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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 292: Leasehold Land, Kaina Village

– “Kurain Kingdom” is now “Klein Kingdom”
– The Third Prince of Egelia Kingdom “Earnest” is now “Ernest”


“Hmm, Kaina village, eh,” the Klein Kingdom king, Alois the Third, said while smiling happily. “Are you okay with just that? You could ask for much large land, you know?”

“No, I would like it to be Kaina Village.” Jin’s decision would not change.

“Hmm, that is fine as well.”

Alois the Third ordered the secretary to prepare the contract papers.

‘I will lend Kaina village to the magi craftsman Jin Nidou as leasehold land.’

That was the outline of it. After which, the details were discussed: for example, the definition of Kaina Village, its range, the duration of the lend, etc.

The lending period was decided to be 50 years from the present time.

Each of the golems Jin made for the country would have about 5,000,000 to 8,000,000 toll market price. For 20 of them, it would cost from about 100 million to 160 million toll. The cost of materials were about 80,000,000 toll.

Judging from the quality of the golems Jin made, the estimated cost of his work wouldn’t be less than 80 million normally but this time it was taken as 50 million—a difference of more than 30 million toll.

On the other hand, the revenue from Kaina Village in terms of wheat was about 5 tons which was about 450,000 toll. In 50 years that would reach 22.5 million.

Even after taking the reward into account, it didn’t balance out no matter how you looked at it and thus, Alois the Third said that it would not be a problem even if Jin asked for a larger area.

And then conditions text was read aloud.

There was a condition that stated if Jin conducted a deed which would contradict the kingdom’s profits, the contract would become invalid.

And naturally, the village itself and the territory would be extraterritorial.

As Jin himself couldn’t keep up with all the conditions the secretary read out loud, he made Laojun memorize them through Reiko and checked them simultaneously.

And after having considered all of such conditions, the one which would likely cause problems was as expected ‘a deed which would contradict the kingdom’s profits’—Reiko whispered to Jin’s ears.

After all the text was read aloud, Prime Minister Powell came asking Jin, “What do you think, Jin-dono?”

There, Jin spoke of the point Laojun identified through Reiko, “Right, the point ‘a deed which would contradict the kingdom’s profits,’ this feels a tad bit vague. For example, and this is only as an example, but say that someone belonging to Klein Kingdom cause problems around Kaina Village. If I were to rebuke them for it, in that case, how much is permitted?”


The king had noticed that he was implicitly pointing out to the incident last year when Jin stopped Earl Walter’s overbearing attitude.


“Hmm, that is right. What do you think, Prime Minister?”


“Yes, then if that’s the case, how about acknowledging the self defense of the area if an incident which would cause harm to it were to occur inside the area?”


The prime minister was twisting his words but to put it simply, he was stating that in the case of an attack on Kaina Village, a counter attack inside Kaina Village wouldn’t be considered a deed which would contradict the kingdom’s profits. It would be obvious if it was an extraterritorial area.

In contrast, it also meant that they couldn’t do anything if such parties were outside of Kaina Village.

“In this case, is it okay to think of the village as not a village, but as an area with a certain border?”

“To be specific, it is the area north of Togo mountain pass which is surrounded by the mountains northward of the Herme river.”


The mountains northward weren’t the places they go to collect medicinal plants, but rather the ones farther north. All the mountains in ‘Hecathon Kayle,’ those were quite big.

It was Jin’s comment which added a simple drawing to show the area and made it less ambiguous. He went on to confirm a few more points, the last of which was that ‘In the case of a person belonging to Kaina Village causing harm outside Kaina Village, the village will be given authority to decide the punishment.’



And after confirming all the vague points, even Laojun gave his OK so Jin signed the papers and gave his fingerprint.

Two contract papers were made, one for Jin and other for Klein Kingdom.


“With this, our country has formed a connection with you,” said Alois the Third.


“Your Majesty, there is something I would like to confirm.”


“Hmm, what is it?”


“It seems that the war with Francis Kingdom has ended but what has happened to the recruitment order?”


“Minister?” The king sent the question towards the minister.


“Certainly, we had sent out an order for recruitment to the nobles who possess land. However, we have taken it back this morning so they should be breaking up soon.”


Hearing the minister’s explanation, Jin calmed himself down. Now the men of Kaina Village would be able to return.


“I am relieved. Finally, I ask you to please consider so that we don’t have any friction with Earl Walter who governs that area.”


“I understand.”



Thinking that this was the end of it and that Kaina Village would be peaceful again, Jin became happy.

And the king went, “Let’s celebrate having a connection.”


