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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 291: Reward

Edit: “Kurain Kingdom” is now “Klein Kingdom”


“Minister! Why did someone like you make such a request?!”


The owner of that voice was a sturdy, middle-aged man.


“Bolton, you’re being noisy,” the minister rebuked but the man wouldn’t listen.


“Arms are only to be forged! The swords made by striking steel are harder to break and the shields made with multiple layers of iron are far more tougher. I am sure you know these swords made with cast metal will break in no time at all and be of no use. It is the same for the arms made by a magi craftsman. Have you forgotten what happened the year before the last?! Even if they do not break, they bend quickly! They can’t cut. Telling the soldiers to use such arms is the same as telling them to die! It is insane! I am strongly opposed to this!”


Bolton finished saying all that in one breath.


Just when they were feeling a sort of déjà vu, “…Father…” Gloria muttered with a tired face. Seemed like this man called Bolton was Gloria’s father. She resembled him quite a lot…unfortunately.


Hearing his daughter’s voice, Bolton realized she was there as well. “Ohh, Gloria. You are here and still this is happening?! Even princess Lieschen! No matter how good he fixes automatas or makes golems, I cannot accept entrusting arms to a magi craftsman!” He said with a loud voice.


Hanna blocked off her ears.




“What, Gloria? I am trying to hear the minister’s opinion on…”


Bolton was going to say something but Gloria interrupted him and just silently handed over her short sword.


“Hm? Didn’t you say you broke your sword the other day? Then is this a new one you got? Hmm….. Wh-what?!”


Taking Gloria’s short sword in his hand, Bolton’s eyes sparkled.


“Ohhh, wonderful flow of steel! The blade is hard and the wick is tender. Such a tough sword! You got yourself quite a wonderful sword! I am sure it must be a very well-named blacksmith?”


“Yes, Jin-dono over there made it.”


“Hmm, Jin-dono, eh… That reminds me of the Honorary Magi craftsman of Egelia Kingdom but…. d-don’t tell me?!”


“It is exactly what you are thinking.”


And finally, Bolton got to know that Gloria’s short sword was created by the magi craftsman named Jin.




*   *   *





Bolton was a baron and the administrator of arms products in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. He had been a knight himself when he was young.

That Bolton was now apologizing with his head on the floor. “I am extremely sorry! This Bolton has made the blunder of his life! Who knew there was a magi craftsman who could make such an excellent sword!”


“It’s fine, I don’t really mind.” And Jin really didn’t mind. He was just dumbfounded by it all.

The princess and minister both looked like they were used to this.

Elsa thought he was just an extreme version of Reinhart but didn’t show it on her face and Hanna just thought he was an interesting old man.




*   *   *





“And then, there is a boundary inside the metal and it starts breaking from that boundary. If the parts surrounded by that boundary are big, the metal becomes fragile.”

After having calmed down, they all shifted to the resting space at a corner of the workshop and were conversing.


“Same as me, Bolton also possesses the magic eye. A microscopic magic eye at that too.”




Looked like the princess went and leaked something she shouldn’t have again. She waseven more honest than Jin.


“Microscopic, so that means you can see really small things as well, right?” As Jin said that, Bolton was taken aback.


“Wh-what?! To be able to know what it is just by hearing the name! Who exactly are you…”


“Like you said, I am the honorary magi craftsman of Egelia Kingdom,” Jin stated and insisted him to continue the interrupted talk.


“Hmm, I did hear that magi craft is prosperous in Egelia Kingdom but to think it has come to this extent….”


 And with that, Bolton started explaining.


From the contents of the discussion, Jin could tell he was talking about metal particles and fiber flow.

Metal is made from minute crystals and the finer these crystals are, the harder the metal will be.

He knew quite a bit about it as he trained in a metal-related company.


“These boundaries in the swords made with magic are very disordered and as such I had deemed them to be of no use at all. However, the sword you have made…”


“We get it, we get it. That’s enough. In short, what you mean to say is the sword Jin-dono made is very good for practical use, right?” Seemed like prime minister Powell got fed up with it and so brought out the conclusion.

