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Chapter 38


“It’s not like I haven’t had enough or anything.” Su Tang hurriedly spoke his denial. Recalling his conversation with Shen Lan, he felt his face blush and his heart beat faster.


Of course he wasn’t willing to admit it, but if he really thought back on it he couldn’t help but agree. In the beginning it was actually quite pleasurable, but in the second half Shen Lan was too rough and he couldn’t handle things anymore. If he had been gentle the whole way, maybe he wouldn’t resist so much anymore.


At the very least he wouldn’t have passed out.


Thinking about it like this, Su Tang felt embarrassed again and was prepared to argue with Shen Lan. As if knowing what he was thinking already, Shen Lan just smiled and didn’t pick up on his arguments.


Even when Su Tan finished speaking, Shen Lan still had nothing to say, just stared at him.


Su Tang was a little unhappy with this. Glaring at him, the hair on his head stood up as if in protest too. The corners of Shen Lan’s lips curved upwards as if in a smile as he smoothed his hair down and pinched his pouting cheeks. “I’ll be gentler with you in the future and follow what you want, how about that?”


Hearing this, Su Tang was happy once again and stopped pouting at him.


That’s how the two reached an agreement. Su Tang was happy. His assumption was that if Shen Lan followed his lead he’d have to restrain himself more, but what he didn’t count on was that Shen Lan was scheming for him to fall prey to the pleasurable feelings so he would only beg for more.


After they’d resolved that, Shen Lan had Su Tang lie down again and get some more rest. They’d been up too late last night. If they didn’t rest up now, they might not be able to attend the masquerade tonight.


A little later, the night arrived. After dressing up, the two accompanied An Shiyu to Prince Ravel’s villa.


Beforehand the organization had sent people to discuss some simple facts about vampires with An Shiyu, but they hadn’t told her their own identities. All they’d said is that she had special blood and had been targeted by vampires. The only way she could guarantee her own safety was work with blood hunting.


She was rather strong-willed and didn’t back down because of this. But when she really arrived at the villa she was a little panicked.


Even Su Tang couldn’t just blend in. He was surrounded by vampires, all wearing masks. They looked just like humans, except that the cups in their hands were filled with dark red liquid.


The air was filled with a dark scent and the smell of blood. There was no stench, just sweetness, like it had just been drawn from a young girl’s body.


Vampires were just like humans. They loved enjoyment for enjoyment’s sake. They processed blood into a delicate product. But this kind of blood was far too expensive for normal blood drinkers to hope for. Until a few hundred years ago, only royals could hope to taste it. But now the whole lobby full of vampires were partaking in this delicacy.


Seemed like Prince Ravel’s fortune was far more than they even imagined.


Shen Lan frowned slightly. He remembered clearly that ever since vampires and humans achieved a peace treaty, vampires stopped attacking humans, and drinking fresh blood was banned. Artificial blood became their food source.


But a few princes couldn’t stand these restrictions. They always had a few humans in their following to drink from when thirsty. Since it was an equivalent exchange, the government tacitly allowed it.


A large scale drinking of fresh blood like tonight wasn’t something a few or even a dozen of humans could supply. If anyone really inquired, everyone present would be guilty.


Streaming lights crossed together, countless vampires gathered together, drunk on fresh blood, with no idea of what disaster awaited them.


A servant walked over with wine glasses. Shen Lan accepted for Su Tang and put it down on a table nearby.


Before arriving he had already told Su Tang not to eat anything here, but even so he was still concerned. Su Tang was a real vampire after all, and it was difficult for him not to be tempted when faced by fresh blood.


That’s why he wanted to feed Su Tang ahead of time so he’d be full and ready for the event. But Su Tang was a little unwilling. Their relationship had already changed, and no one wanted to treat their lover as food, let alone drinking their blood.


The two of them argued for a long time. In the end Shen Lan couldn’t win against Su Tang, so he just bit his lip and forcefully fed/kissed Su Tang until he was full.


