Magi Craft Meister 516

15 Showdown With The Demons Arc

15-29 Capricorn



“Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that it’s not something all demons do, but instead part of your clan’s policy.”


Jin continued.


“…Would having your sister serve as a decoy be part of your clan’s policy?”


To value one’s friends because there were only a few of them was something Jin could understand, but to abandon not only your friends but your own family to their fate was something that Jin could not agree with.




Istalis, who had been casting her eyes downward, finally raised her head and turned towards Shion before lowering it again.


“Shion. I’m sorry. You have been sent out as a decoy in order to draw the attention of the radicals towards you.”


Istalis apologized to her sister.


“The day after you left, Netros and I were also sent out to negotiate. I was given gold and Magi Crystals so that I could buy food and use it to sweeten up to the humans.”




“I’m sorry for forcing you to face the dangers of being a decoy, even though it was Grandfather’s decision.”


Istalis once again lowered her head.


Even though she understood, it seemed that Shion was still shocked to hear those words coming out from her own sister’s mouth.


However, knowing the hardships and pains Istalis and Netros had to go through, she didn’t feel like blaming her for it.


“…It’s not your fault, sister. Don’t worry. …After all, we ended up meeting Jin, and he has promised to help us.”


“…You’re right. We, on the other hand, got ourselves captured and our gifts taken from us… Looks like we’ve been the fools here.”

“Stop it. That wasn’t your fault either.”


Shion gently hugged her sister. Istalis then hugged her back.


“Thank you, Shion”





Listening to the sisters’ conversation, Jin was relieved to see how much they cared for each other, and that neither of them had any choice but to follow their grandfather’s –the clan leader’s– instructions.


However, even if he were to tell them that, the story wouldn’t end there.


From a humane point of view, Jin’s biggest concern was the threat of an all-out war against the demons. That was something that he had to avoid at all costs.


All of that, of course, while considering the safety of Kaina Village.


He had no way to save every human being from harm, but he at least wanted to be able to protect the well-being of his second home, Kaina Village, which had accepted him with open arms when it all began.



And by erasing the torture from Istalis and Netros’ memories, their grudge had disappeared as well. Was that a good or a bad thing?


It may have been good for humankind, but what about Istalis? Moreover, erasing the memory of torture didn’t mean that something like that couldn’t happen again in the future.


Jin couldn’t help but wonder if he had done the right thing after all. And he found himself very intrigued about the fact that he was wondering about that so much.



*   *   *



Considering Istalis’ physical condition, Jin decided to wrap it up for the day.


However, their meeting made things much clearer for him.


After returning to Hourai Island, Jin consulted with Laojun.


“For 1,000 of them, would about 150 tons be enough…?”


“That is correct. But that would be the total amount for a year. If they are able to provide for themselves for about half of their needs, we would only need to send them 75 tons, or 50 tons if they can be self-sufficient for two-thirds of their needs.”


“So your idea would be to give them only half of what they need for a year?”


“That is reasonable, isn’t it? Since there is no need to supply everything at once, we will have time to consider suppliers and so on.”


According to the Quinta’s research, there seemed to be surplus crops in the southern parts of both the Shouro Empire and the Celuroa Kingdom.


“We could also buy it from the Klein Kingdom, but it would be unwise to not do this in a discreet manner.”


The Frantz Kingdom was a great example of how human nations react to the presence of demons. From the perspective of the entire nation, and for the security of its people, it wasn’t a bad thing to regard demons as enemies.


“I believe it would be desirable to provide food for them until next spring, and then help them increase their self-sufficiency rate.”


Jin wasn’t planning to help them forever, as it wasn’t good for them.


“It seems they brought gold and Magi Crystals with them as gifts.”


“Yes, though I was unable to confirm that. There is a high chance that this is precisely why they were poisoned.”


It was possible that the governor of Enak, blinded by greed, incapacitated Istalis and Netros with poison in order to slip their gifts into his own pocket. It was a clear indication of local corruption in that country.


“Umm… That former duchess, Catherine, was it? She also didn’t mention anything about any gifts.”


The same was true for the information gathered by Fernand. In other words, there never was any official mention of any gifts brought by the demons.


“Incidentally, how should we go about the means to go north, toward the demon villages?”


“Ah, well, going by blimp might be a bit too dangerous.”


He could also use an airplane, but it was a little too hi-tech, and for that and several other reasons, Jin didn’t really want to show it to the demons so soon.


“How about a four-legged ground vehicle?”


Using golem horses as a base, Jin was thinking about the possibility of constructing a vehicle about the size of a small bus. It would be like a four-legged walking version of the RV he had made before.