In reply to that, Bolton said, “No, it is far higher than that. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it an excellent sword.”


After that uproar just now, he also tried using it and was assured that it was an excellent sword. Ever since, he kept a low profile.

Jin was feeling thankful, Elsa was looking at such a Jin’s face, Hanna smiled with a grin, and Reiko was feeling proud.


“I see.”


The minister closed his eyes, folded his arms and looked like he was thinking something. After about 2 minutes, he finally opened his eyes and said, “Jin-dono, I am grateful. To be honest, I was doubting you. That you might be a ‘Unifier’ or a spy of the Francis Kingdom.”


And he lowered his head.


“Wha…Powell…That is….” The princess tried to say something but the minister stopped her by raising his hand.


“Your eyes were certainly correct, Princess. After all, there is no way a spy from the enemy would make us such fine golems and arms.”


If you were wondering why Powell knew about the golems, it was because he was sneakily watching Jin’s golems go against Heintz in the mock battle.

And then the minister said that he wanted to report to the king as soon as possible and so to come along with him. So he asked the accompanying soldier to request an audience with the king.


“Then, let’s slowly head towards there.”


They all left the workshop.




Princess Lieschen, prime minister Powell, arms administrator Bolton, vice squad leader of the knights’ cavalry Gloria, Jin, Elsa, Hanna and Reiko went into the royal villa together.

The attendants and guards were curious seeing such a group go together and were silently glancing towards them.


“I want your sisters to please wait over here.”


Hanna and Elsa were guided into a reception room beside the office. Jin glanced towards Reiko and she understood the meaning so after nodding once, she confirmed with her infrared vision and raised 4 fingers.

This meant that the 2 exclusive SP for Hanna and Elsa were nearby.

Which made Jin relieved. He went into the king’s office with the minister. Of course, Reiko was with him as well.

The princess was also with Jin while Gloria went with Hanna. On the other hand, Elsa and Bolton left.


“So you came, Jin.”


As he was probably notified beforehand, it seemed like the king, Alois the Third, had been waiting for Jin.


“I have heard. It seems you have completed all the golems and weapons in just a day. Thank you for your work. I am grateful.” Saying that, Alois the Third joined his hands on top of the desk and continued, “Now then, apart from the promised amount of money, I want to add a reward on top of it. Do you wish for anything?”


All the while looking straight at Jin. It was only natural to reward Jin, as he had made such fine golems and arms in such a short period of time.

Jin had his own thoughts about it but he answered, “To be honest, I do not know how big of a deed I have done.” The question was what the king will say after hearing that.


“Hmm, so that’s how it is. As for me, I wanted to employ you as the royal magi craftsman but I can’t even do that, after all.”


The title of Honorary Magi Craftsman of the Egelia Kingdom was quite useful to Jin.


“I will give you territory so if you were to settle in our country, that would make me really glad.”


As the king finished saying that, the minister also suggested his proposal.


“Apart from that, we could even give you a specific land and give you the right of control or perhaps even autonomy in it.”


Hearing that, Jin just said, “That sounds nice.”


Seeing Jin’s reaction, the minister jumped straight at it, “I-I see! So Jin-dono wants territory.”


As for the Klein Kingdom, rather than just giving gold, they really wanted to provide him with land so that they could keep him there.


“No, rather than calling it territory, I think it would be better to call it a leasehold land,” Jin replied.


A leasehold land is an ownership of a temporary right to hold land or property in which a lessee or a tenant holds rights of real property by some form of title from a lessor or landlord. Although a tenant does hold rights to real property, a leasehold estate is typically considered personal property. And so the one who is given the land holds more authority over it.

In this case, the Klein Kingdom would be lending a plot of land to Jin personally.

Their power to keep him there was less compared to a territory but it was a good enough condition for the Klein kingdom.


“Hmm, any place you wish for then?” Alois the Third asked Jin, with a face that said he just realized what was going on.

Jin’s answer to that was already decided. “Yes, then I would like Kaina Village.”



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