Thinking about this made Su Tang’s face burn hot. Thankfully there was a mask covering it, so Shen Lan wouldn’t realize.


It wasn’t safe to mingle in the crowd, so Shen Lan found a corner for them to sit. Seeing Su Tang was unwilling to look at him, he squatted down in front of him to ask, “Can you stand it?”


Su Tang kicked him lightly. “Of course.”


“Good. I’ll go out for a moment, you stay here. Remember what I said before and stay safe.” Shen Lan wanted to rub Su Tang’s head, but remembered that someone might be watching them.


“You stay safe too.” Su Tang was concerned and didn’t want Shen Lan to leave. It felt like he had never separated from Shen Lan, never leaving him. Now in this strange environment, he couldn’t help but worry.


“Don’t worry. What could happen to me?” Chuckling, Shen Lan finally stood up, had a brief exchange with An Shiyu, then walked out the side door.


Su Tang watched him go until he disappeared from his line of sight. Only then was he willing to look away at An Shiyu, awkwardly not knowing what to say.


“Are you…that too?” An Shiyu thought about it before pointing at the dance floor.


“Yes. Are you afraid?” Su Tang nodded, raising his little face to look at her. He was wearing a feathered mask that covered half his face, exposing his delicate nose and red lips. He had a small face, slightly plump with baby fat, soft and cute.


“No.” An Shiyu smiled, realizing why Shen Lan liked him so much. He was so adorable. Even with him looking at someone like that it was enough for them to get dizzy, so perhaps it was easier to forgive him for drinking blood.


“I’m different from them. I don’t just drink other people’s blood.” Saying this, Su Tang remembered his first time meeting Shen Lan again. He’d bitten him before saying anything. Thankfully An Shiyu didn’t know this, he thought to himself, or he’d have exposed himself.


“I know, you’re very cute. You don’t scare me.” An Shiyu nodded. Seeing Su Tang seemed flustered, she joked with him, “I’m guessing you only drink Shen Lan’s blood?”


Su Tang was dumbstruck. He didn’t expect her to say something like that. Should he shake his head or nod? Instead he blushed, starting to stammer.


An Shiyu giggled. She wanted to say something more, but the music in the hall stopped suddenly. The people dancing on the floor stopped, while those who had stopped to take a break stood up.


Realizing something was wrong, the two of them stood up too. The lobby was frighteningly silent. The only sound was dress shoes tapping against the floor. Following everyone’s gazes, they watched someone walk down the spiral staircase.


The person wore a black tux. He was tall and thin, pale-faced with faintly blue lips. His eyes underneath the mask looked black but were also suffused with a dim red glow. His soft hair went down to his shoulders. Although he looked mellow, anyone could sense the scent of death following him.


Su Tang’s memory told him this was Prince Ravel, An Shiyu’s father. They did look a little alike, but what drew Prince Ravel in more was their shared blood.


He looked across the room, his gaze resting on An Shiyu’s face before turning to Su Tang. Maybe he was surprised that his little brother, whom he’d searched for for so long, suddenly appeared on his own banquet.


Good things came in twos.


He walked over toward them slowly. The crowd parted automatically. The sound of his footsteps was eerie.


Walking up to the table, he retrieved two glasses of blood before walking up to the two of them casually.


He looked at An Shiyu, the corners of his lips lifting in a somewhat frightening smile, then turned his head to Su Tang while he passed the glass to him. “Do you want a glass?”


The crowd erupted in an uproar. Cold sweat broke out on Su Tang’s body. Those pale, thin hands were right before him. The red color in the glass shimmered against his skin, not bringing them any liveliness, instead imbuing them with an even more terrifying aura.


Su Tang shouldn’t have accepted, but he had to. This was Prince Ravel’s banquet. He extended his hand, his head buzzing so hard he didn’t even hear the footsteps behind him.


The moment his fingertips touched the glass, a warm pair of hands closed over his, taking the glass away and putting it on the table.


“Sorry, my master is picky. He’ll only drink my blood.”






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