“I see, so it should be able to walk even through deep snow. I wonder if something like that would work.”


Since Laojun approved of Jin’s idea, they decided they would start developing the four-legged vehicle the morning of the following day.



Then came the morning of the 11th. Jin had gotten up early in order to begin work on the new vehicle.


“Let’s use austenitic stainless steel, since it’s resistant to low temperatures. Reiko, please get that material for me.”


“Yes, Father.”


Austenitic stainless steel was commonly used for storage of ultra-low temperature substances such as liquid helium, since it was less likely to become brittle after being exposed to low temperatures.


This time, Jin decided to use a product based on 18/10 stainless steel –meaning that it had a 18% chromium and 10% nickel alloy added to its composition– to which he added a 0.5% of mithril silver in order to grant it with the properties of an enhancing magic spell.


“It should be okay to use the same walking controls we used for golem horses.”


They would be much bigger than that of golem horses, but they would operate in the same way.


“And it’ll just be a torso, there’s no need for it to have a head.”


The idea was to make it look like a vehicle.


“It should have a capacity for 10 people and lots of luggage.”


He wasn’t trying to make something like an RV, where you could technically live in. It should have reclinable seats so that people could sleep on them. However, it should also have enough air conditioning, and it should also have at least a toilet and a simple shower.


Any human waste would be magically deodorized, sterilized, and decomposed.


“It should be armed with Paralyzers, Magi Cannons, Laser Cannons, and Ether and Magi Jammers. Should I equip it with Mana Bombs?”


“My Lord, just in case, it should also have enough treatment devices, recovery medicines, and remedies.”


In addition, it would also have a Mana Phone, a Barrier, and a Magi Detector. It would also be equipped with a Warp Gate for emergencies.


Finally, it would be furnished with a gravity-control magic device. This would allow the vehicle to resist and even negate the effects of Gravity Magic.


With these parameters in mind, Jin finished building the four-legged vehicle with help from Reiko and thirty Smith Golems.


To finish, he had it walk up the slope from the front of the laboratory towards Mt. Hourai as a test run of sorts.


“Yeah, it’s looking good.”


Its maximum speed was 70 km/h, and its maximum climbable angle was 50 degrees. Each of its four legs were 6 meters long, its trunk was 8 meters long, and the total height of the vehicle was 8 meters high. It should have no problem moving around even in deep snow.


Thanks to its gravity-control magic device, it would also be great at walking without sinking even in a swamp.


“It came out pretty well. I think I’ll name it… ‘Capricorn’.”


Its ability to climb steep mountains reminded Jin of the many wild goats that live in the mountains, which made him come up with that name.


“Laojun, it seems that this should be useful for Hourai Island as well, so please make several more vehicles like this ‘Capricorn’. There’s no rush, though.”




The first vehicle made by Jin was then labeled “Capricorn 1.”


“Can you use the Land Units to run thorough tests on Capricorn 1 all day today?”


“Understood. I will report to you in the event that they find any faults in it.”


“Please do.”


Given the current condition of Istalis and Netros, Jin decided that he could wait until the following day to depart, and planned to spend the current day performing tests on the new vehicle.


“The ones who will be going on this expedition will be my Substitute Doll, Reiko, Shion, Istalis, Lucas, and Netros. And… Land 1, too. The Covert Units… maybe I won’t have them go. I’ll be staying here on Hourai Island, after all.”


“In that case, please consider having some Mini Smiths on board. They might come in handy.”


Following Laojun’s advice, Jin decided to have 10 Mini Smiths on board.”


“What about Ann?”


“I think you should take her along, Father.”


Strangely enough, Reiko stated her opinion clearly.


“You think so? Okay.”


Ann was the only Automata in Hourai Island that knew about the Magic War. Jin decided to take her as well.


Since Jin was a little unsure about doing it at the time, he waited until after lunch to call Ann.


He had decided to upgrade her so she would be reinforced for the trip.


“Master, did you call for me?”


“Ann, I’d like you to accompany me to the land of the demons. Since I’m a little concerned about your current performance being enough for the task, I’ve decided to strengthen you a little.”


“Understood. I’m in your capable hands, Master.”


Thus Jin began upgrading Ann.


Starting with her skeleton and magical muscles, Jin completely remodeled her. The improvements included not only the addition of the sense of touch, but also the ability to use Gravity Magic. She was also equipped with Ether Jammers.


After Ann’s enhancements were finished, her performance had increased to about half as much as Reiko’s own ability.

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