.


“Then do you feel uncomfortable?” Shen Lan asked again.


“No…” Su Tang replied.


“Then why don’t you want to do it again?” Shen Lan asked.


Su Tang was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. Seeing him like that, Shen Lan was more direct, “because you’re shy?”

“Yeah.” Su Tang thought for a moment. He couldn’t come up with a better answer, and he could only nod.


“Oh, if you feel shy, you’ll get used to it after doing it a few more times.” Shen Lan suggested in a serious manner.


“How dare you!” Su Tang stared at him, he felt both angry and shameful. Shen Lan sounded half joking and half serious, he felt like if he still didn’t oppose, Shen Lan would really do it with him for a few more times.


Of course, Su Tang didn’t want things to become like that. He stuttered for a while, then said, “actually, I can’t bear it…every time, it takes you so long, and you’re very…I…I can’t take it.”


“Very…very what?” Shen Lan smiled.


“Well…that…” Su Tang dared not say it loud.

Shen Yan looked at him thoughtfully and smiled, “I seem to understand now, but I’m still not sure whether we’re thinking the same way. Can I show you an example?”


“Oh?” When seeing Shen Lan like that, Su Tang felt like something was wrong, but before he got to think more clearly, Shen Lan was already kissing him.


In the beginning, it came like thunder, passionate and vigorous, like he wanted to take away everything from Su Tang. Then, he switched to a gentler and sweeter style, making Su Tang feel more at ease.


After a long while, Shen Lan stopped slowly. Su Tang’s eyes looked somewhat hazy, his lips still looked moist, it looks like he hadn’t had enough.


Shen Lan smiled and gently wiped away the liquid on Su Tang’s lips, “so, tell me if you prefer the second style?”



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