Saying that, he prepared two glasses, poured wine into them and handed the recommended one to Jin. Jin also took it obediently.


“Well then, to our good relationship.”


“To our good relationship.”




They were all happy. The princess, because her father also acknowledged Jin, and the minister, because he was able to form connection with a hard-to-get talented person.



With this, the clock had crossed half past five by the time everything was settled and it seemed like they would have to stay for one more night. Taking this chance, Princess Lieschen said, “Jin, I am glad. Please have dinner at my place again. That is fine, right, father? Right, why don’t you join us as well, Powell?”


Alois the Third nodded with a smile. “Hmm, Lies, you’re in charge of those so I will leave it to you. Powell, you may go as well.”



* * *




At the large dining hall of the imperial villa, a luxurious dinner was lined up.

At the dining hall, Princess Lieschen, Prime Minister Powell, Baron Bolton, and Gloria were taking part.

Jin, Elsa, Hanna and Reiko (although Reiko didn’t drink or eat) were also there.

Hanna was wearing the dress she got from the princess. Elsa too was wearing a dress, although not from the princess. Jin was wearing the Honorary Magi Craftsman’s half coat.

Excluding Hanna, they toasted with a light fruit wine. Hanna was having juice. That couldn’t be helped.


“Ahh, that’s a burden off my shoulder,” the minister said after the toast. Seemed like creating a connection with Jin made him feel at ease. He might’ve been still be thinking of something but now after knowing Jin’s strengths, he probably wouldn’t directly make a move.

Jin explained the facts simply to Elsa and Hanna but Hanna probably didn’t understand.

Even still, she understood that Jin received a reward and went, “That’s great, onii-chan!”


While having dinner, the conversation got livelier. The one who was talking the most was Princess Lieschen.

Saying stuff like, “My eyes were correct!” Or, “You could stay here forever if you like, you know!”


Gloria, being Gloria, also went and said, “This sword Jin-dono made for me, I will treasure it my whole life!”


Even her father, Bolton, was like, “Jin-dono, next time, of course, if you are okay with it but, I would really like it if you make me one sword as well…”


This was silently whispered in to Jin’s ears (which Jin would put on hold for the time being).

And like this, while having fun conversations with each other, the night wore on.




* * *





On the other hand, Alois the Third at that moment:


“The minister answered Jin’s question but when was the recruitment order retracted?” Just in case, the king confirmed it with his secretary. He wanted to value the trust.


“Yes, it is alright. Without a doubt, the retraction was done this morning, by a fast horse.”


“I see. Then it’s fine. Seriously, just for a small blunder, we handed over such outstanding talent to another country last time,” he said while unpleasantly recalling Earl Walter’s rashness.


“Also, I made a good acquaintance in order to make Lies a bride in Egelia Kingdom.”


Thinking in terms of the policy of cultivating distant countries while working to conquer nearby ones which Klein Kingdom followed, they really wished to strengthen their relationship with Egelia Kingdom.

As far as he heard from Jin, the third prince, Ernest, was quite a good prince and so he was happy as a father.


“What is Earl Walter doing at the moment?”


Although it was just one portion, he would be taking the land from the earl so he wanted to properly explain the situation.

The secretary replied, “Yes, he is probably forming his own army at Gaara. The soldiers for the recruitment have most definitely broken up.”


“Alright, send a fast horse first thing in the morning, let’s also tell him about the decision regarding Kaina Village.




* * *




“Laojun, how is the ‘Linkage‘ coming along?”


[Yes, it is going excellently.]


That night, on top of his bed, after confirming that there were no wiretaps, to double check, Jin was conversing with Laojun through Reiko.


[If the sensitivity is increased a bit, I could see and hear the things Nick 1 to 20 see and hear.]


Yes, Jin didn’t completely trust the Klein Kingdom. And for that purpose, he had quite a lot of ‘insurance’ he put in the golems. And so he used the light element magi crystal which were a bit overspec for the eyes.

All the spare power was used for the linkage with Laojun. And for that purpose, Jin minutely did the magi formula and also added kanji to the composition so there was nothing which could be analyzed from it.

Even the wind element voice device had spare power which was used for the linkage with Laojun. And if he wanted, Jin could hear everything the golem heard and said.

Jin also added limiters so that it couldn’t attack him, Hourai Island and Kunlun Island. If push came to shove, Laojun could even take control of the golems.

This was a secret between only Jin, Reiko and Laojun.


“I have one more request. Laojun, deliver a golem carriage similar to the one I built before near Alban tomorrow morning.” Jin thought that they would probably be escorted tomorrow before the farewell and so instructed Laojun to handle the deceptions.


“This should do the trick….”






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