Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 313 Honorary Member

In the end, it was decided that they would discuss the details later, and went to the inn after exchanging greetings. But,


“I have prepared a place for you to stay.” said Rymer Gebaltof.


Jin, Matheus and Reinhart looked at each other to decide what they should do and ultimately decided on taking on the guild master’s kindness.

The inn that Rymer had prepared was the Anbelk mayor, Saryuto Berurush’s residence.

The city of Anbelk was also mostly filled with one-storied buildings but the mayor’s building was surprisingly 3 stories high and felt like it was lording over the city from the middle.


“We can know immediately if something happens, after all.”- was what the mayor said, when he greeted Jin and the others.


That is true, it was fulfilling the duty of a lookout platform quite well.

Jin’s party’s room was on the 2nd floor and the view from there wasn’t bad either. Jin and Reiko, Reinhart and Claude, Matheus and one of his subordinates, each took a room in pairs.

They were to have tea with the mayor after putting away their bags. It was past 3 pm.

Their throats was getting dry so Jin, as well as Reinhart, accepted.

And as expected, Rymer Gebaltof was also there.

The tea which was served gave off a nice fragrance, and when everyone took their seats, the mayor stood up.


“First of all, I would like to welcome you all to Anbelk, Reinhart-sama”


Saying that, Saryuto bowed. He had silver hair and blue eyes. He was about 50 years old.


“And, you’re the Honorary Magi craftsman of Egelia kingdom, Jin-dono, correct? I gladly welcome you.”


He said it as to confirm, rather than as a question. He then went on to greet Matheus and then took his seat. Then he faced Jin and said,


“That is your automata, correct? The one standing behind? It’s wonderfully done!”


He said while staring at Reiko.


“If I make a request, can you make me the same one?”


Even Jin was surprised by this. He has done countless works uptil now but no one asked to make a automata the same as Reiko.

While Jin was at a loss, looking for an answer, Rymer came interrupting.


“Mayor, please talk about that later. Jin-dono, I have come today to make you an honorary member of the Shouro empire’s magi engineer guild.”


Hearing that, Reinhart was the first one to raise his voice,


“Ohh, that would be great! Jin, the title of the guild’s honorary member is only given to people who have very significant achievements, and I also haven’t heard of it being given to someone who isn’t a citizen!”


He was so happy, as if it was his own matter.


The guild master of Anbelk’s magi engineer guild handed out a gold card.

It was about twice the size of a business card.


“Normally, I would have liked to do this grandly. You’re also in the middle of a journey, and from what I have heard from Kotsu Rodoit, you also like that kind of a thing. Would you please accept it?”




From the start, Jin had no reason to decline and, moreover, the title of Honorary magi craftsman of Egelia kingdom really came in handy at Kurain kingdom so he gladly accepted.

He also got to know later that Reinhart was also a honorary member.

It seems that if you have this card, you will have more power over materials in Shouro empire and that was very convenient.


“I am glad you accepted. By the way, Jin-dono, you have made the pump in Hatata but would you make something here, in Anbelk?”


In response to Gebalt, it was the mayor who came biting in.


“Wha! You tell me to talk about my things later and then you yourself start talking about it?!”


“What are you talking about? I am talking about stuff which will actually be useful to everyone. You just want it for your hobby.”


“Even so, it depends on Jin-dono, whether he accepts or not. The way you’re requesting is unfair!”


And they started to argue, astounding Jin. Reinhart gave a bitter laugh. Matheus wore an expression which said to let them do whatever they want, and just went on drinking his tea.


Jin took it seriously and thought for a bit, then while looking at Reinhart said,


“I think it would be convenient to have a ‘cleaning machine’.”


Reinhart also agreed.


“Oh right, that! We could transfer the control of it to this guild!”


“‘Cleaning’? What do you mean?” Rymer asked.


Jin had decided before to build a market for the cleaning machine he and Reinhart made.




Reinhart still had that cleaning machine left in his carriage.


“Ohh, as expected of Reinhart.”


Jin complimented him, as he didn’t get rid of it and brought it all the way here.


“Haha, I don’t want to destroy or get rid of something which can be useful.”


Reinhart said that and laughed.



Jin then went on to operate the experimental cleaning machine they had built to showcase its usefulness. These areas are dry and very dusty so Jin thought vacuum cleaners like this would come in handy.


“I made this before the journey so we only have one at the moment. Especially the filter… about the cloth which stops the trash, we could replace it with a finer, tougher fabric and use wind magic to strengthen the sucking power.”


There was an actual machine in front of him and so Rymer also understood quickly.


“Hmm, to think such a magic tool existed…! Reinhart-sama, Jin-dono, would you perhaps sell its manufacturing method to our guild?”


Jin and Reinhart both nodded.


“Hmm, for such a magic tool… Oi, how much do you think would be appropriate?”


The guild master, Rymer, looked behind at a young man and asked.


“Hmm, in my opinion, it should be about 200,000 toll.”


So about 2,000,000 yen. Selling it to the guild would mean that they would be able to recreate and sell it to the public themselves.

The pump’s manufacturing method was sold for 1,000,000 toll.

When the added value and the convenience is considered, as the pump is related to a very essential commodity, water, its value being 1,000,000 and the cleaning machine being 200,000 toll might be appropriate.

Before Jin could say that that is fine, Reinhart expressed his opinion.


“I think it should be a bit more. I am not being greedy or anything here. There are other applications to this technique.”


“Other application?”


“Yes. I guess it isn’t surprising for you to not notice it as you have only just seen it today, but this ‘wind magic’ has many different usages depending on how you think. For example, if you were to just use it as a simple magic tool to generate wind, during hot times…”

“Ohh, I see!”


Rymer exclaimed while striking his fist into his palm.


“Then… 400,000 toll. How about it?”


After a bit thinking,


“Well, I guess it’s fine.” Reinhart said and looked at Jin.


There was no reason for Jin to oppose so he just nodded.


“Well then, we shall hand it over for 400,000 toll.”


And as such, the contract was formed.

The young man from before ran back to the magi engineer guild to bring the money.

The tea which had gone cold was taken away and new, hot ones were served.

Jin didn’t drink it before so he wanted to drink it this time and took one sip. The taste was completely similar to that of a green tea. As Jin wasn’t good at having hot food, he slowly finished the tea.

Seeing as Jin had finished drinking, the mayor asked again,


“So, Jin-dono, what will be your answer to my previous request?”


“There are material related problems and I can’t really make it entirely same but-”


“Ohh, then, you will make one?!”


The mayor exclaimed happily.


“Yes, but, can I ask for what purpose you want an automata?”


Hearing the question, the mayor nodded greatly.


“Of course. So my grandson has a playing partner.”


“You have a grandson?”


“Yes. It’s just that, he’s kind of weak-bodied so he can’t get out much. And so he doesn’t really have any friends and is feeling lonely. I thought that my grandson would surely like an automata like yours.”


“I see, so that’s how it is.”


If it’s for a small child’s playing partner, Jin thought he could make one.

He had no intention whatsoever to make it like Reiko from the start. It would be more than enough if the outward appearance was appropriate. And if so, general materials will be enough.


“If it’s for your grandson, the faster the better.”


“Yes, it would be fine if you were to send it from your destination.”






Both of them were confused.

Both Jin and the mayor didn’t understand what each other had meant.





Note: Well, no one would think that one can make an automata in a few hours, after all…










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